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  1. Don't scoff, it's actually kind of awesome!
  2. I predict a Jim Sterling video complaining about it within 2 hours.
  3. What an amazingly bad trailer.
  4. Watched this again with the Mrs and her kids on Friday. Such a fantastic movie. Favourite trivia we learned after: all the animators were so keen to do their own work on Stan Lee (who passed away during production) that they snuck him into to every scene where a train/bus goes past, as a passenger
  5. I bought this lovely little game on Steam last night, for the price of a pint, and just wanted to share. It's one of the loveliest chillout games I've ever played. The basic premise is this: It looks like a city builder, but is actually more of puzzle-strategy thing on procedurally-generated islands You place buildings that are chosen/offered to you in a random order Each building you place will get a score based on how close it is to other features; e.g. a lumberjack gains points for being close to trees, but loses points for being close to other lumberjacks Once you hit a point threshold, you will be offered more buildings to place Once your island is populated sufficiently, you get offered the chance to move to a bigger island If you fail to meet a point threshold before being able to move to the next island, you hit game over. It's really simple, and a bit easy, but I have game over'd a few times while learning strategies!! Plus it looks and sounds beautiful. It looks like a great fit for a mobile game too, I hope there's a version of it incoming. Can't recommend it enough. Anyone else love nice relaxed games like this? Recommend me do!
  6. @Cheyenne at your leisure, you may enjoy this, it's basically spoiler free and gives a lot of insight into how they managed to make The Best Game Ever.
  7. Oooh got an email this morning telling me pinball fx2 that I own on Rift is out on Quest and is cross buy soi now own it! Yay!
  8. Fucking excellent show. Best thing I've watched in ages. The only bit that irked me slightly was the seemingly infinite internet power the daughter obtained, which didn't really make any sense. Episode 4 was fucking excellent. I was proper moved, one of the most intense things I've ever watched. Pretty powerful stuff. I did love how it wrapped up, though I would've liked things to get a bit more full-on anarchist! The final scene was probably a bit longer than it needed to be but was a neat idea. I really hope there is never a sequel/follow up..
  9. Me and the Mrs watched this the other night. Thank god we weren't alone in thinking it was mediocre as hell. I have no idea why it was so widely praised. Baffling. Its almost put us off getting round to Million Dollar Baby, too!
  10. Started another 3 or 4 colonies since last post. Last couple of nights been building up to this.. Wish I'd realised I needed natural gas for my range cooker (though it seems to obvious now, haha).. Not sure what to do next, things are pretty sustainable. I guess it's finally time that I admit.. I've got to figure out what to do with slime, next - eek! I've not yet touched it. The description scares me.
  11. How does turning the BGM down in the game actually work though, like does it also mute the control input noises or what? And man, surely only about 3 stages in the whole thing have vocals?
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