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  1. My point is that having the same plot tokens that motivated each previous movie, but all at once, is pulling some narrative weight, both in setting up why the characters in the movie will care and making it so the audience also cares. It’s not sophisticated storytelling but it’s functional. Unobtanium will simply never be mentioned again. It did all it needed to do. It’s a fair comparison to any one of the stones in an individual movie but not to the way they’re being exploited here. Collect-a-thon?
  2. They could be mining the planet just because they felt like it, for all the difference unobtanium makes. And the mining itself still only matters to exactly one incidental character in the story. Everyone else on the antagonist side seems to be motivated by the fact that someone told them to do things. If Cameron wanted to have a JJ Abrams style placeholder motivation for his bad guys that’s a fair cop but let’s not pretend it’s anything else.
  3. Well, an Infinity Stone is a geegaw which most of the films have had people fighting over as the key conflict, and each time they’ve been actually used it has lead to hideous destruction and spectacular change, while a Thanos is someone who wants to fight over and use six of them at the same time. It’s a bit “you beat the super soldiers now face our super duper soldiers” but it works as a clear show-don’t-tell way of setting up significance. An unobtanium is a thing this one business guy mentioned was important for reasons that matter to nobody actually in the story.
  4. PlayStation NEW Gold headset

    Or because Sony removed Bluetooth headphone support from PS4. It worked perfectly well on PS3 but allowed people to use (the few, at the time) unlicensed Bluetooth headphones.
  5. New Doom movie (restrain expectations)

    Cheap live action prequel to a new Doom game, maybe?
  6. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Oh yeah definitely don't watch it. I watched the whole thing at 75% speed and still came away understanding less than I did to begin with.
  7. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    I don't think so, when Bob wants to avoid that he puts a horrid filter on the audio these days. Fast-forwarded recaps are one of his standard jokes in his other videos and they work fine when they're over in 30 seconds and you're not expected to actually absorb what's going on.
  8. It feels like he might be about 6 months to a year behind the curve on this. Black Panther, Ragnarok, and GotG 2 showed that you can do some of these that are about things, and people will still show up to them. Presumably Marvel is listening and while I don't expect that to be reflected in either of the two Infinity War movies, I do expect it to guide their slate in the next few years. Edit - Come to think of it, The Winter Soldier was an early example of this trend, and Civil War also handled it quite well, but I think either are a bit too heavily in the "we'll solve this problem with flexing a lot and punching" genre for the to act as equally effective counters to Cameron's worries.
  9. The Hobbit Trilogy

    Wasn't there's a five minute monologue about how amazing the Hobbiton experience is and how the staff are super nice and that it'll make you feel like a kid again? I think she went out of her way to emphasise that this isn't meant to be a downer about New Zealand.
  10. Alien: Covenant - 2017 - Ridley Scott

    The next one will probably be Ridley responding to whatever people superficially didn't like about this one, probably cutting down David and the body horror and monsters because the flute thing and medbay scene didn't go over well, while continuing to double down on his personal bargain basement Ancient Astronauts lore that is the real problem.
  11. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    The "have to rattle through everything quickly" joke doesn't work when the end result is still about ten minutes long. Switching it to 0.75x playback speed gets you basically normal speed again thank fuck.
  12. Well, yeah, it was Edge. That issue was probably within 12 months of the feature article about how games are almost exclusively made by or about straight white men. I can't recall whether this specific issue addressed women in gaming much but I think it did? The review itself had the thesis that a high-budget, technologically sophisticated game about making friends and relaxation was an incredible rarity, and didn't acknowledge the perv game aspect much at all. Which again can either be interpreted as making a high-brow point while completely failing to address the elephant in the room. There's a Wiki that attempts to catalogue everything in old games magazines, but whoever was entering the information for Edge seems to have given up at issue 6. http://magazinesfromthepast.wikia.com/wiki/Edge_Issue_1
  13. I like to think they were making a point about how they could've had a bikini-clad render-girl on the front cover and nobody would've batted an eyelid, but you show a part of that image that's more explicitly sexual and suddenly it's perverse. Sophomoric late '90s-early 2000s Edge is still my favourite Edge. Just slightly too smart for its own good.
  14. If you don’t love them at their You don’t deserve them at their
  15. The feature on remakes is excellent; Bluepoint is quite the enigma as a developer and finding out what all that remake work entails just makes me more curious about what they can and will do in the future. I wonder if there will be an actual review of Labo after the news article this month? It seems like a hard thing to traditionally review. Edge score debates have not changed in two decades. I kind of like that.

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