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  1. hercules

    Last game that you couldn't put down?

    Zelda Breath of the wild and right now it’s God of War. Since getting it on Friday I’ve played it for 40 hours, such a great game.
  2. hercules

    Battlefield V

    Pre ordered mine for PS4 today, can’t wait to get stuck into this now. If there are any other PS4 players that wanna squad up I’d be happy to.
  3. hercules

    Rllmuk Renegades Clan

    I am back also and have applIed. Psn: sczm85
  4. hercules

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I finally found all 120 shrines so it was time to finally defeat Ganon. This is my favourite game of all time, I have never enjoyed exploring a world so much, Pure joy. Question, I am now looking into buying the dlc, can I do it with my current end game save or would I need to start again?
  5. hercules

    Rocket League

    Yeah started only playing 3vs3 to improve my aerial game, offensively and defensively. Looking forward to it.
  6. hercules

    Rocket League

    Good games earlier @Theholyhogg I haven’t played 2vs2 in over a year. Took me a while to get used to it again.
  7. hercules

    Rocket League

    Yep should be free.
  8. hercules

    Rocket League

    I checked last night. And am now platinum 3 after two nights of long losing runs. (Feels as though some ppl purposely lose to drop rank) but I was diamond 2
  9. hercules

    Rocket League

    Great! My psn is sczm85. I normally play early as I'm up at 430am everyday for work. I play between 6-9pm. I love the game but it's hard climbing the ranks playing with randoms. Haven't played 2vs2 in ages as started playing 3vs3 to better my aerial game.
  10. hercules


    Not so bothered about him going. He has been great for us. And a bargain at 12mil but looks like we are moving into a new cycle as a team and he isn't wanted. That being said, I will be pissed if he goes to Chelsea.
  11. hercules

    Rocket League

    I'm on ps4. I'll check properly tonight. Only play with randoms which can be frustrating. I believe I am diamond rank 2 or 3
  12. hercules

    Rocket League

    I’d be interested in getting involved. Don’t mind if it’s just playing with you guys. Been lurking here for a long time so now is as good a time as any.
  13. hercules

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    This game is just incredible! I spend hours just strolling around. The world map is absolutely huge! Nothing feels a chore for me either just non stop fun.
  14. hercules


    Best performance for a long time, sloppy goals we conceded but we were very good going forward.
  15. hercules

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    This game is just as good as I thought it would be, no actually it's better! It has so much attention to detail, the open world is vast and all I want to do is explore. I'm not even that far in and it already feels one of the best games I've ever played and I'm pretty sure by then end, it will be the best I've ever ever played.

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