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  1. Launch machine died in August 2017, took 2 attempts for Nintendo service centre to fix it, lost all data. Launch Switch Lite joystick couldn’t stay held right after 3 weeks (hold right, stick still all the way to the right but console thinks it’s moved back in the dead zone). Took ages for the service centre to repair it. On a more positive note...I replaced the original Switch after getting it repaired - that one has been fine for almost 3 years now. Repaired Lite also still works fine. All of the joy-con and pro controllers I’ve owned have been fine too.
  2. You could try the usual DIY things for joycon drift - compressed air or contact cleaner. That has worked for me on an older joycon but it didn't work for my launch Switch Lite which couldn't reliably push to the left. That had to go to Nintendo for a 7-week (!) repair last autumn.
  3. Yes, you need to complete level 1 for each attraction to unlock - no spoilers - something which ultimately gives you access to the other levels for each attraction.
  4. Mr Driller Drill Land was easily one of my favourite Gamecube games. Based on an hour early this morning, the Switch version seems to be pretty much as I remember it but with higher-res graphics and English text. There's a new "casual" difficulty setting too.
  5. Thankfully, it works with the old 0.85A adaptor. It's really nice. My only minor complaint so far is that the d-pad feels stiff; it's been over 20 years since I sold my PC Engine and longer since I used one of the original 2-button non-turbo pads so I can't remember if that's how they always were? I remember instantly preferring the Megadrive and Super Famicom pads back in the day so this is probably normal Anyway, the console is lovely.
  6. Thanks. Mine is supposed to arrive via DHL today...I guess I'll just plug it into one of the ports on the TV, or an old Amazon 0.85A USB adaptor I just found in a box of junk, and hope for the best.
  7. Not according to the product page, it just lists Japanese. No idea if you can buy it and download the UK version....I bought a cheap copy of Caladrius Blaze from the Japanese eshop at Christmas and I couldn't download the UK version. That was also listed as not having an English language option. But some of my other Japanese eShop games definitely do show up as "Purchased" on the UK store.
  8. I bought it for £20.99 in Argos last weekend. I finished it on a PS4 Pro when it came out; the Switch version (based on 1 hour handheld) is totally fine. Lower framerate, a bit blurrier but so far it's the game I remember.
  9. This article has been updated to say that there will be western digital versions in early 2020: https://gematsu.com/2019/11/darius-cozmic-collection-ps4-and-switch-limited-print-physical-editions-announced-for-the-west
  10. I have 3 accounts to access different eShops - UK, US, Japan - and the UK account has a Switch online subscription. I was able to download the SFC app from the Japanese eShop using the Japanese account. When the SFC app launches you just need to choose an account that has an active online subscription (the UK one in my case).
  11. Amazon UK have the Asian version for 99.99
  12. As I understand it...if the game supports cloud saves then, yes, your cloud saves are available on both consoles. If the game doesn’t support cloud saves then the save data is locked to one console. Most games support cloud saves.
  13. Saves are on the internal storage (and, in most cases, in cloud storage if you pay for the online service), not your SD card. Transferring games and screenshots etc to a new SD card is no problem.
  14. My launch day Switch stopped booting the day Mario + Rabbids was released. The Nintendo repair centre took two attempts to repair it. When it came back the second time it booted but my data was gone. Still haven’t gone back to Zelda, Splatoon 2, Arms, Disgaea 5 etc.
  15. Thats awesome! Now it just needs save game backups and/or cloud saves In my case the console stopped booting to the home screen, getting stuck at the Switch logo. So by that point I was unable to do anything that involved using the Switch itself to transfer data anywhere else. It would have been great if I’d been able to activate my account on a new or repaired machine and get my save data on there too without needing the original machine. But if you have a console that boots - and another console to transfer to - transfering would at least be a way of keeping your data
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