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  1. robdood

    Shenmue III - PS4/PC | 2019

    Gonna be great. So hype.
  2. I totally called the date a few pages back, they always release games in March these days!
  3. My 5 year old dropped my Switch a couple of weeks ago and knackered the left analogue stick. It felt 'crunchy' to move around and it wouldn't register the full range for up/forward. Sad at the idea of dropping 60 notes on a new pair of joycons, I had a quick Google re replacing the stick. Found a decent tutorial on YouTube that looked pretty easy. Bought a replacement stick off ebay (non official) for 10 quid and a Y head screwdriver. Attempted to fix it while on holiday in Cornwall with no Internet good enough for YouTube... And it worked! Dead pleased. Feels good as new again. Was fiddly as fuck at times but I'm well chuffed. What awesome gaming fixings / diy have you managed, rllmuk?
  4. It was basically useless, aside from giving small hints to the names of areas you could discover pre-sens
  5. It will 100% be like the one which came with Dark Souls 1..
  6. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

  7. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    The gold shop refreshes weekly as well, so you're missing out if you don't buy all the upgrade stuff each week!
  8. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    You earn so much gold (and it can be capped) that it seems like buying up all the account resources should be a matter of priority imo.
  9. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    You should have or soon be unlocking a method to increase rarity of schematics / heroes / defenders! Make sure to check the quests tab for extra tutorials!
  10. robdood

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    You can finish the game without doing it. The alternative is to leave it.
  11. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    Hey @bradigor - glad to have helped! I had a bug at the end which meant I had to ALT F4. Lol. Good work epic!
  12. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    Yes mate I'll be around
  13. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    It is v- tricky to be fair!! Best bet is to get on voice comms & strongarm (beg for) some assistance from your allies. Or get online in a minute and I'll help!
  14. It definitely sounds intriguing! I'm not a fan of real-time day/night though, it means I'd end up almost exclusively playing in the dark...
  15. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    Yeah defenders are a bit weird. I dislike that you have to use Hero XP to level them. Having said that, I've done a few horde missions where some like level 80 guy came in, forbade me from building trap tunnels and just brought out 4 max level defenders and just rinsed it for us! They seemed quite useful with good gear!

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