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  1. cowfields

    The Smoking and BBQ thread

    STOP BEING SO VAGUE. Jokes, that's the kind of thing I want, thanks. Looks pretty good and can confirm that it is indeed fairly orange.
  2. cowfields

    The Smoking and BBQ thread

    Thanks guys I think I'm convinced on Weber now. I have a Thermapen (the bake off ones, yeah?) and I love it. It really upped my oven roasting game. But I'm not sure it's okay for just leaving on constantly for 8 hours to monitor some slow cooking meat? Ie watching the temperature without opening the weber lid. With that in mind I don't actually need instant, since it'd be a constant monitor. I gues i'm thinking of one of those ones with long probes on a wire that come out of the kettle. I'll google orange remote monitor
  3. cowfields

    The Smoking and BBQ thread

    Bonjour, you beautiful bunch of barbecuing bastards... I need some advice: We're about to do the garden (new patio and shit) and since a load of money is going on that, somewhere amongst the budget is some money spare for a new BBQ to make best use of it. Budget is around £200, probably max of £300. I'd go more myself, so I could be persuaded to go over, but my fiancée thinks that would be ridiculous. As much as those Chris Traeger smoker things look good, I can't go into the realm of £1000s I mostly just want a decent charcoal grill. I had originally wanted one of those "offset style" ones where you have a container off to the left for chips and charcoal, and that sends smoke through into the main area. I am guessing the main area can still be used as a normal charcoal grill, so you get the best of both worlds and a lot of space to do different things at different temperatures. But i'm struggling to find a good reliable brand - ones of around £200 on Amazon get reviews about how quickly they rust and leak smoke. My other thinking is to get a Weber kettle. They look really nice, take up less space and the build quality seems good. I'm just concerned that a kettle gives you a bit less versatility, with a big circle it's not as easy to have different heat zones and so on. But then I see people in this thread with Weber kettles doing indirect heat things, and attachments like like the "slow and sear" and think perhaps the reliability and availability of fun attachments wins over the form of the offset smoker? To be honest, I will long smoke things very occasionally, but do normal "quick" bbqs quite a bit more often. edit: also any recommended accessories, I want a decent thermometer to monitor it all. Thanks!
  4. cowfields


    My work did the branding for square mile, and we help them with their website. They're nice folks. So we get to buy their coffee at wholesale prices for the office, so I get to drink it every day. Filter or espresso in the marzocco. I'm very spoilt! It sort of ruined most other coffee though.
  5. cowfields

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - Nintendo Switch

    How about pokemon 99, like tetris 99, right down to the fact that the mechanics are basically unchanged so it's still turn based battles. And you have to wait for 99 people to umm and ahh about which move to use before you get to do anything.
  6. cowfields

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    It was a little faffy but I set up a Japanese PayPal with my monzo. Google translate on my phone made it easier too. Since I use Gmail I just used the +suffix thing to make it look like a different account. I guess PayPal could shut down an account because you can't have two but since I don't store any money in either account I guess it's ok. But now buying from Japanese e shop is a piece of piss. My monzo card didn't work "as is" on the eshop account, for what it's worth. Had to go via Japanese PayPal.
  7. cowfields

    What series/genre should be 'battle royaled' next ?

    2d Mario. Hear me out. I haven't thought this through. But imagine like, 100 characters, jumping on platforms, running forward, scrambling to hit the flag at the end first. At first it's just like a glitchy tech demo, just so many people on screen running. But some sort of highlighting would mean you'd see your character standing out fine. Items and world manipulation would help or hinder people. You step on a P block, turn some bricks to coins. Great, coins! but also, that platform that a bunch of people were running on behind you is now coins, not a platform, and so everyone falls through. But you knew it was happening, and can time your jumps better. Maybe you get to that [?] block first, and get a little item that allows you to jump higher, or run faster for a bit. There'd be some branching in the level...loads of people choose to go upwards, the other goes tunnelling below. The ones that went low didn't account for someone up top triggering a cave-in below somehow and in one timed jump, they just eliminated half the players in a race. For a split second, you were in two teams, and thankful you were in the team that reached a checkpoint at the top first. You knew that the team below could have reached the switch in the caves that fired a giant bullet bill at everyone on the high platform, but you put your bet on the guy in your top group. It'll whittle down and down until it's less about the chaos of trying to eliminate others, and now the winner will be the one who is most agile at running, flying, avoiding hazards and getting to the final flag. I'll take modest commission for that idea, Ninteno.
  8. cowfields

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    Think about skyrim. You're going to be a meaty warrior or A fey mage. And you think voice acting with one voice, one character will improve that? It's a bit like having pictures in a novel. Sometimes they work, sure. But often you'd rather paint the picture in your head. I guess I chose my words wrong about projecting myself but I meant it more like "I don't want to be yet another muscley meat head". More like I want to imagine what my character might be like. Or I just don't want to listen to shit voice acting... If I trusted video games to have nice varied, three dimensional and diverse characters, maybe fine. But since they often fall back on the same tropes, especially for protagonists, I'm fine with them not talking to let it be a bit more down to my imagination.
  9. cowfields

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    I disagree with the silent hero thing. It's a deliberate choice to allow a player to project themselves onto the character more. A lot of voice acting is terrible. If my main character has an annoying voice and personality it's going to grate and make me not want to play. Or if they are some tropey meathead I don't want to *be* them. I think it makes sense. Other characters come and go but the one you play is there for the whole game.
  10. cowfields

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I've got all the memories. I've been very methodical at doing everything, I feel like there can't be much left to do beyond find Koroks and Shrines. The shrine puzzles are fun enough that I think I could save those, and don't need the hearts I suppose. I've maxed out stamina. I think it's probably time to get back to saving the world. Maybe after grinding some armour upgrades and getting 10k maybe...there's so much busy work to do! It's like Animal Crossing. Kind of.
  11. cowfields

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    The sensor is useful for treasure chests as well - It helped massively with finding the EX chests - especially in the field by the castle. The clues would get me to the general location, but I found the treasure chests sensor would help save a lot of time endlessly hunting around with the metal detector. It's really easy to use though...Just slowly rotate in directions until you see the sensor light up at its 'fullest'. If you slowly rotate yourself as you walk you can see it go on and off until you're confident you're heading in the right direction. I"ve been playing this so much, I"m enjoying it. I think I'm at about 70 or so shrines. I'm only 2 beasts down though because I've purposely avoided 'progressing the story' to do as much side-questing as possible. But I'm almost getting to my saturation point, where I'm accepting that gradually the gameplay has just turned into grinding. I mean great, glorious grinding. It's hard to know how much I've 'missed' that I should do before I complete the next 2 beasts, get to the castle and it all suddenly ends. I know once I've completed the main quest I'll feel like grinding to 100% completion will utterly pointless.
  12. cowfields

    What is spinning on your turntable?

    OH HELLO MR MOUSTACHE After our recent discussion I asked my Sister if she was passing the record shop near my parents, to see if they had this. And they did. I actually wonder if whoever gave the other FTTE record to the shop also gave this one, and I've reunited the old friends in my collection.
  13. cowfields

    Game Design Mistakes Thread

    In World of Warcraft, I remember, especially so in the early days, nothing, not even huge fire breathing dragons could drive fear into your heart other than two simple words: Escort Quest. I won't go too far into the problem but I remember something that would always twist the knife in those, was when there'd be a skirmish, you'd kill the mobs, and the NPC you were escorting would be in with the battle too, and in the frenzy the battle would take you a little ahead of the path the NPC was walking. The battle would finish and you'd watch the NPC run BACK to where they were on the path when the aggro happened. Like some OCD fucker that had to retrace certain steps. I mean shit, you just watched them running fast and hacking at enemies, and they RUN back to where they were, only to WALK SLOWLY along that path again, over their recent kills. Probably adding some quip like "That was a close one, come, we must hurry" More fourth wall breaking than running past yet another player called DanishHunterDK
  14. cowfields

    Nintendo Switch

    Better graphics power just leads to that fucking spooky looking Alita film. One of the most terrifying uncanny valley trailers I've seen in a long time.
  15. cowfields

    Game Design Mistakes Thread

    Something Zelda has repeatedly done and I was sad to see in BOTW is verbose, multi page dialogue for the mini games. The horse jumping. I am shit, I want to git gud. If I want to restart, I get off my horse and then it's all... "hey, don't do it on foot" Press a "hey you failed" Press a "Would you like to try again?" Press a Then it cuts to start again. Thee more pages of dialogue, pressing a to continue to skip past the same advice. Again again again. Just to have another go. I don't know if everyone one is so good that play testers never thought anyone would have more than two attempts. The game is so good though, but it's like that "classic Nintendo charm" has to come with needless delay in menus and dialogue.

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