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  1. I'm all in. My feelings towards the 2nd and 3rd films have changed somewhat recently, want to watch them again. This was quite interesting (but long!) about many things, but the big one being how the Matrix is an allegory for transness
  2. Dat grenade launcher noise
  3. Quake had great atmosphere but the level / encounter design was pretty basic imo
  4. Even Quake? Don't get me wrong, I loved Quake back in the day. It's hardly as smartly designed as Mario 64, man.
  5. People talking about painful fingers because of constant dashing, I just wanted to point out you can just hold the attack button to attack at maximum speed, just in case you didn't notice. That way you can just tap dodge with the lower part of your thumb when needed. Sorry if that was mansplainey.
  6. Press r1 near the weapons in the hall..
  7. The main thing you need to beat the last boss (and any boss in the game tbh) is practice against it, way more than anything you can farm. Keep trying, he's quite straightforward once you learn the tells / attacks
  8. Thanks, I did try to only cover the things I thought you really don't want to miss. The tutorials in the game are easy to miss bits of text in the corner of the screen, or dialogue you don't listen to because you're too busy fighting!
  9. Hehe. I'm just terrible at Battle Royale, I was obsessed with it way back in 2018 for a few months, and ultimately STW scratches the 'constantly planning' itch my brain gets. Just dipping my toes into Ventures mode for the first time, as it appears to be the only way to get the core perk items. Its kinda cool, you can't craft weapons so have to scavenge them and repair them in-mission. It also resets you to level 1, and ignores the team bonuses for damage etc, and you only get bottom tier crafting items to start, which means I didn't have schematics low enough level so had to fish some basic traps out of the collection book. It might just be scratching the "starting afresh" itch after all!
  10. Look at this shit. Just feels so dumb. They were lucky I was there tbh, salvaged the atlas defenses before it was too late.
  11. Is it though? I think that's a very simple/naive way of looking at it.
  12. Rise from your grave! Woah. Some bleak posts from me above there, ha. Ancient history now tho. Anyway, decided to re install this and have a go again, it's been a looooong time since I played (I think it was around the time of the big commander changes that I stopped) In typical fashion, the first 5-10 mins after loading the game was just endless rewards / boxes / gifts being received then another 5-10 opening llamas. (aside, funny that the llama contents are shown now, guess that's been done to avoid accusations of gambling) Then I spent about 2 hours (no exaggeration) looking through the menus trying to figure out how to spend the millions of xp I had received, as well as trying to remember why I'd favourited about 100 weapons. Lol its so impenetrable. Of course, I didn't remember why I hadn't upgraded schematics from 4* rank to 5*.. And duly levelled a bunch of weapons and traps. And then I couldn't craft them! Argh. Spent most of today getting replacement schematics levelled. It's nice to play it again, there are some interesting new traps and enemies. Plus the ai is definitely better than it used to be (although not much), my old tactics defo don't work as effectively! Also love that Canny Valley is actually finished now, the maps are cool, loads of lush details and interesting buildings to go sploring. The updated graphics tech looks absolutely lovely too. The colour of the lighting is Mega Base Kyle for life. I played mainly solo, but playing with others was weird. So many goofy characters. Like, doing a Fortnite zombie mission with Cammy and Master Chief just felt a bit wrong. But it felt nice once I'd settled back in. Although another part of me just wants to wipe my account and start from scratch.
  13. Been playing a bit of Mini Motorways tonight, it's the sequel (of sorts) to Mini Metro, by the same dev. Really nice
  14. I didn't like Tetris on the Quest because the controllers are bad for it, more than anything. Plus it's a bit 'too much' to get in the zone properly, I felt. Better on a PS4 pad on a big telly, imo.
  15. ..I do feel more compelled to return to the unfinished beginner guide script for this I started, now!!
  16. I didn't personally, but both my partner and daughter also found it very nausea-inducing, for some reason! The head bob did reduce it, but not entirely. It's the stupid narrow FOV, I think.
  17. Oh my god this looks like it could be excellent. Have you played Oxygen Not Included? Same vibe but with a wider array of 'things' to manage and automate.
  18. Yeah Boodles it's pretty chill, just be prepared for things to eventually go completely wrong the first few times - but that's the point!! You learn from mistakes and do better next time
  19. Don't Starve Together (playing solo is fine) Oxygen Not Included Hollow Knight Noita Papers Please Return of the Obra Dinn
  20. Omg they even messed up Mercs mode!
  21. Don't get me wrong, there must have been something in there that compelled me to play through the whole thing. It's not *bad*, just not excellent. And the game is still in my brain for some reason.
  22. The immobile combat irked because they dressed it up as Resi 4, which was so fluid compared with the others. Yes Resi games have daft mansions with silly puzzles to keep doors locked, but again 7 did a great job of not having anything that just seemed completely illogical like 8 did. I guess I was expecting more resi 7, as I went in blind. Then after the opening, I was expecting resi 4 reinvented to the same standard as 7 was a reinvention of 1. Mechanical Salazar is the only thing that stupid in the whole game (and utterly forgettable for me tbh). (aside from saddlers final form, maybe). Chainsaw guy, the ogres, the lake, regenerators, head tentacle ganados, spike hands guy in the castle, Mendez, Krauser. The tone and vibe of these enemies is so different to anything in 8. I was really hoping that this one would be darker and nastier and more scary in the same way at 7 was, just with more of that Resi 4 combat depth. These expectations were set purely by the game and it's prequel, I felt a bit like they bait and switched me. But hey, it's fine, I'm not here to debate my opinion or tell anyone they're wrong for enjoying it. I just needed to vent, man.
  23. Well there we go, it's done. That last section really dragged. And hilarious how basically the entire exposition of the game is splurged out in the last 20 mins. So daft. And not in a good way. Its just so mediocre. Its like they copied bits of resident evil 4 (and 7) in the most superficial ways possible. Oooh let's have an open village map for combat! Ooooh let's have some creepy characters who'll stalk you round the map!! But then we'll forget to put in the actual systems and design that made that so compelling in previous games. The combat literally consists of 'stand still and shoot' in 90% of cases. Where was the dynamic movement? Or good hit boxes? What's the point of flour sacks and dragging shelves? Where was the excellent crowd control and moment to moment decision making while being hunted? Where was the setpiece and encounter design? Such a wasted opportunity. The blocking made the combat trivial too. (and inb4 'play it on hard' or whatever, you didn't need to play Resi 4 on hard to see its genius) (The bosses were universally terrible too. I was gutted when I actually fought the 'giant' things.) Why did they use the same inventory system as 4? I didn't fill my case once. I didn't even buy all the size upgrades. Seemed utterly pointless. And I couldn't combine stacks of things for the life of me. Infuriating. And then the actual meat of the game, the exploration and puzzles and stuff. Oh my god it was so basic. I did enjoy hunting treasures and making the map rooms blue, but in general I didn't have to engage my brain at all. You basically just have one way to go at any one time, and the majority of the time you'll find a key way before you find the door in which it fits. And you only really get to do any exploring like this in the first area. The castle was OK, if a bit huge and empty and forgettable, but God the cemetery / doll makers and then windmills /swamp were like elongated, boring fairground rides. I properly laughed out loud upon reaching the factory, it looked like something out of a Doom clone!! Absurd. And again, not in a good way. Oh and! I was sooooo gutted after clearing the castle, the way the Duke talked made it sound like I could clear the remaining bosses / zones in any order I wanted (which would've been ace!) but nope. Such a shame. So many contrived puzzles that make absolutely no sense even considering the games insanity. Like there's one in the doll makers house where you pick the order for five pieces of film. You press play. You watch something completely unrelated, after which the projector screen falls from the ceiling. Inexplicably opening a secret bookcase door..?!?! Complete crap. And fuck me, putting collectibles in areas that inexplicably lock themselves off after you've been through them, meaning you only have one chance to get them, is shit design that belongs in the bin. People harp on about how goofy it is like that's a great return to the form of 4,but 4 was never this completely nonsensical. Resi 8 definitely has that weird Dark Souls 2 vibe to it, like it was slapped together from various prototypes and ideas, and the story tacked on at the end. I'm not even going to talk about the story, it's not really what I care about in the series, but the lame links to series history in that last 20 mins exposition splurge was cringe, rather than cool. Ditto the explanation of the torture porn. Bang average. Looked and sounded great at times (the facial animation is properly superb) but ultimately fell really flat for me after the majesty and reinvention of Resi in 7. I can't understand why anyone would want to play through it a second time, let alone on a higher difficulty. There's so little game here. I think I'm mainly down on it because the first 20 mins reeled me in with the nostalgia, only for it to wear thin immediately after that opening siege. Fingers crossed the team who made 7 are busy making 9. Final thought, what the actual fuck did I shoot all those wooden goats for? I don't think it told me, ever. 5/10
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