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  1. Also, here's my bald lady getting trolled by Fighter PL and co.. (it should start at the right place..)
  2. I'll say! Surely Pyromancy is the only sensible way to go, in the absence of any weapon higher than +5..
  3. You need Dark Bead.
  4. By the time I reached Anor Londo, I was two-hit killing the sentinels
  5. robdood

    Nintendo Switch

    Hmm OK, that makes sense, so that leads me to think that, given I'm using a proper Nintendo charger that it might be OK..
  6. @5R7 smashy is so good. Go straight to Blighttown for the great club and a bunch of proud knight souls, put it all into strength. Never look back! I did this last night, was so good.
  7. robdood

    Nintendo Switch

    Cheers man. I'm tempted to get a second dock too, not sure it's worth risking! Annoyingly I can't seem to find one without the power supply, as I already have 2 official PSUs..
  8. robdood

    Nintendo Switch

    Hello all, I've not used my Switch with the Mac USB-C multiport thingy I use in my office for a while, and remember seeing some reports of third party docks bricking Switches, so just wanted to know if anyone here's used something similar since the 5.0 system update? Here's the thing I have.
  9. Hahah! I defo need to work on keeping concentration on the game while chatting bollocks..!
  10. Strength build is so badass for the opening of the game, btw. Most fun I've had in ages. Just killed Lautrec in 3 hits
  11. Got the new build bug! Am going to start a pure Strength build, again running off memory.. Let's see how this goes! https://gaming.youtube.com/c/robdood2
  12. @jonamok lol, beware. I was making it up as I went, prioritised the wrong thing to begin with I think! I went straight for a ring you get from griggs, but probably would've been quicker if I'd just levelled up a bit first! Was actually super fun and harder than I expected! Though I'm at a nice position now where I should be able to start owning stuff!
  13. Ha @Goemon I already am a Dickwraith!
  14. I thought it was the reward for offering 30 humanity to kaathe? Along with the sword.
  15. @jonamok you might be interested in this! TRying something a bit new today, since I've got house to myself most of the day / evening!

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