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  1. Well, this has shit the bed hasn't it?
  2. I've had rush rally 3 on my Nvidia shield TV for a bit. It's a pretty good arcade style title to be fair and works well with the controller. It's a paid for title with no ingame DLC all done by one guy, well worth supporting as no other developers seem to be stepping up.
  3. Right, I can see that by the lack of replies that sod all people have watched this show and that's a pity as this is a consistently good show that's amped up nicely as it's moved along (and it REALLY shifts along). I can't wait to see a second season push forward again. Anyway, I loved it. Great mix of alt history, grounded in reality space tech, silent(finally!) space sequences, it's maybe a little bit too on the nose / soapy with using social issues in the ground sequences but nothing to distracting and it makes sense in the context of the show. I don't care how you watch it, just try a few episodes and you'll see.
  4. Chernobyl by an absolute mile. Just untouchable. Watchmen for doing the impossible in being a worthy sequel. Doom Patrol for the sheer ridiculous fun it is. Returning shows in The Expanse S4 and Mindhunter S2 kept a very high standard.
  5. I'm getting bored of watching this honestly. Finding it pretty dull, this episode especially. Nothing of consequence happening.
  6. That reveal....FUUUCKKKKKING HELL Send me off to that cover when I'm done.
  7. Absolutely fantastic so far. The last episode in particular could make this the show of the year for me. If your a fan of the original comic, it's a very worthy follow up.
  8. An absolute monster of an episode and nigh on perfect twist of Moore's tale. The swagger and confidence to pull that off, fucking high art.
  9. It's a quality show sadly hidden away on Apple TV+. It's moving at a fair old pace though. Makes me wonder how future seasons will change.
  10. Ah, the down payment on a house argument I see
  11. Get it on one of the modern systems. It's not worth the hassle on Saturn. Today's charity shop finds were weird but fruitful. All £2 each.
  12. My little pile. I'm a hardware guy, 90% of this has been found at car boots, the rest on eBay or from new / CEX the last 30 years (I'm 37 next year) To the right: Amiga 4000 with GVP Trex II 060 CPU Vectrex Saturn with Pseudo Saturn Cart Xecutor Front panel Xbox with 160GB HDD Soft modded Xbox with 160GB HDD Soft modded PS2 with 750gb HDD Wii U 8GB N64 Handhelds are: Ps Vita PSP 3000 PSP Go New 3DS XL Zelda DS GBA Gameboy SP Bivert Modded Gameboy Lynx 2 Gizmodo Ngage Neo Geo Pocket Colour To the left; Atari Jaguar Mega CD 2 Megadrive Amiga 1200 with 1240 accelerator(?) Atari 520 ST Sega Sports Dreamcast (GDEMU and UK PSU to be fitted) Nintendo Virtual Boy Master System Amiga CD32 with TF328 There's a SNES and GX4000 up in the tubs above. Plus the mini consoles and a Nvidia Shield hooked up downstairs for emulators. Sandwiched between all that is a bunch of games for all the systems. Not pictured: Ryzen bases PC, Gold star 3DO, game gear, Xbox 360, PS4 Pro, PSVR, Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch, PS3 as they are in the next room or packed away. Can't show the living room but there's a 4k 55" hisense down there and I've a couple of CRT's lurking.
  13. I modded an action replay cart, because fuck UK Saturn Game prices basically, got that new wireless saturn controller on order as well. My Saturn is getting some love finally.
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