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  1. You're better off aiming for players arms than the goal
  2. First game in this tournament I've been yelling at the screen. Japan really deserve this...
  3. I suppose you're right about it being all in or not. I am not convinced that the distance she was at, made it particularly unfair as a rule. It's hard to say. I'm fine for var when it comes to fouls because it feels important to check some dirty play. On the other hand, the loss of momentum while the VAR check happens can get boring and frustrating. The psychological torment of it all, purely from an entertainment point of view, is it making the game better? (I dunno lol, just got into football). I am not looking forward to penalty shootouts if we have to waste three minutes between every single penalty checking if it's OK.
  4. Two retaken penalties in the tournament now. It's bullshit. It didn't correct something unfair, it's just ruining the entertainment of a game. We went from cheering an amazing, tense moment to just complaining for about five minutes. Leaves a bad taste. Oh well... I'm glad for England but I enjoyed watching Japan and I'm glad they're both through.
  5. cowfields

    The Spurs Thread

    Well, I just bought a One Hotspur membership... Two, actually... I think it's a bit of a shit that it's not a +1 by default, but I shouldn't be surprised at the money-sink that Premier League football is. But the early access tickets aren't much good to me if I can't buy two so I can go with my GF.
  6. cowfields

    The Spurs Thread

    No...but I was thinking of doing it for this season. We considered it last season but came into it too late for it to be worth it. Think you can't get membership yet but I signed up to the "tell me when" thingy.
  7. This is probably a silly thing to say* but it just made me even more glad that the US generally aren't good at men's soccer, because if this 'MURICA attitude came into the mens sport it'd start to put me right off. Apparently one of the US Women's team celebrated by singing "Born in the USA". Ugh. * It's a silly thing to say because it's not like Ronaldo is a shining example of humility and good sportsmanship.
  8. While we're on the subject of "true fans" and so on, this feels like a good subject to tell a little story. This might be really boring so feel free to neg away but I felt like sharing: I was never really into football. Would occasionally pay attention to a big tournament like the World Cup. Last year the World Cup happened and my then-girlfriend now-fiancée was all excited about it and got me into it too. We really committed and like a pair of losers with spare cash we even managed to complete a Panini sticker album. Our weekends were framed around which pub we'd try out to watch games or whether we'd get a sofa-picnic together in front of the telly. We even ended up going to Hyde Park to see England lose to Hrvatska, which hurt but then we rooted for the red-chequered guys simply because we'd been to Dubrovnik the following year and had been supporting them throughout the rest of the tournament. So that ended and I wasn't ready to ignore football for another 4 years. I started asking when the next tournament was and she did point out that it wasn't long before the Premier League started. My friend told me not to get into it, there's too many games...I read a Vice article targeted exactly at me: It basically warned against people who 'discovered' a love of footy at the World Cup thinking they were now into the sport - because picking a team to support would just lead to heartache and disappointment, because it's just an emotional struggle following a team and then having to just be sad and disappointed at the heartache of if all. I ignored that and we have since spent way too much money on NowTV day-passes and week-passes (and discovered footybites too late). I've absolutely loved it. My fiancée was a junior Magpie (though she tends to keep her top on at games) and her dad used to take her to St James Park when she was young. But we live in Tottenham, and my Uncle has always been a Spurs fan and so it felt quite convenient to support them too. She's made it very clear to me that they are No.2 to Newcastle though and I should keep my priorities straight. But we've really really loved Wolves this season. It's a few reasons: Nuno's beard. He just seems like such a nice guy, and they've been great to watch. I like beards and yellow tops and the fact that they are FUCKING CALLED WOLVES and have the best badge. So it feels so arbitrary to say I support Wolves, but I do. We would quite like to see them at a game if we can. Just because they've entertained us. So we're not "true fans" by any means. Sure, if they played Spurs or Newcastle, I'd want them to lose. But most of the time you're not having to make that call, and it's just fun to have a side you want to win. So when all this rivalry and ribbing comes in about how your team is shit, I'm taking it in good humour as I know it's not real but as a soft lad who still feels a little intimidated by fans at football matches, it's taking some getting used to. I've just got some teams that I enjoy, and that I'll root for. In theory I should support Reading as that's where I'm from, and I once ran through the Madejski stadium at the end of a half marathon. So maybe I'll go see them. We saw Newcastle beat Fulham 4-0. That was good fun. I wore her dad's Newcastle shirt from the 80s. Plus I've counselled my fiancée enough during their struggles, and I was happy that she was happy to finally go to a match where they actually won for a change. I'm desperate to see the new Spurs stadium, and it's only up the road. No idea when we can manage to get a ticket though. Sorry for the ramble, just felt like sharing. Sports lol.
  9. I like our instant pot but we've mostly been using it for rice. I did a beef ragu I was quite happy with, and just spent a lot of time searing the beef on a really hot cast iron pan to start with. It wasn't as good as when I would cook the ragu for hours, and I've made mistakes on other dishes where my instinct was to add a little water and it ended up really watery. But, it was good, and quite edible, but it did take something like 40 mins on a weekday, rather than 8 hours on a weekend day. So it is a nice convenience thing. But, I really need to make more of it. Will check out Serious eats, thanks
  10. Yes, I've got it. It's nice, it's relaxing. There doesn't feel like a lot of tactics, beyond trying to do well for yourself. By that I mean you can do a bit of sabotage by landing somewhere you think someone else wants to go, but we just ended up focusing more on what we wanted to collect. We've not played it a lot, but I think it's good just to admire the artwork, get lost in the idea of a scenic walk around old Japan. We don't always want our brains to be pushed to their tactical limit, we want to chat, snack, listen to music. For that I am not sure a digital version would be great, nor playing it single player, as it's more of a nice social thing.
  11. cowfields

    vinyl lovers

    Have you already sold this? Only just saw this but we'd be interested if you still have it!
  12. Yeah I hear you. Just faffed about that morning. Been having trouble reaching the damn thing though. Like I said, it's bigger than I thought
  13. Thanks for the advice in here folks. On Saturday I bought the Weber. I couldn't help myself, and bought that premium 3-in-1 thing. The difference was a mere £60 in the end, and considering that the searing plate is worth £50 on its own, the diffuser plate combo seemed like a bargain. It's basically a couple of pieces of metal, it's a metal ring which helps for a snake, and then a big plate fits onto it neatly, so you have more of a spread projection of heat and no direct heat from any coals. Means you don't have to worry so much about positioning. Not essential by any means, but I was feeling frivolous. I already had a beer-can chicken thing (it's not the round thing that slots into the middle, but it's just a sturdy wire frame with space for a can up the Chicken's butt) so didn't feel like I had to go for any accessories (yet) The BBQ itself is great though, nicely made, and way bigger than I thought but not so much so it dominates our somewhat small garden. I tried smoking lamb shoulder. I needed more time to cook it, it wasn't quite falling apart when it was time for dinner. That's just a case of being slow to get it started on the Sunday morning (my sister was visiting and decided to start lifting tiles in our garden against my wishes and I had to wait for her to put them all back and this delayed getting it started. This sounds like more of an altercation than it was). But still, it was well cooked, gently smokey and absolutely delicious, and the BBQ made it easy to set up. I forgot to take an after picture, as I am an idiot. I cannot wait for the next time to smoke something!
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