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  1. Very possibly but my reaction has been quite severe, I played tumble VR the second time. Such is life!
  2. so did the IPD and spent 10 more minutes (I know, I know - should have waited 24 hours) and di nothing intensive like driveclub. Came off - head now thumping and I feel ill again. Not for me. Such a shame as it really is an outstanding experience. Good news, though, is that means the 2 move controllers I have bought will soon be in trading for anyone needing them!
  3. Yeah i wouldn't be able to see anything without then! short sighted in one eye and long sighted in the other...
  4. No i have not done that - thanks for the tip. Head still hurts now but sickness wearing off! Im wondering fi the fact i have a high subscription for my glasses may be part of the issue. I dunno - I want it to work for me because I was truly blwon away but it. the Kitchen is unreal!
  5. first experience of VR. I played VR worlds demo (driveclub, wayward, london heist) tumble and the kitchen. I want to throw up. I really hope this doesn't mean I am not able to use it, as the experience truly blew me away!
  6. thanks - played for 20 minutes and i feel as sick as a dog! loved the experience though, not loving the way i feel at the moment!
  7. So - have mine now setup! couple of questions:- 1 - The image on the TV isn't full screen and is a little fuzzy, is that normal? 2 - any tips of glasses clouding up? 3 - did anyone manage to make it through the kitchen in one sitting lol? thanks, jason
  8. If anyone has a spare invite I'd be very grateful :-) Bluejmc2005 gamer tag
  9. Saw a white one in the flesh in Game today and I think it's stunning, which is really annoying when my own setup is all black!
  10. I sold mine because I needed the cash - then bought back once I had the money.
  11. Thanks mate - I figured as much :-)
  12. Hi all - I sold my PS4 and the PS+ subsctiption ended last month. i ahve now got a new PS4, and whilst I can download my retail games I cannot download old PS+ games like resogun. Its set as main console and licenses restored etc. I am currently on a 2 day trial of PS+ while i wait for my subscription to arrive from tescos. Any ideas why this is?
  13. same issue, seems to work if i wiggle it a bit for a while so looks like its a dodgy HDMI port. poo.
  14. hi all My PS4 keeps dropping audio - goes off completly for a few seconds then comes back. switched HDMI cable which seemed to work for a while but its back again. Anyone had anything similar?
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