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  1. I genuinely cannot figure out how the Cloverfield monster tie in bits survived the editing process.
  2. System Shock remake

    Well, there was a U.K. ruling that Indiegogo was on the hook for refunding backers of a product isn’t actually provided. That likely applies to Kickstarter as well.
  3. The F2P gatcha battle game will be a sight to behold.
  4. Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water

    Delightful and constantly surprising in the best ways. Only a master can get a thematically appropriate joke out of someone turning a few degrees to the side with a slightly different splashing sound.
  5. Disable 'Featured Content' on your PS4!

    This is off for me (EU opt-in marketing rules maybe?). I don't think it's ever automatically downloaded anything before. Is it possible he accidentally clicked the item and caused it to download? You'd assume it would just ask you to buy the game first.
  6. I say that but there’s a lot of the show that’s trying very hard to be traditional bridge-centric Trek and I have to assume that’s some of those creative differences at work. Is Voq a metaphor for the show’s troubled production?
  7. I think that what he means is that it’s a drama about Burnham rather than an ensemble show like precious series were. Edit - Accurate typo is accurate
  8. FWIW I don’t think that trying to avoid clashing with canon has caused the series any of its screenwriting problems at all. The mirror universe was dealt with in one line at the start of an episode, which was pretty much the same thing they’ve used for the spore drive: “this thing that our secret mission has discovered has cause nothing but problems, it stays secret”. I’d put “stop trying to accommodate canon” pretty low on the list of “ways to fix this show”. Alongside “make the Enterprise look like the model from ToS”. Even the reboot movie didn’t do that.
  9. People don’t jump 1000 years into the future into a clean part of the timeline and start over because they wouldn’t be making a Star Trek show that contained the things they like about Star Trek. The TOS era is where the stuff they like - and people recognise - is. I would’ve thought that was obvious. If you just want a new sci fi show with “Star Trek” on the DVD case, buy any utopian SF show you like and a box of labels. And canonically every episode would have to be about time travel anyway. The Federation has advanced to the point where it has had a literal time war well before we run out of established Star Trek canon.
  10. They explicitly confirmed it was in the "canonical" timeline about a year ago?
  11. This has been a weird mess of a thing, but I really liked what it was trying to do with Trek. Hopefully not losing the showrunner in the middle of pre-production will allow a more consistent season 2.
  12. RiME

    I feel really bad for not actually buying this with real money.
  13. Axiom Verge - PS4/Vita

    Split the difference, get it for Vita?

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