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  1. You know how when you first got a GBA or a tamagotchi or some other gadget you’d only seen in a magazine, you were surprised at how small it was compared to the picture? The Series X gave me the opposite of that when I first saw it. It feels about 25% bigger than the design seems to imply, especially those marble-sized holes in the top. PS5 is huge but its weird cascade of scale-free wibbleforms means that it’s hard to get a sense of scale off it in pictures, in real life, anywhere. You could use them to confuse enemy bombers or submarines.
  2. I think they actually cited it in their design patent as an example of prior art. Edit - Here it is, with the never released square and rounded variations: https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/3b/13/ae/79e1981d29ca70/USD452688.pdf
  3. In one scene the crew kept getting reflected in Morpheus’ glasses so they just painted them black.
  4. What if the exact Switch UI we have now but with iOS transparency effects and folders for some reason?
  5. Did you use Aside from that, yeah, you have to teleport dodge a lot and pray.
  6. If you’re feeling heroic you can grapple across those too IIRC.
  7. Kind of, but it really means things like this: https://techacake.com/match-and-merge/
  8. Does anyone how this is actually played? “Merge” makes me think it’s based on the “merge 3” mechanic that’s the current fad in F2P games (eg Evermerge). I guess the cards are lootbox power ups on top of that? I shouldn’t have to reverse engineer the gameplay for a game that has a minutes long in-game trailer.
  9. Updating this - I got a buyer for the expansions so now I'm trying to shift the Cores without any organisational stuff, £15 apiece plus postage.
  10. What are they supposed to use, man, “harsh language”? My TV app got the “Play Something” shuffle feature and it’s actually pretty good at finding a random sitcom or Star Trek episode or something.
  11. I think Roblox is singled out compared to Minecraft etc because 100% of the paid content on a billion-dollar game platform is child labour paid for in Roblox vouchers. Microsoft don’t take and resell your kid’s Harry Potter castle to all the other kids in exchange for a One Direction skin.
  12. At the other end of the price spectrum, it looks like the special edition is back in stock: https://store.nintendo.co.uk/en_gb/metroid-dread-special-edition-P00069.html
  13. An exceptional capacity for unstructured play is a common characteristic of groundbreaking games and a constant theme of people’s “amazing game moments” reminiscences on here so I’m surprised that people are finding this so surprising in children. Mario 64’s castle Gaming Halo’s AI and blasting tanks where they don’t belong Half-Life 2’s physics Half-Life Alyx’s physics Alien Isolation’s Alien MGSV’s everything Minecraft Resi 4 BotW The MGS1 demo
  14. Game Card case (basically a Switch game case with 8 slots instead of 1) is available for 500 points plus shipping (£2 in the UK): https://my.nintendo.com/news/5722f61e7f7836de
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