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  1. We need something we can still use when the PSN is broken/deleted forever/might be shutting down/full of bees.
  2. Haptic feedback on your face? So you can actually get punched?
  3. It’s not your fault, it’s that terrible website.
  4. A third party, in no way involved in the product, mentioned the same news stories we’ve all seen about Nintendo supposedly using OLED. God Techradar are shit. It’s like them and T3 are in a race to have a 100% ads to content ratio.
  5. It still sounds like it’s a lot closer to the Series X than a decent PC but clarification appreciated. Thinking about the Series X price over dinner reminded me how hard it is to fuck up “the full next generation gaming experience but you only have to pay for the games”. Just top tier.
  6. They’ve also discussed ganging Stadia nodes together for more demanding software, which is savvy.
  7. What I’m getting from this is that the Stadia version runs about the same as a £450 console running an unoptimised version in backwards compatibility mode, and is not, in fact, equivalent to a PC costing almost two grand.
  8. Well in that case you’re role-playing the character from inside the scene, there is no literal fourth wall. There is a metaphorical one of course. Or maybe there’s a literal one just in front of your eyes because nobody can actually poke you in the cornea.
  9. It was on PS Plus and back off again before the PS4 was even announced.
  10. Stadia’s got a lower spec than even the PS5 hasn’t it? 10 GTFLOPS GPU? I’d be surprised if it took £1500 of PC to beat it. Not that anything about it suggests it’s translate well to home use.
  11. Depends on whether it’s in first-person.
  12. There’s a lot of conspicuous fourth wall gimmicks in MGS, and a lot of thematic stuff about it in MGS2, but that series is also full of these matter-of-fact acknowledgements that you’re playing a game that they neither feel the need to rationalise away nor to draw attention to. Characters talking to you about stuff on your HUD or the controller, that sort of thing. Just this honesty about the format, like lens flare and camera shake in CGI in movies.
  13. Alex W.

    Dead Space 2

    I really like the intersection of “great design” and “oh shit we need to do this cheap” there.
  14. I’ve got this image brewing in the back of my mind of a Google Play Games service based on streaming that you could just show up and play - no premium subscription, no Chromecast-and-pad £150 exclusivity period, no special streaming gameplay - and a marketing analysis which shows existing gamers are loyal to their systems. And then this whole Stadia platform thing, the privilege of having to spend £150 if you’re an early adopter, the subscription that doesn’t work the way you think streaming subscriptions work, all that grows out of a misguided idea that to compete with the expensive games con
  15. From a tech point of view I had complete faith in it - I’ve got bad enough reaction times that I’ve played about half of the PS4 generation on Vita or PC Remote Play and not felt hard done by. It’s just that there’s a big hole there where the product should be. Why should I buy my new games on there? Maybe that’s the point? When someone gets a Google Play movie or book or album they’re just buying a product, not buying in to a platform, right? Why shouldn’t you just be buying the game when you buy a game? Maybe it’s a non-platform by design. But then why the pizazz of the launch, t
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