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  1. Thankfully, it works with the old 0.85A adaptor. It's really nice. My only minor complaint so far is that the d-pad feels stiff; it's been over 20 years since I sold my PC Engine and longer since I used one of the original 2-button non-turbo pads so I can't remember if that's how they always were? I remember instantly preferring the Megadrive and Super Famicom pads back in the day so this is probably normal Anyway, the console is lovely.
  2. Thanks. Mine is supposed to arrive via DHL today...I guess I'll just plug it into one of the ports on the TV, or an old Amazon 0.85A USB adaptor I just found in a box of junk, and hope for the best.
  3. Not according to the product page, it just lists Japanese. No idea if you can buy it and download the UK version....I bought a cheap copy of Caladrius Blaze from the Japanese eshop at Christmas and I couldn't download the UK version. That was also listed as not having an English language option. But some of my other Japanese eShop games definitely do show up as "Purchased" on the UK store.
  4. I bought it for £20.99 in Argos last weekend. I finished it on a PS4 Pro when it came out; the Switch version (based on 1 hour handheld) is totally fine. Lower framerate, a bit blurrier but so far it's the game I remember.
  5. This article has been updated to say that there will be western digital versions in early 2020: https://gematsu.com/2019/11/darius-cozmic-collection-ps4-and-switch-limited-print-physical-editions-announced-for-the-west
  6. I have 3 accounts to access different eShops - UK, US, Japan - and the UK account has a Switch online subscription. I was able to download the SFC app from the Japanese eShop using the Japanese account. When the SFC app launches you just need to choose an account that has an active online subscription (the UK one in my case).
  7. Amazon UK have the Asian version for 99.99
  8. As I understand it...if the game supports cloud saves then, yes, your cloud saves are available on both consoles. If the game doesn’t support cloud saves then the save data is locked to one console. Most games support cloud saves.
  9. Saves are on the internal storage (and, in most cases, in cloud storage if you pay for the online service), not your SD card. Transferring games and screenshots etc to a new SD card is no problem.
  10. My launch day Switch stopped booting the day Mario + Rabbids was released. The Nintendo repair centre took two attempts to repair it. When it came back the second time it booted but my data was gone. Still haven’t gone back to Zelda, Splatoon 2, Arms, Disgaea 5 etc.
  11. Thats awesome! Now it just needs save game backups and/or cloud saves In my case the console stopped booting to the home screen, getting stuck at the Switch logo. So by that point I was unable to do anything that involved using the Switch itself to transfer data anywhere else. It would have been great if I’d been able to activate my account on a new or repaired machine and get my save data on there too without needing the original machine. But if you have a console that boots - and another console to transfer to - transfering would at least be a way of keeping your data.
  12. I had my Switch repaired last August. I lost all my save data. I haven’t played the Zelda DLC or gone back to Splatoon 2 etc You can transfer a profile to another console - deactivate on the first console, activate on the new one - but that doesn’t include your saved games. AFAIK there is no way for you to move them from the internal storage on your Switch. Nintendo apparently have tools to move saved games but, unfortunately, they didn’t (or couldn’t) do that when I sent my Switch in for repair.
  13. I'd been enjoying my Switch from launch until, a couple of weeks ago, it refused to come out of sleep mode. Lots of hard resets, and a couple of futile "I'll completely drain the battery just in case that helps", failed to ever get it past the Nintendo Switch logo screen again. I sent it off to Nintendo with no promises regarding when a repaired or replaced machine would be sent back or if I'll get to keep my saved games. The whole episode has kind of soured me on the console despite being a borderline Nintendo fanboy. It was absurd to think that even buying a new Switch to replace the faulty console wouldn't have fixed the problem. The saved games would be lost and (as far as I know) I wouldn't even be able to transfer my accounts - and all of those digital games that I bought - across to the new console without deactivating them on the old one first. The old one which no longer even gets to the home screen. I'd hope that Nintendo could ultimately do something about that problem and get the accounts onto a new machine but, you know, none of this should really be a problem in the first place. The 3DS isn't perfect but at least saved games are on the cartridges; that feature alone makes it a lot easier to deal with a broken machine. Or to justify the unnecessary purchase of a Samus edition console; at least I could actually use it with my games and their saves, even if I can still only have all of my digital games on one 3DS console at a time. And you can back up saved games for digital games as well, IIRC. If you got this far, apologies for what basically amounts to just stating the obvious. The guy I spoke to when I called to arrange the console repair immediately went into a spiel about saved games and how they might (or might not) be able to avoid losing them so, at some level, they're obviously aware that this is an issue which people care about. I assume that things will get better at some point but for the moment it's a shame that Nintendo are currently so backward in this area. And that the only thing you can do to avoid losing all of your saved games is just hope that your console doesn't break
  14. Santas Boyfriend

    Yakuza 0

    I got it in the arcade in Sotenbori. The lady who works there eventually unlocks it if you befriend her.
  15. Yeah, I used to like TIOAT when Gary was on it all the time because his presence seemed to keep some of that in check. But when Gary stopped being on it Will was given free reign to pontificate and it became unbearable. Half of the podcast seemed to be quoting stories from other websites - so, free material involving no original research - with Will either getting the wrong end of the stick and launching into a rant or just extemporising with nobody to challenge the nonsense. They have a website where they get to go and visit nuclear reactors and yet they'd fill the podcast with misunderstood, factually-incorrect opinions about Office 365 licensing.
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