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  1. Is Deep Rock Galactic good for light multiplayer funsies?
  2. The world really must be a daunting place for some people.
  3. Shit in terms of lambs to the slaughter for any multiplayer FPS etc. Basically nothing where enjoyment depends strongly on your competency relative to the average online dude.
  4. Any recommendations for online co-opy type multiplayer games that you can play with three people. Two of those three shit at games. Ideally a kind of situation where we could be on the same team. Already on the list GTAV, Payday 2, Dead by Daylight. Is Human Fall Flat good?
  5. Correct. I try to download all the shiny new games on GP so I can ignore them in favour of chipping away at miserable old clappers from years ago for whom the fun has long since evaporated.
  6. I have an Xbox One S with a hard drive full of games that I never play and a subscription to Gamepass, with access to games I never play, that expires sometime in 2022. I like this setup and was wondering what the advantages of spending £250 upgrading to an Xbox Series S would be. Things I like the sound of: 1) Better graphics 2) Quicker loading times Things I don’t like the sound of: 1) Limited space for games 2) In 12 months feeling like my console is last gen I am not really bothered about buying new games as
  7. Ah, is that unseen place DLC? Thank fuck. I thought that was the next place on the list for me to visit. I did a Pumice (?) chalice dungeon because I couldn’t face it again! Anyway killed the Undead Giant but was low on supplies so decided to head off to grab some blood vials from friendly old Yarnham. Imagine my surprise to find that fucking ninja in the graveyard where Father Gascoigne died! On attempt number three I got him within an invisible sliver of dying but decided to play it safe and back off to get more endurance and pop a vial or two and he staggered me with a s
  8. Dunno about that but I did get one shot by a huge pig there. Likely because I killed his brother/sister/mum in the sewer.
  9. I am really enjoying this. I think exploration is far less punitive and far more fun than what I am used to with Dark Souls thanks to the blood vial drops and life drain attack mechanic. Fanks.
  10. Ah yeah, have not been using the visceral/parry system. It seems super forgiving! I’m fucked if I can manage a backstab though. Can I do that without a gun equipped like an old school DS parry?
  11. Just started playing this last night. I am always reluctant to use any consumables in any game and haven’t really had any cause to use my gun yet. Can I just spaff bullets up the wall safe in the knowledge that I am not going to run out? Also don’t think I have used a blood vial yet although I accidentally used something by pressing up or down on the dpad I think. I am pretty sure it cost me health when I did it. Anyway use them with reckless abandon too? Then finally can you collect your blood/souls when you die like in DS or nah?
  12. Also just got round to playing this. Amazing experience and absolutely beautiful on my PS4 Pro but fuck me did they get it wrong with that limp, weepy indie number they play with the end credits.
  13. “I prefer to use my baby as a mode of transport and to solve complex environmental puzzles.” - Mugman.
  14. I mean it’s whatever you’re into I guess. For me the Trico input/output lottery is as functional and rewarding as a car in which turning the ignition is just as likely to sound the horn, pop the hood, turn off the dishwasher or punch your wife as it is to start the engine.
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