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  1. Apparently we also have Paul de la Rosa doing interviews.
  2. Lewis really is a gent, he never makes it about himself in the interviews.
  3. What were your ratings last season? I always felt like basically I was starting at my rating from the last season and the wins and losses just added or took away from that. No proof just.. a feeling
  4. I lost three Liverpool players this week, but fortunately all was not lost. After being second the ENTIRE season in my work league I’m up to first spot, still with two players who each scored 8 who will come off my bench. YESS.
  5. Probably is part of regulations.
  6. Yeah. But, it also brought us Lando and Carlos driving around with a bowl of milk which was one of the funniest things I watched last year...
  7. Bloody loved the latest episode of this. It’s utter fluff but I look forward to it every week and this week’s episode had me grinning the whole way through Ducks fly together! Also started watching Big Shot when it aired for similar vibes and that’s got me hooked too. John Stamos is great.
  8. Henderson’s accounts had also been taken over by a charity which he had to pause.
  9. Benched Pereira. Argh. Gundogan didn’t play. YESSSSSS
  10. I’m amused by all the cake eating. It was a big insult in the first film
  11. Enjoyed it, too. Then went straight back and watched the first film
  12. Oh, Tsunoda is such a likeable chap isn’t he?
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