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  1. Jarik

    Are AAA games killing themselves?

    How's World of Warcraft doing these days? I remember when everyone used to point at that as the top of the heap when it came to games you played long-term & how any other MMO or games with a similar level of time commitment were wasting their time even coming out. I don't hear many people talking about or even mentioning it anymore though. Is it still there, a backbone of long-term play, or is it losing ground to other long-term games?
  2. Jarik

    PlayStation VR

    I have an Oculus Go that functions as a lovely appetizer of VR, but now with my appetite whetted, I find I hunger for something more substantial. PSVR would seem to be that, what with the interesting & involved experiences it has such as Moss & Astro Bot & the new way of seeing older experiences such as Rez Infinite & Tetris Effect, but I still hesitate. I'd have to do a lot of shuffling around with my gaming setup to make room for the PSVR & it's assorted cables, so i'm not sure it's worth it.
  3. Jarik

    VR is SLOWLY DYING (not really)

    IMO the Oculus Go & it's successor coming at the end of 2019, the Oculus Quest, are the future of VR & it's best shot for mainstream appeal. Self-contained, lightweight (well, as much as they can be with current tech) headsets that you can just slip on when you fancy a taste of VR, & are only let down by a lack of software support. Seriously, an Oculus go with it's included remote is the realization of motion control that Nintendo wanted with the Wii & Motion+, but never quite got to, & i would love if we could try those games again with controls that actually work.
  4. Jarik

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    I'm not sure how accurate this information is, but I've heard that newer Pro's run quieter as well? Not that i'm overly worried mind you. I got it cheap ages ago & i would say I've already got my monies worth out of it, & Sony being pretty good about account recovery means that even if it does die one day I'll be able to recover all my content.
  5. Jarik

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Started really getting back into PS4 recently, & working through my backog of games such as Spider-Man & Assassin's Creed Odyssey. One thing though, it's pretty loud isn't it? I have a Pro, & I usually play with headphones, but even then I can hear when the fan spins up & it sounds like it's about to take off. I got the unit secondhand so I believe it's one of the first models, & I do find myself wondering how much lifespan it has... should I perhaps be considering one of the new, quieter models sooner rather than later, or will it hold out until the PS5?
  6. Jarik

    Detective Pikachu - demo available!

    With the movie giving the series a higher profile & the Switch’s popularity, I would expect it won’t be long until the Switch gets a version of this franchise, though I’m not sure if it would be more likely to be a sequel or a port.
  7. Jarik

    Detective Pikachu - demo available!

    Is that in development for 3DS or Switch?
  8. The Web-Strike move does seem to be one of the most versatile tools in Spidey's Arsenal. It's an excellent way to kick off a combat encounter by being able to instantly take out an unaware goon, & it can rapidly close the distance to one that's further away on either the ground or in the air. When it comes to the Spider-Sense dodge, I have unlocked the ability that shoots off a quick disabling web when you time it right, so as well as helping in combat that also serves a handy indicator to help me learn the timing.
  9. Finally got the Digital Deluxe version in the PSN Sale, & I found it a little difficult to get into until I dropped the Difficulty down a level, judge me for that if you must. Now i'm having tonnes of fun, swinging through New York, trying to get the Traversal moves down sufficiently to make it look graceful & fluid instead of just swinging directly into things or running out of anchor points, & tracking down the backpacks with all the tidbits of Spider-Man lore. I think i'm slowly getting a handle on the combat. It appears to be similar to the Batman Arkham games in that it's all about crowd control, prioritizing targets & keeping your enemies off-balance with fancy moves & gadgets, but it also seems more difficult than those games in that the Spider-Sense dodge seems more woolly & imprecise, & it often just ends up with me tapping it repeatedly & just hopping around as I try to get the camera into a position where I can see where my opponents actually are. It also seems a bit less cut-&-dried about the line between combat encounters & Stealth Takedowns. I was getting into a fight with some guys on a rooftop but was also being fired at by snipers on an adjourning roof. I took out the guys i was fighting, but then just hid behind a wall, wondering what the Snipers would do. They eventually seemed to forget about me, so I then tried to web swing around & crawl up the side of their building wondering if i could catch them by surprise. I could, so when I went down to the docks for another mission I tried to turn it into a Batman Predator Mission by taking them all out stealthily. That worked, but then a whole bunch of extra guys drove up in vans & it turned into a melee fight anyway. Does the game get better at the Stealth/Combat distinction later, or is always going to be like my experience there?
  10. Jarik

    What if all games were subscriptions?

    I used to think that Netflix was the Switzerland of streaming, in that it could provide a one-stop shop for all your needs, whether it was the latest blockbuster, an obscure indie film, or a aged classic. But, everyone wants their own streaming service now, & are jealously hoarding their own content in an attempt to lure consumers to pay them £10 a month directly instead of getting a cut of that from Netflix. It's the same with games. Steam was like Netflix in that it provided a convenient place to obtain & store your game library, but that same fragmentation is happening there too with the like of EA & Epic wanting their own storefronts, & a bigger slice of the pie. As a gamer, I don't know what the best course is. I just want my games in the most convenient way possible, but the increasing tangle of storefronts, licenses, & the looming threat of something I've paid for disappearing makes me distrustful of digital distribution & subscriptions, even though they are undeniably the most convenient options.
  11. Jarik

    What game is the most FUN?

    Sly Cooper 2 & 3. There have been games that have done stealth more realistically, but none have made it as much fun.
  12. Jarik

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I wish that the dialogue options when you talk to him were a little more respectful. It's always a welcome sound when you hear his accordion when out exploring as it means you get to see a friendly face & are presented with another Shrine Quest. Also, when you get more of his backstory you realize he's devoted himself to helping 'The Legendary Hero' out despite being a 'mere' Bard. Forget Navi, Tatl, The King of Red Lions, Midna & Fi, Kass is the best Zelda support character.
  13. I have a PSTV & I keep going back & forth on whether I should try using the Whitelist hack or not. All of my PSOne games have transferred to it & work perfectly, & going back through my PSN download list about half of the games that I have cross-buy versions of work too. This means that my PSTV is a lovely alternative to the PlayStation Classic but with some bonus PSN & PSP stuff thrown in & perhaps I should just keep it that way, but the fact that neither the Ratchet & Clank or Sly Trilogies work on the device despite there being no reason that they shouldn’t (at least, as far as I’m aware) does bother me as I love those Triliogies to bits. Theres also the fact that I’m on 3.69. Some claim this Firmware is just as easy to use the Whitelist hack on as all the others, but I’m still hesitant. Should I just be happy with what I’ve got, & put thoughts of hacking out of my mind until the PSTV has passed fully out of Sony’s thoughts & is left totally to the hackers?
  14. Jarik

    Just Cause 4 - After Rain Comes Explosions

    When I first played Just Cause 3, it crashed quite often. When I replayed it last week, it didn't crash once, so I assumed those multiple updates it received had actually done something? I'm on PS4, BTW.
  15. Jarik

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Lots to do today, & I hope to get stuck into this this evening. World of Light is the main draw, but I've seen some reviews say that it's better to do it in small doses, as it doesn't hold up well with extended play sessions?

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