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  1. I've got the vertical version of the ldk handheld and it's pretty damn good. Allegedly it'll play some PlayStation titles though I've not tried it myself, and the only issue I really have with mine is the snes emulation is a bit iffy especially if the snes cart had custom chips, but hopefully that'll get better over time. Plus overclocking it gets round some of the issues with that. But for old handheld emulation it's great. An working through links awakening on it at the moment and gba, master system, nes and genesis emulation all seem to be spot on.
  2. Giving this a bump as looks like Blade Runner is going to be playable via ScummVM and they're testing it now in the latest build https://www.scummvm.org/
  3. Could you just stick a gotek in it? That gives you the convenience of the original hardware with a slightly more modern storage system.
  4. I have the same ambition! I've been looking at blitz basic tutorials for the amiga as I think that might be the sweet spot performance wise without learning assembler.
  5. My grey +2 was my first proper computer at home and I remember it fondly. I had loads of games for it (all still at my folks) and wish I still had the machine! Another great 128k game was batman the movie, the music sticks on my head to this day. Robocop was also great too.
  6. I've picked up one of these and so far with Retrofw on it is pretty damn good. It even manages some PlayStation stuff which is odd as it seems to struggle with snes games, although that could be an issue with the quality of the emulator on it.
  7. Yeeeeeeesssssssssssss!
  8. Most of the tracks on this game get stuck in your head (well when using the cheat as its so bastard hard) but this one is Tim Follin at his prog rock best.
  9. Think you need to point winuae at the system.hdf file so it maps it as a hard drive on the emulated amiga. Think there's a hard drive tab or drive tab when you first start up winuae and you can select the hdf file in there.
  10. I'd agree with that. Although I think I only ever had one game that wouldn't work with it on and that was some crappy Asterix game!
  11. Nice find @Bluejam Don't know how people find these, all the amiga stuff near me on FB is on at silly prices! I've got a load of speccy stuff at my folks I need to move on. Are a boxed magnum lightphaser and a boxed music machine worth anything?
  12. Yes looks like one of the pin connections to the bivert mod wasn't quite connected properly but I've re-soldered it and it all works lovely now. Shame camp deadly is the only game I have left for it right now! Although have a friend in Tokyo looking out for anything interesting for me.
  13. Spoke too soon looks like somethings shorted as some of the shades of grey are missing
  14. It's aliiiiive! I managed not to destroy it with my crappy soldering skills. This is my original dmg-01 bought back when they first came out and now she lives again.
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