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  1. Did you use Aside from that, yeah, you have to teleport dodge a lot and pray.
  2. If you’re feeling heroic you can grapple across those too IIRC.
  3. Kind of, but it really means things like this: https://techacake.com/match-and-merge/
  4. Does anyone how this is actually played? “Merge” makes me think it’s based on the “merge 3” mechanic that’s the current fad in F2P games (eg Evermerge). I guess the cards are lootbox power ups on top of that? I shouldn’t have to reverse engineer the gameplay for a game that has a minutes long in-game trailer.
  5. Updating this - I got a buyer for the expansions so now I'm trying to shift the Cores without any organisational stuff, £15 apiece plus postage.
  6. What are they supposed to use, man, “harsh language”? My TV app got the “Play Something” shuffle feature and it’s actually pretty good at finding a random sitcom or Star Trek episode or something.
  7. I think Roblox is singled out compared to Minecraft etc because 100% of the paid content on a billion-dollar game platform is child labour paid for in Roblox vouchers. Microsoft don’t take and resell your kid’s Harry Potter castle to all the other kids in exchange for a One Direction skin.
  8. At the other end of the price spectrum, it looks like the special edition is back in stock: https://store.nintendo.co.uk/en_gb/metroid-dread-special-edition-P00069.html
  9. An exceptional capacity for unstructured play is a common characteristic of groundbreaking games and a constant theme of people’s “amazing game moments” reminiscences on here so I’m surprised that people are finding this so surprising in children. Mario 64’s castle Gaming Halo’s AI and blasting tanks where they don’t belong Half-Life 2’s physics Half-Life Alyx’s physics Alien Isolation’s Alien MGSV’s everything Minecraft Resi 4 BotW The MGS1 demo
  10. Game Card case (basically a Switch game case with 8 slots instead of 1) is available for 500 points plus shipping (£2 in the UK): https://my.nintendo.com/news/5722f61e7f7836de
  11. By the time I saw this on Twitter last night the site's editor had already popped up in the replies to attempt to take the blame for the article away from the author. The Escapist hasn't exactly been a home to the sharpest writing minds in a while but this is novel.
  12. The day after I moved to Cambridge, I saw someone riding a C5 down King's Parade. (I swear to God, an actual working C5, just pottering off somewhere.) I took this as a powerful positive omen. I've never owned a Spectrum as it was on the way out by the time I was growing up, but it was such an incredibly positive idea and a really powerful and unique artefact of the time and place it was made.
  13. Text version: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2021-playstation-5-cfi-1100-review-better-or-worse-than-the-launch-console In short the new version is essentially identical to the old one, to the point where moving the new cooler on to an old model console doesn’t affect it in any measurable way. The console is also designed to use the fan very sparingly, and does not limit its performance in response to heat in any way beyond shutting down completely if it is overheated.
  14. So did they not get the Robert Downey likeness rights or…?
  15. Seems a bit moot, I don’t think there any Switch games that let you use an external pad and attached joy-cons at the same time.
  16. I wonder if it’s actually a JIS screw, they’re often confused with Philips and Posidriv and the other cross-heads, and yes a Philips will destroy it.
  17. Nah, there’s just enormous variability in the lag introduced by different headsets and the same headset when paired to different devices. The QC35 have relatively low lag versus Jabra earbuds, and both are worse with my generic Switch USB C Bluetooth adaptor than with my Vita or iPhone. It’s the whole reason companies invented low-latency bolt-ons to Bluetooth like aptxLL; it’s just not a system that was designed with latency in mind. You get the same latency with movies etc. but it’s less noticeable when you’re not playing something fast paced and interactive. Not to keep banging this drum, but LG’s entire webOS TV range has never been able to keep the audio in sync with the picture on any configuration and very few people pick up on it until it’s pointed out to them.
  18. Their caveats list is basically a list of the reasons people said they hadn’t done it yet:
  19. Finally, a way to Ring Fit without subjecting the whole house to Ring’s peppy shouts.
  20. Two weird logistical questions occurred to me last night as I was falling asleep: When the previous Ones returned to the Source, they would’ve been jacked in via ships like Neo was. So what happened when they reset the Matrix? Did their crews just sit around wondering what was going on before all of them but The One were picked off by suspiciously careful Sentinels? Did those same Sentinels then tidy up the corpses and unplug The One so he could go and (solo) pick up his party posse? Wouldn’t they have wondered why The One’s choice of first rebel city was full of still-warm rubble and flesh blood stains? Number two, each Matrix lasts for about 100 years. So if Neo had made the other choice, would he have returned to an 1899 Matrix? Or do the Machines somehow create a convincing eternal 1990s? And how is that not just a description of the paradise world that the Architect originally made? There are lots of possible answers to these and I’m really fascinated as to what the Wachowskis had in mind, if anything.
  21. FYI, trying to follow up on some baffling comments in a critical piece about The Matrix sequels, I’ve discovered that the Matrix Wiki on Fandom is just a giant tar ball of incredibly specific and obviously wrong fan theories written up as though canon. So, uh, stay away from that.
  22. “Surrender your fresh and a new world awaits you. We demand it.” Jesus.
  23. The way Kids’ story gets all loose and Program plays with iteration, repetition and scale in its setting are cleverer representations of virtual worlds than any of the effects shots in the sequel movies.
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