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  1. I just got the bow, and the volley-targets-last-shot bonus for novelty value, but then I got the bonus that gives you more than twice as many volley arrows, and then bonus after bonus on Special damage, and then to add to the carnage, the bonus that adds a boost to every shot that hits after the first. I was having so much fun it should be illegal. And the game still put me in my place. I’ve crossed that handheld game threshold where I’m going to be playing a couple of hours of this a night until I run out of content. The last time that happened I 100%ed Peace Walker twice.
  2. I literally said that they couldn’t measure it. Give it a rest!
  3. I think the noise level isn’t zero but it is unmeasurable for most of the outlets testing it, as it’s lower than the ~30db of background noise you get in an office, even at a few inches from the console. At least that’s what I saw in the few reviews that bothered to try.
  4. I want to draw intriguing analogies to the way that the Dems and Republicans in the US became at once very similar and increasingly polarising until that polarisation exploded with the election of Trump. But I immediately start imagining Sony or MS launching the Donald Trump of games consoles and I can’t stop thinking about it.
  5. I think we all know that he googled that to look for some extra reason to be insulted. And even if actually Spacehost had happened to creatively mangle his name in to something that matched a small SE England disabled children’s’ charity that Aspel had worked with, it would take some degree of uncharitable thinking to assume that was anything but a coincidence. (I doubt that Spacehost has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Kent’s children’s’ organisations.) In any case he’s very clearly not as not bothered as he’s making out and he needs to take a break from the thread.
  6. Please stop preventing Aspel’s better ears from helping you.
  7. Did Fully Aspel just say his PS5 runs hot and sounds like a fridge?
  8. I don’t think that phone noise measurement apps are accurate enough or precise enough for what is being suggested here.
  9. He’s already a pretty frequent guest on MLiG, he’d be a fantastic addition as a regular.
  10. Spacehost and Uncle Mike swap audio recordings. Combining them reveals a strange EVP reciting a date over and over again. Date arrives: bam!, Silent Hills announced. The coil whine was a Kojima twist all along.
  11. Is Fully Aspel just inserting “lol” and “hahaha” at random to make their posts seem less condescending and contrarian?
  12. Shopto has consistently done great Black Friday deals on PS4s so keep an eye open this week? On the year the PS4 slim launched you could get the console bundle with Infinite Warfare for like £190.
  13. I think the situation is, if you have a game that works in Backwards Compatibility on Xbox Series X, then you can patch it to enable 120 fps without leaving backwards compatability mode, i.e. still running the old version of the game. But on PS5, to enable 120 fps you actually have to have the console working in full-on PS5 mode, which means the developer has to have a full-on PS5 version of the game.
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