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    I can't tell if you're serious or sarcastic. I agree though, if you are. It feels like a Netflix / HBO / Prime series title, rather than normal gaming titles. Normal gaming style conventions would have called it something like PSYCHIC HUNTRESS: ΜΕΝΤΙΟΥΜ UNLIMITED.
  2. Right? The thing about FH4 is I find myself getting frustrated when I take part in races. All the graphics and racing and...stuff and then when you win you've got "Ok mad sick you're on your way to becoming da best with these 18 more race icons we've added to the map"... But when you just drive the roads, watch the scenery go by, it's great. It's worth the time. It's peaceful. Sandbox driving. I found it sort of frustrating that I had to get a boat to fortune island. I'd have liked to drive onto a ferry and just sort of sit there and see it appear on the (Forza) horizon
  3. I actually love the fact that you can cover one end to the other. I think a balance of the two would be ideal. Ridiculous request perhaps but I'd like FH5 to have... More than one country... ...connected by imaginary motorways and tunnels. Imagine getting on a motorway in the lake district, and watching the trees start to thin out, dry out, and all of a sudden you're in a massive expansive desert of a different country? Sure it's a little contrived, but I don't think it'd matter. There's a point at which realism is enhancing the experience and a point wher
  4. I really enjoyed the hour I played of this. Since lockdown I am playing STS almost daily (which is mad when you think about it). I agree it's a little fiddly and the boss rush bit is a little odd. The final epic moment is suddenly autoplay? I get its kind of the pay off for your forward planning so that's not a complaint but I agree it's not quite got the elegance as STS. And graphically it could be purified a little. There's a lot of visual clutter distracting from the mechanics. Minor complaints though... The similarities and differences between STS are set just rig
  5. Is this the kind of game where two people can play and enjoy it, and both feel engaged? For example one person controls but both people can enjoy the ride. Sounds like if the puzzles are quite light and it's a bit more "walk and find something" then it's less fun for the person controlling. My wife and I very much enjoyed playing Obra Dinn and Tangle Tower together if that helps! I mean it already downloaded on game pass I just haven't got around to trying it!
  6. I love the idea of a racing rpg but sadly it doesn't entirely feel like that in progression. The structure for sure, I actually love being able to not actually spend time in menus picking a race to compete in, sometimes I'll just pick a car, drive around freely enjoying the scenery. If I approach an incomplete event, I'll do it. Great. The problem is more that in about a week of installing the game, I got showered with super cars and money so I can compete in any event and win them all if I drive OK. Would have been nice to be forced to compete in old bangers and hope
  7. In the same vein I imagine the Japanese equivalent of all the "mad sick bare tings in my socks oh my days" would better super entertaining.
  8. I would love this. I realised though a huge huge part of what I am enjoying so much about FH4 was the setting in the UK. The familiarity of the UK country / village areas and Edinburgh is lovely and reminds me of a UK road trip holiday I had years ago. On the other hand the thought of Australia (that's Fh3, right?) just didn't appeal. Japan is lovely though so would interest me, especially having finally visited there in 2018. But the location would really make or break the excitement for me. More than next gen graphics or whatever else.
  9. No you are 100% right on the branding. It feels like they are old man real ale CAMRA type stuff. Perhaps they are - I feel like I had Thornbridge cask before I had keg and very good it was too. But they still make a good core range of craft beers. I actually think they're not so good on those seasonal short run wacky cans that you get from Siren, Cloudwater etc. They're just not exciting in a wanky bottle shop. They're just really good VFM on stocking up on a bunch of session beers. They're miles better than Punk IPA, or Gamma Ray, Neck Oil, Camden Pale ale etc is all
  10. As above. Thornbridge zero five is one of the best. We've been trying a load of them. Leffe is actually nice but probably because they just add syrup or something to get that Belgian taste so it's a little sweet but there's more body to it than non alcoholic beers normally have. Try Nirvana brewery if you haven't, they only do low alcohol beers and the couple I've tried have been tasty. I find the Brewdog ones to just be bitterness rather than flavour. Free dam and the erdinger non alcoholic are quite drinkable too. Would like to
  11. On day 1 / 2 I was getting some problems with QR - to the point I had assumed it was specifically disabled for Forza Horizon 4. Then it was pointed out it wasn't - for what it's worth, ever since I stopped turning the console off in game but going to home, then turning it off, QR seemed to be a lot more reliable and to work as expected. I haven't tested that though. If nothing else I think games should perhaps think about not showing 18 dev logos and a long animated intro menu in any game that a user has played before and should just go "hmm, they've already been play
  12. It's not a big deal. It's something that might spoil us though. Like, I don't know... We get annoyed if a film buffers a little when streaming at 4k because that's the step up from 1080p which is dark ages resolution. Forget that it'd take 40 mins to download a 240p avi back in the day... Basically QR for many games is just a convenience of not having to skip through developer logos, the main menu and then finding your save game and then getting to play. But with loading times I've found for the games I'm playing, quick resume is saving me about 20 seconds.
  13. I do like Thornbridge. They have some of the best "core range" beers along with Siren I think. Too hard to rank craft breweries generally as it's all down to what random crazy fun they haven, but when you just want to stock up on a good few cans. Green Mountain is nice enough normally! Incidentally, Thornbridge's low alcohol beer, zero five, is probably one of the nicest non alcoholic /. 05% beers we've tried. We've been through quite a lot lately because we've been on diets, low alcohol beers are good for midweek too. A lot though are still a bit calorifi
  14. Which app do you download for this? I haven't tried to set it up yet but it feels like it should be more obvious. I mean, Microsoft...this is a really sorry state of affairs. Sort yourselves out.
  15. After getting a Series X, the Switch has gotten no love. But it's very likely my wife and I will be spending Christmas at my mother in law's and it would not be seen as reasonable to take and hook up an xbox... so I'm using Christmas as a reason to give my Switch some attention again... Namely a good session on this game. I can't wait! Sounds like just the thing to get sucked up into.
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