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  1. Alex W.

    Star Trek Discovery

    Does anyone want a realistic Star Trek though? No FTL, no transporter, aliens don’t look like people so the episodes aren’t endlessly about human issues? I think what went sideways STID’s depiction of space and so on is that it jarred with the rules that the series had established, like the transporter has specific situations it works in or doesn’t, or that ships “go adrift” like seagoing vessels when they break rather than crashing like aircraft. How Star Trek has traditionally handled all that is not in any way realistic but it was a shorthand the audience already knew that freed up the writers to do the actual stories. When you go away from that you need to lay out how things actually work in your story instead, something the first and third reboot films did carefully enough* and STID consistently didn’t care about at all. Also literally everything else about STID was bad storytelling too. Soup to nuts. There was that. *This was basically the entire premise of the first reboot film, right? “These things work differently in this specific way. But this and this and that are the same.” To a fault, almost. “Okay, there’s this new transporter thing, but it’s exceptionally dangerous and it only works for this one plot reason so don’t expect to see this again.” And then STID just rolls it out in the first act as a mass produced gizmo because they needed to bash the script out in five days and it saves putting the cast where they need to be and aaargh.
  2. Alex W.

    Star Trek Discovery

    I worry about Starfleet’s HR department that they let you roll over that much annual leave and have captains letting people poke through their colleagues’ stuff. Really got their eyes off the ball. I liked this episode well enough, but it’s a bit self-consciously throwing out everything new they tried to do, but fucked up, in favour of a pretty straight “Enterprise-but-Abrams”. A bit too safe. The engineer character was fun.
  3. Alex W.

    M Night Shyamalan's Glass (2019)

    I think Unbreakable had a similar reception. It’s going to age well. (I re-watched Unbreakable after watching Split last weekend and I appreciated it a lot more than the first few times a decade ago.)
  4. Alex W.

    M Night Shyamalan's Glass (2019)

    I feel like I need to rewatch this with a notepad. Lots wrong with it but it’s fascinating. And very nice looking.
  5. Alex W.

    M Night Shyamalan's Glass (2019)

    Probably more interesting that it is good, but boy did it keep my attention. A worthwhile answer to the question “what does Unbreakable have to tell us in the fictional universe superhero era” which is all you can ask for really.
  6. When you get good at exploration and trusted by the local forces (I’ve been doing jobs for the Earth Defense Force out of Tabit for ages*) you get access to a lot of VIP passenger jobs where you have to visit tourist sites. These pay a lot because the passenger needs exclusive use of a cabin and they want to hop around to places hundreds of light years apart. However my modified ship can reach most of occupied space in minutes so I’m basically getting paid to visit locations in the game that are flagged as cool or interesting and then go home again. It feels like a massive scam but they keep paying me. It’s bliss. *Not out of loyalty, I only discovered the different faction mission tabs about 3 months ago because this game’s UI is atrocious.
  7. Happy to. Any bit in particular? If it's the engineering, basically you can gather up materials lying around on planets, wreckage from combat, and data scanned from other ships and then an expert engineer in a specific star system will use it to change the parameters of your ship's systems. In my case worsening off my hyperdrive's weight, power draw, and sturdiness in exchange for sheer range.
  8. Don't worry, I haven't traded in anything! They're all safely in the hangar. I figure the 100M mark should be enough for a Python, a decent initial load-out, and the inevitable buy-back.
  9. Another day, another rich idiot willing to pay me upwards of 5M credits to go on a vacation to the galaxy's hottest spots with while he sits in a sealed cabin in my Asp. I actually just left him in there for 45 minutes while I did some surface prospecting at one point. He's apparently wanted in several systems (and the Imperial Navy interdicted us) so I'm sure I could've passed it off as a dangerous checkpoint or something. Anyway, now I have all the materials and data to have a crack at the class 5 engineering upgrades on the Claw's drive, and maybe an experimental effect in to the bargain. And I broke the 50M credits barrier. The galaxy's my oyster - time to plan my own travel itinerary for a change, and maybe a bit of window shopping on ships.
  10. Alex W.

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    Without really intending to do so I got a deep enough understanding of Circle of the Moon that I knew the rare and common drops and locations of all of the enemies and could basically pillage the map at ease. It was my first and for a while only GBA game and I kept going back to it even when I had Advance Wars. I should've written an FAQ, really. Mastered it, but not too bright. I originally missed the section of the game that gives you the item that makes the poison water not-poisonous, which I discovered during the end-game item hunt. My first Metroidvania was my first sequence break! For some reason Quake II on the PS1 became one of those games I just did runs of now and then, even when I had other games on the go. Just fire up hard difficulty and do a 100% run with all the secrets. Very soothing. That's it really. My gaming skill peaked twenty years ago.
  11. Is there any reason why I shouldn't put a class-A power supply in my Eagle and fit it with a railgun in the overhead slot? I've got this stupid idea that it'll encourage me to get disciplined with my aiming, and will be more effective than the multi-cannon at actually doing enough damage to a big target 's FSD to stop it just jumping away. Or I could just blow a whole night's takings on a Vulture.
  12. Stashed my Eagle for now and did my first trip out with the Claw on business since I got it upgraded. 4.5M credit passenger trip plus 1M for scanning an Earthlike we visited, in a little over an hour. Good business, this. I was within a single jump of a certain system near the end, so I took a detour. Could not get back to good old Tabit soon enough.
  13. The Eagle has been a real eye opener, in terms of understanding which ships represent a serious threat in terms of manoeuvrability. I’ve taken on a couple of Asps well enough but the FAS is an agile beast with guns for days. I’m good enough to bother some of the more cumbersome targets though:
  14. I think my mistake was reading those bars and ignoring the "Total Power" numbers. Retracted is actually higher than Max here, it's just for some reason not flagging it as such.
  15. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong here? The outfitting menu says I have enough power with my hardpoints retracted, but my systems are reporting 126% usage in that state. If I manually power down the weapons, I get back to the expected power usage. It's like my weapons are drawing full power when retracted, and then drawing full power again on top of that when extended. Edit - I thought it might be that the power in outfitting reflects your module priorities, but nope, everything priority 1 and I get the same thing - tonnes of headroom with hardpoints retracted, according to that screen, but I'm at 126% usage in practice.

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