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  1. Ah shit I've just remembered Paper Mario is out in a few weeks. I really want to play that, but getting another massive RPG now that will almost certainly not be done by the 17th seems like a not-sensible thing to do. So obviously I'm going to.
  2. I finally finished Tokyo Mirage Sessions. I think I liked it? I feel like if it didn't have the boob jiggle I'd have unashamedly loved it. But the typical anime misogyny would have been shrugged off when I was in my 20s but now it's a bit cringeworthy. But I just loved how ridiculous the concept was and I just couldn't stop grinding through it. I was glad for it to finally be over though, but then it leaves this massive hole for what story based thing to play next. I guess I should get Xenoblade Chronicles. I tried it on 3DS and just didn't get on with it. I had no fucking clue what was going on with the battle system but I imagine it just didn't translate well to the small screen. But I think I am up for some action / MMO style combat* as after a while just waiting for endless sessions in TMS made the combat start to get boring, as there wasn't a whole lot of strategy in its battle system beyond "don't die, try to get big sessions" I'm also up for big huge vistas and a story that is more epic, more fantasy setting. As fun as the world of Japanese idol culture was for a little while, dialogue about "trying ones best to become a better performer thanks to the support of your friends" ad infinatum did grate a little. Lockdown has given me a taste for JPRGs that has been long dormant. Earthlock had its flaws but there was something nice about it being pretty 'straight up', not complex, and not being bogged down in sidequest & cutscene hell. That much worries me a little about Xenoblade. But it looks so nice. And this much football won't be on all summer, but the pandemic will soooooo I'm also tempted by, and have never played Ni No Kuni. Ahh decisions. * I'm also tempted to resub WoW but I'm forbidden from falling off the wagon.
  3. I did not realise this. I put it on fast mode recently as I figured I didn't need the animations but I think it's made me worse at the game, as its taken away a bit of observation and thinking time.
  4. The difficulty I've had while trying to let a dark orb stack up its power, is that I'll just end up evoking it because I need to channel frost to withstand the damage, as their passive damage isn't enough on its own for certain turns. I mean the answer I guess might be trying to get more block from cards alone, while letting dark build up. I'm still learning Defect though.
  5. I want to believe that the lego sets are part of the build somehow.
  6. I was curious about this. I don't have kids but maybe I might one day, and funnily enough this issue of protecting them from the internet or too much screen time is the biggest fear of parenting right now! But my take, for what it's worth (nothing) is that surely 'screen time' is an all encapsulating phrase. But there's a difference between them watching, I don't know, PewDiePie on their own vs playing a nice point and click adventure with the rest of the family. I say that last one because one of my most cherished video gaming memories is playing Monkey Island with my mum, dad and sister. That was me spending 'hours' playing video games but it's not the same as fortnight. I remember playing hours of Speedball 2 and my parents rightly telling me off, because I was getting so frustrated I ended up punching a monitor. That was an extreme case I think. But I think the game in question is significant, and I'd imagine possibly also that there's a bit of a variety. If they're playing one game endlessly and exclusively, I don't know if that's bad but it feels like a shame.
  7. As in, The 'Ding? Because if so I am sold on the name and my heritage alone. For now I just got 24 Pillars lager so with that and the other orders I don't need any more for a little bit. I realise I might have been speaking out of my arse about the beer sub ones, but it's a word of warning for the 'selection boxes' that they do on places like Ocado, eg Beer Hawk selection pack. I guess because these are just supplied to stock a shop they are about 60% BeerCo and 40% slightly more interesting. I was just echoing that it's pretty fun trying a complete selection from one single brewery anyway, so why not work your way through them.
  8. I bought this on PC about, hmm, 3 weeks ago? I've already clocked 40 hours on it. It's scary. I'm easing off though because I think I was playing it too much. I'm not very consistent, but i've beaten the heart with Silent and Ironclad. I got really really close last night with Defect but my plan is to 'complete' it that way with Defect then move onto the monk girl (can't remember her name) Something I'd say to Mawdlin, it's probably okay to just play recklessly and not agonise too much over the cards. Being a little random will maybe be frustrating as you end up dying really quickly for no good reason, on an enemy you've maybe killed loads of times before, but on the flipside not thinking too much, taking every card, experimenting, will help introduce ways that some cards will work together. Cards I hadn't really appreciated ended up creating a synergy with others and some ridiculous chain reactions. People will tell you not to take too many cards and that's all very correct for proper strategy but it's sometimes worth just taking everything to see what happens. I would like to be more strategic though, I am not quite good at appreciating what cards I've ended up with and then letting that influence what cards I take, i.e. adapting to the cards you acquired rather than going in with a mindset on how you want to play. I'm sad there's no android version yet though. Then again it's not too bad over steam link - a little fiddly but it works.
  9. Also places like beer52, or beer hawk seem to just keep sending Brewdog, Magic Rock or Camden Brewery beers. At that point you might as well just get a selection from Sainsburys / Tescos / Whoever. It's not terrible beer, but it's quite uninteresting and they all taste the same as each other. We've been ordering direct from a few breweries since lock down began and I've been really impressed with the speed of delivery. We've tried Crate, Pressure Drop and Tiny Rebel. I mean these aren't exactly unknowns, it's just what we picked. We ordered from Pressure Drop as they're round the corner from us, they are great for those 8% hazy hop monster beers, big tall cans though so we can have a can between two. This sour: https://pressuredropbrewing.co.uk/products/future-sunshine-peach-pineapple-passionfruit-sour was one of the nicest sours I've had in a long time. Juicy, full of flavour, but not too sour, not too cloying. Just really nice. We ordered Tiny Rebel, not because they're particularly small or indie, in fact I'm seeing them on Ocado quite a bit, but they always did beer at Green Man festival, since that's cancelled, it was nice to have a few different ones. What I'm after now is some decent Lagers though. Have really enjoyed some decent craft ones. Pillars Brewery is delicious so I'll probably order a case or two from them. https://thornbridgebrewery.co.uk/beer/lukas/ is a nice one and I generally love all Thornbridge beers. But am interested if there any other Pillars-esque breweries that are nice, small, indie, but chose to specialise in lager. With the heat it's sometimes really nice to have a frosty lager.
  10. cowfields


    @Doctor Shark I mean ignore what I said if your desire really is to just click a button and not have to do anything else, I think that's why people like those pod things, it's like having a vending free machine I guess. I don't have kids, maybe the mornings are too crazy for parents that the minimal effort becomes more attractive. Personally, I really enjoy the ceremony of it. I can do it on auto pilot: weigh 20g beans, grind them while I'm waiting for kettle to boil. Put a filter in the V60, put the V60 on the cup, rinse out the filter, put in coffee, slowly pour in water. This little break is slightly more involved than tea, but since most of the set up is done while waiting for a kettle to boil it doesn't take much longer. But I value the break from work, so I'm not in a rush to get a drink either, on the contrary, it's important to not go back to my desk too soon. I spend enough time there.
  11. cowfields


    I think it's reasonable to say if your budget is 200 then put most of it into an grinder and spend about 40 on a v60 and an aeropress. Both are such quick to set up, low mess faff free options. They appear niche or nerdy but I think even a cafetiere is more complicated, marginally than a v60. A v60 is possibly the cheapest way to make coffee if you buy ground so you could always try that first. But I do think the freshly ground thing is significant, even with a cheaper grinder. Coffee just doesn't last when ground, so being able to grind beans on demand will be the biggest difference to flavour. Pods just seem sort of horrible as a concept but I did some googling and supposedly they're not as bad for the environment as I thought because they use a smaller, fixed amount of coffee. Espresso uses a lot of energy so I don't know what is right anymore. I mean anything that is a portmanteau of Nestle would leave a horrible taste in my mouth however good the coffee was.
  12. I think that perhaps I might prefer it if games had no dropping loot. At all. Just money. Then two things would become true: 1) Shops are the only way to get items, if you have the cash 2) You wouldn't have to worry about whether the shiny weapon that the shop has in stock is just going to be instantly made obselete and a waste of money by the next dungeon you enter. You could even add a FUN NEW GAMEPLAY ELEMENT where you have to weigh up whether to buy the new Bastard Sword +1 from the merchant, and have it right now, or buy it from the online spirit world for cheaper but have to wait a whole 1 day for it to arrive. Or agonise that despite having a spirit rating of 4.5 stars from 1000+ reviewers, that one 2 star review just nags at you because it was well written and considered so maybe you won't risk it anyway and just stick with the pointy stick that did you this well so far.
  13. Is this anything like Sky Odyssey on PS2? I loved that. I think it was a launch title? It looked sort of horrible but it created such a wonderful atmosphere. I remember one level where you had to try to get over a really turbulent, snowy mountain. Just pulling back on the controller hoping it wouldn't stall... Oh the excitement. Did anything ever come out since that was like it?
  14. I was being ranty for sure. I meant isn't enjoyable gameplay. My point I guess, I could rephrase this way: how does someone implement endlessly repetitive corpse runs, intentionally designing it so you do not respawning right outside the boss, think that is fun and enjoyable game design? I guess others enjoy that and prefer not being able to respawn outside a boss. I see it as punishing with time wasting, and not actually a useful challenge. Often this distant respawn thing means the only extra blocker to progress is time considering that the grind back isn't difficult, with no real risk, it's just a chore that stops you from trying to play the bit of the game you want to play, by forcing you to repeat bits you're bored of by now. "Intentionally bad design" was just a ranty way of saying that I am annoyed at them ruining the game for me with their choices. It's a ranty thread after all. Obviously I understand people love the game.
  15. Corpse runs for raids were always a sore point on World of Warcraft. You spend ages preparing for a fight, only for some idiot to wipe the whole raid and then you've got literally 10 minutes or so getting everyone back in position for a second go. I remember when Serpentshrine Cavern came out on World of Warcraft. Everyone had The Fear when reports first came out about its corpse run. You would have to run for about 60 seconds from the graveyard to the raid entrance, but that wasn't actually the raid entrance itself, I think it was underwater? you had to swim down, then get a really big lift and WAIT IN THE GODDAMN LIFT to get back inside, then find whatever boss you were trying to fight. I don't know why I kept going, why I didn't cancel my account. I think eventually they fixed it and made you respawn at the entrance. Not long after I think they started to realise this wasn't good gameplay, and sadly I think it was intentional at first. Artificially slowing down play so people couldn't kill bosses too quickly. Anyway this is also why I did give up on Dark Souls 3. I was genuinely excited about a really difficult challenge. It's satisfying to figure it out, to improve your skills by practice making perfect. But having to grind your way back to a boss again and again isn't gameplay. It's only a challenge in so far as to see how much you can punish yourself by putting up with intentionally bad design. Fuck that.
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