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  1. The framerate in the demo there was alarmingly uneven and low for a VR game.
  2. I’m into Aaron Must Die and still on Team Bugsnax.The highlight was AWE though.
  3. In the initial tech briefing they said the PS5 GPU can run in a PS4 mode and a PS4 Pro mode, presumably only falling back to PS4 if the software doesn’t natively support Pro. Implicitly the console is always in a “boost” mode compared to PS4, because he cited that as the reason why they wanted to test games.
  4. I sure doesn’t play like a Metal Gear game. More like Elite with Feet.
  5. This is a whole other conversation but those aren’t anti-consumer moves by Microsoft? The whole problem is that you can set up a genuinely effective and well regarded consumer business that is also an arm of the military-industrial-entertainment complex.
  6. You’re all picturing SCE with a sack of cash, I’m picturing Sony Pictures with a sack of doorknobs.
  7. Analog Pocket? It’s up in the Retro folder, $199 for the console, $99 for the dock and it sold out in fifteen minutes.
  8. I’m not sure it’s even that clear. It sounds like it might just be their “special relationship”. In the spokesperson’s defense a journalist interviewing someone and looking for a clear answer on a question should be asking follow up questions until they can get to a clear paraphrase or quote as an answer, not just posting up the original response unedited. Lazy.
  9. They’ve explained why Spider-Man is a PlayStation exclusive and it really couldn’t be more straightforward. https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/marvels-avengers-team-spider-man-playstation-exclusivity/
  10. It’s not up to pre-order yet. They’re planning to just make them as long as there are orders to fill apparently.
  11. Alex W.

    Nintendo Switch

    Late 2004. It was one of the first games I ever considered importing. By the time of the PAL release, the DS version was already announced and I figured I’d wait for that. :/
  12. Actual luxury items are recession-proof aren’t they? People who buy luxury goods aren’t affected as much by crises. Sony actually expect to sell more PS5s because of COVID. I’m still really intrigued by this and looking forward to it. Especially after the very dull and conservative next-gen hardware from Microsoft and Sony. I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce it’s slipped since the factory closed for COVID though.
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