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  1. Kingdom Hearts 3

    Couldn't have put it better myself.
  2. Kingdom Hearts 3

    I wonder if there are any DLC plans for KH3? We've already seen how they've added extra things like bosses, modes, form changes, etc when they've done updated/international versions of previous games, but that was before DLC really took off. I'd like to think that they might be thinking of DLC for this game in terms of additional worlds & adventures, but in the more cynical side of me thinks that they could just do lootboxes containing things like costumes & keyblades.
  3. Kingdom Hearts 3

    Really stoked for this. I took a bit of a break from KH after 2.8, playing other games, but seeing those trailers has stirred that same anticipation I felt in the run-up to KH2, that its going to be a fantastic adventure across Disney worlds, filled with spectacular scenes & combat encounters. This Gamexplain video covers pretty much all my talking points, & I hope it will release this year.
  4. If Nintendo aren’t going to be providing the templates to download (though I’m sure it’ll be possible to get them elsewhere) then I’m guessing that they won’t be having a download version of the software for those who want to source their own materials. To start with at least, you use Nintendo-approved cardboard.
  5. I would think that the Shrines themselves would be on the harder side though? After all, you can only access them when you free all 4 Divine Beasts, so the designers should be able to assume that you know a thing or 2 & feel safe ramping things up a bit. Not that i'm saying that's a bad thing of course! One issue i do have with the Shrines in this game is that because the designers have to assume that you could be doing them in any order, none of them should be too hard, just tricky in terms of how they present their puzzles. But with the DLC, I would hope that your mastery of the game's systems would be put to the test just as Master Mode & Trial of the Sword do.
  6. 3 Divine Beasts down, on my way to the fourth, but i've left some Shrines undone & Areas unexplored so i'll have something else to do while tackling the DLC, as I would imagine it's all much harder than the main game & i'll be nice to have something of Palette Cleanser while it's underway. Speaking of much harder, I tried the Trial of the Sword again & just barely managed to scrape through the Beginner Trials after making one mistake. As I assume that the rest of Trials only ramp up from there, I'm putting them off until I feel in the mood for a real challenge. I did spend a lot of time exploring Hyrule Castle yesterday however. I was trying to track down the pieces of the Royal Guard Uniform, & in so doing, I got a much better idea of the layout of the place & also picked up some really good gear.
  7. If you haven't already, try the south end of Washa's Bluff. There's something there that will help you find some of the most fun Shrines in the game.
  8. It's a shame that (aside from Master Mode) the game doesn't allow you to have more than one save file. I've completed it twice over with 120 Shrines, but because I enjoy the exploration & forging my own path so much, I've wiped the slate clean & started over twice, so the exploration 'canvas' is fresh. This does mean that it'll be a while before I get to the Champions Ballad stuff, but on the upside, my skills should be sharp enough for it. I've been picking fights with enemies here & there so I can practice combat without being hit, for instance. I'm about to head up Ploymus mountain now, & I think that i'll take on the Lynel up there rather than just sneaking about collecting arrows. There's a specific technique that I learned that can totally decimate them if you get it right, & though I totally messed it up last time I tried, I need to get it working for when confronting these guys is no longer a choice, but a requirement. And yes, I know that I could use another profile to get a new save file, but it just doesn't feel the same.
  9. Be aware that some Shrines don’t register on the Sheikah Sensor. You need to ask around towns in order to trigger a quest, or listen out for Kass’ Accordian, or sometimes just read a sign out in the world. Each of these will then be stored on a ‘Shrine Quest’ section of your Adventure log, which is separate from Main or Side Quests. But using the Hero’s path to make sure you haven’t missed out parts of the map is a good idea too. Just don’t forget to have the Sheikah Sensor on its default ‘Shrine’ setting.
  10. No joke. The Horse looks pretty cool in it & the ability it grants them is quite useful, though it turns out that Epona can't wear it, or indeed have any other changes to her gear or appearance. For her, it's OoT Classic or Nothing. So I put it on Maximus (my name for the White Horse, wink to anyone who gets the reference) for as nice as the Royal set looked on him, the Ancient Set is just so much better.
  11. As fun as the Shrine 'Dungeons' are, I like how with some Shrines the challenge is actually composed of something you have to do out in the world, like the ones found with Kass' songs, some others, & of course the big daddy of them all, that island. I hope the DLC has more of that.
  12. Not only am i super-reluctant to test whether a Horse can survive Death Mountain, I'm also now acutely aware of all the times I've accidentally hit the "whistle" button while exploring that place...
  13. Quick note, the Ancient Horse Armor can be used to get a Horse onto the Great Plateau, a place they can't usually go. I wonder where else that might work... Zora's Domain?...Death Mountain?... Wait... are Horses Fireproof?...
  14. I'm finding the Ancient Horse Armour to be quite handy, as it fixes the issue I kept having of riding up to places, jumping off to explore/climb all over, but then finding myself separated from the horse. The rest of the DLC equipment isn't that useful, though it's fun to track down. I like Treasure Hunts. Haven't gotten to the rest of the DLC yet. 2 Divine Beasts down, 2 to go, but I'm trying not to rush. This is a game that's at it's best when you take your time & enjoy the journey.
  15. Where did he say he was going? If you don't remember though:

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