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  1. Are the 8bitdo wireless controllers for it any good? Grabbed a mini on Friday when I noticed it back in stock
  2. If your looking to get one on the cheap, I built an Neo Geo stick pretty easily, it uses no encoder chips, buttons and stick are directly attached to the cord. Failing that, a Neo Geo X controller can be modded quite easily to work with an AES by doing a cable swap or by buying a conversion kit off ebay.
  3. I dont get the hype for this. It's a hobbled 1080p next gen console. Half a terabyte is nothing these days for installs (the state of Cod MW) and the lack of a disk drive kills it stone dead for me. I've got a load of Xbox one / 360 and original titles on disk, I'm not buying them all over again digitally and I suspect there will be loads of unwitting parents and buyers buying it in error and returning when they find that out.I mean how well did the digital edition of the Xbox one sell?
  4. Its just money left on the table, just get M2 involved and pump out a decent mini console. Throw in an analogue RGB out alongside HDMI and I'd be in heaven. The stick would be the most expensive thing to make. Who has space for these monstrosities? I'm modding a NEO GEO X stick atm and trying to sort out retroarch on my shield TV as a substitute but id love a plug and play solution
  5. Holy shit somebody's stuck it up on eBay already at a crazy price. Same box, same games, same markings. Seller is from a village down the road from Bristol. It'd would have had a pride of place in my living room. What a twat
  6. Who was the lucky bastard that bought a faulty boxed Neo Geo and 4 boxed carts in Bristol for £40 off facebook? Cause it wasn't me. AAARGH
  7. I've seen them hit 50/60 on Facebook market place. Do not buy one without the tablet is my advice. The games mind are getting pretty hard to find outside of the common popular titles.
  8. Sega Lord X and game sack are some of the best US YouTubers I find.
  9. Well, went to my first boot sale in 4 months. Absolute shambles, nobody distancing, nobody following the one way systems. Organisers did fuck all to enforce things. Had to dive out of the way of people constantly. The R rate and cases being low around here was the only bit of comfort I could take from it. I'll have to see if things improve at other boots I can try.
  10. Still waiting for my locals to reopen (South Wales). Probably be weeks yet, shops aren't even open round here
  11. Thanks, yeah its something I cobbled together out of boredom during lockdown, only thing i really needed was a button layout template. Its my own design otherwise. Everything else was sourced from ebay. Wood was an Oak off-cut I bought off ebay for a tenner as I couldn't get to B&Q. If you just kept it as a Neo Geo stick I reckon it could be done for just over £40. Wood work is easy enough, just a jigsaw and steady hand, sandpaper and some teak oil to finish it. Its cut in such a way so its angled. Holes were drilled in the metal box using a step drill bit. Used some spare scr
  12. Thats the kicker for me. Ive a 21 pin model, plus I like the fact i can stick a 2.5" sata drive in place of an SD Card. Ive a spare 1TB here already and Terraonion already has a good rep for their NEO GEO and PC Engine kit
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