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  1. This show is rendered almost unwatchable by the fact that I am sad that we’ll never get what Bryan Fuller originally had in mind for Discovery and this feels like it encapsulates a lot of what was so exciting about the prospect of a new Trek series in the first place. It makes great use of the dramatic irony inherent in a lot of these characters while actually going to unexplored parts of that well-mined franchise. Good job.
  2. Can't get enough of Sony and Microsoft each trying to argue that the other is strategically dominant, for the purposes of the Bethesda merger proceedings in Brazil. https://www.eurogamer.net/ps4-sold-twice-as-many-units-as-xbox-one-new-court-papers-show
  3. Baseless Speculation podcast (no convenient link to paste) has, amongst its various very bad ideas the observation that:
  4. I guess it’s a bit hyperbolic for me to worry about people not getting the monstrousness of the revenge mission from Ellie’s POV alone. I can see how that sort of “killing bad” gameplay texture has become such a default style that it probably doesn’t register the same way it used to.
  5. Loved it and yeah, that’s a good assessment. Knew nothing going in so it gave me few good genre swerves up to the half way mark.
  6. I would've thought that the fact that they don't say they'd do that, and then they didn't do that, would be a bit of a clue at this late stage in the game.
  7. That’s what I mean about them needing to dramatise her revenge drive earlier. Because they don’t really play that “PTSD” card until the last act, and the first part of her revenge mission is so full of youthful bonding and whistful flashbacks, it doesn’t read as a wounded person driven to desperation. It reads as cooly premeditated carnage and her damage, weirdly, as a post-hoc rationalisation.
  8. There were a few detours: The Man in the White Suit Moonfall MI Fallout The Lady in Black (1958) Prey A high stakes retrieval mission (MI Fallout) x Remembering Elon Musk’s a wanker (Moonfall) = Thirteen Lives
  9. It would have worked if the game’s default mode wasn’t “killing is bad and ceaselessly brutal”. It was carried over from the first game and very explicitly intensified (lots more “DAVE NO”, touching letters and close-ups on your victims’ faces as the life leaves their eyes). It was a perfect approach to the first game but it works against framing Ellie‘s journey as a heroic revenge fantasy rather than a psychopathic one. What’s funny is that if you take out the actual gameplay, it does read heroic. Ellie only kills a few people in self-defence or as tragic accidents on the road to face off against her true nemesis, Abby. But that’s not the game we got. It’s 15 hours of being rather crudely pushed in to stabbing your way through bystanders while Ellie mutters about how they got what was coming to them. Like I say, I can see what they were going for but they completely fucked up the execution. Edit - I keep coming back to the bystanders because it’s narratively, rather than ludonarratively, the greatest issue. The story acts like it’s grappling with the impact of Ellie’s revenge journey on her friends, while disregarding its impact on a bunch of people she has no actual quarrel with. And that disregard - the way it acts like it’s not even happening - accidentally makes Ellie and her friends seem like complete monsters. They didn’t even have the good sense to give her some “point of no return” where the slippery slope of her journey traps her in to this cycle of violence. It’s a story where she could literally decide the cost’s too high and turn back at the twentieth or thirtieth strangled Wolf or Seraphite, instead of after one dead friend and a lost fight.
  10. It’s pretty clear. Like the Xbox and Switch services, new games are added ad-hoc but at a specific time each month.
  11. Yeah but that link is just copying from a blog post which says nothing of the sort, and in fact pretty specifically says the opposite: https://blog.playstation.com/2022/05/16/all-new-playstation-plus-game-lineup-assassins-creed-valhalla-demons-souls-ghost-of-tsushima-directors-cut-nba-2k22-and-more-join-the-service/
  12. Or this is set before Predators got so soft they wouldn’t even go on Safari unless the weather was good.
  13. I can see what they were aiming for story-wise but, oof, they really really whiffed it. Maybe without the 15 hours of slaughtering bystanders on the road,* or a bit more dramatisation of her revenge drive, that would’ve worked, but Ellie comes off as an absolute sociopath surrounded by enabling patsies or two-dimensional monsters. She gets no interesting personal conflict until Abby finds her at the 90% mark, her character doesn’t show any self-reflection or development until the closing moments. She’s like an angry toddler with an assault rifle and land mines. Could’ve worked and read as meaningful if there hadn’t been so much of it. Abby’s was a phenomenally nuanced war/revenge story that would’ve been a great reflection of Ellie’s if the latter was just the slightest bit textured. 10/10 for that. I almost laughed at Ellie’s “revenge… bad?” face at the finale. *If you needed the switcheroo to feel bad for the militiamen you were killing left and right on a revenge mission that had nothing to do with them, then I worry.
  14. They’re laying on the “boy we’re really treading water” thing a bit thick, especially now one of the leads has started to comment on it. At some point it stops being a meta gag and starts being a valid review of the show.
  15. Well, Battle Gear was discussed in various making-of material (the art book I think?) and the cut of the final act definitely happened. The Skull Face drive is my only assumption, but Kojima doesn’t generally do a set-up without a pay-off. It’s generally off-style for him in a way that reads as a gap, whatever the actual reason.
  16. While I'd hardly call MGSV unfinished, I do think the cut content is unusually conspicuous for a Kojima game. He tends to cut early and anything that's left in gets polished and resolved to a mirror sheen. He's a maximalist, so say what you want about MGS1-4's lesser-used gameplay features and more absurd plot turns, they were as tied off as anything else. Yet the in-game development of Battle Gear, which had its rideable version cut for reasonable balance reasons, has a bit too much sauce on it; there are plot threads left hanging and the Peace Walker structure almost implies a cataclysmic finale; your musical Skull Face car ride, ostensibly happening at the same time as a battle royale between your rival militaries, feels conspicuously lacking martial scenery. The cracks and gaps are just a little bit too obvious versus the director's style. It's a little too easy to triangulate, rightly or wrongly, that Kojima didn't have the time he wanted to finesse things together.
  17. No inside info but I have to assume that Disney doesn’t want to compete with its own blockbuster slate, and anything that might appeal to the Marvel/Star Wars demographic will be straight to video from now on. There’s only so many movie screens after all, and the franchises are a safer bet.
  18. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol | Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (1936) | Mean Guns | Event Horizon | Prey Sweeney Todd (black and white movie) x Prey (picked off one by one) = The Lady in Black (1958) Today: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (1936) | Mean Guns | Event Horizon | Prey | The Lady in Black (1958) Mean Guns (endless double crosses) x The Lady in Black (femme fatale) = Mission Impossible Fallout.
  19. I put together a one-pager of the party game rules here, might give it a run through the next time I manage to get a group together. Password is rllmuk. https://1drv.ms/w/s!AvPYYYeQlBmhirYtiyUC5o4XU0NWkw?e=fkNMZU
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