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  1. That is strange. I got it working without any issues. I know how frustrating it can be though. Good luck!
  2. Uninstall the mod files if you can, run the game at least once without a mod installed (on a fresh install). Not sure if that'll work, but has done on other mods in the past. Edit also delete save games and try again.
  3. Yes I believe it does need both dlcs
  4. Some holiday snaps Loving the overgrown look of Firelink, feels so apt I didn't even notice it was different initially! I swear this wasn't this pitch black before! You have to use a torch for some of it, it's terrifying and great. Here's my amazing magic hammer: Road of sacrifices is now at a sort of twilight state, which looks lovely. And the swamp looks bleak and miserable and awesome. And Archdragon peak is ace! It's raining, lightning in the distance, everything looks shiny and wet, plus there's a lot of new statues and stuff around the place. Feels really cool!!
  5. Some really good excursions this weekend. Game's really opened up now. You do end up at undead settlement after high wall, but there are some great tweaks that meant I deviated quite significantly from my usual route. As usual I'll avoid discussing surprises and talk about some neat things. First of all, by default your FP automatically recovers slowly. (I think that's different, at least? Maybe my memory is failing me) it makes casters so much more fun! And can mess around with weapon arts a lot more too. Only need blue estus in an emergency, which feels good. There is a lot more weird enemy vs enemy hostility as well, lots of carnage going on in the distance as I stalked the settlement, was fun to watch. I've found a while bunch of spell tomes as I've been exploring too, which opened up lots more magic options. Since my fightman is a faith guy, I was hoping to find some options for expanding my magic arsenal.. And, as I handed one of the tomes in, realised that the necromancer stuff is entirely faith based! So I bought the strongest summon I could - its basically one of those massive red dudes with the pots from undead settlement. He's an absolute beast! He gets stuck pathfinding quite often, which is sad, but when he works, oh my goooooood he's incredible. He just pancakes everything. So great. Interestingly, the necro summons have a single life, so if they die you can't summon them again until you rest at a bonfire. Which is a neat touch to avoid cheesing. Also ended up with a badass miracle, a bit like vanilla's magic greatsword sorcery, it's a ethereal version of the demon greathammer. So basically me and my big boi just saunter round turning everything into pancakes. It's ace! Not at pc right now so no screens of pretty scenery for now, but I just want to reiterate how effective a little change to the lighting and colour palette is for making things feel fresh. I swear the catacombs never used to be this dark! Proper dark souls 2 demo vibes! In short - get it played, you swines!
  6. That'll explain the weird skull looking things!! What a nice idea for a thread @deKay I love these weird AI generated images. Kind of remind me of dreams in a weird way.
  7. A skateboarding game from the 8 bit home computer era?
  8. More good adventures tonight. Crept all the way down to the bottom of the High Wall, was tense! Really enjoying it still. Figured out something neat - you have access to all the covenant items (and some new ones I think, for the extra spell types) from the beginning, if you talk to all the vendors at the shrine (and I presume there are more to be found in the world). The thing is, these items have a more tangible benefit in as much as they give decent buffs (I think my starting one gives something like extra Faith, or 5% lightning damage, something like that) but they also change the upgrade items that enemies drop. This is good because I've now figured out why I couldn't get any of those alchemy agents I mentioned before! It also means I can now reliably / quickly collect titanite and other basic upgrade items, yay! Put a few points into strength so I could equip a decent 100% block shield. Ended up barely using it. My lightning damage is pretty great, the knights around high wall are dying in a few lightning spears Another nice thing - there are bonfires just before bosses, if this first one is anything to go by! (Can't believe it took Fromsoft 7 games to realise that's a good idea, lol.) Am interested to find out where I go after clearing High Wall, I'm hoping they've messed with the area order / progression a bit. Not much more to report as I don't really want to be like WOW THEY PUT THIS THING HERE, because that's the best bit of playing this mod All in all, it's going well. So well that I wish I could just put real life in suspend mode and lose myself in it for a week. But hey ho. Onwards!
  9. There's so much choice!! I'm already thinking I'm going to have several playthroughs to try out the various bits and pieces. It's weird as well because elemental weapons seem to be wholly int/faith damage based. Which is a bit annoying because I've gone a class that basically started with 23 dex and 23 faith, I don't really need the dex, yet!
  10. As promised! Has an eerie vibe, right?
  11. Scratch this, turning off shadows makes indoor bits look RUBBISH, so don't do that. Put everything on low except for textures and it looks and runs great. Anyhoo, fuck tech talk, I've been on adventures! Well kind of. Mild spoilers ahead of you want to go in totally blind (which I'd recommend BTW, so yes I'm typing this for no one to read..) According to the in game time I've played for nearly 3 hours so far. I haven't even made it out onto that rooftop in Lothric Wall, where you fight one of the morphing snake hollows in the vanilla game (above where you find greirat).. It's hard! But not too hard. It's got a nice feeling of familiarity, but the colour pallette changes and enemy placements are keeping me on my toes! After beating the watchdog in a few tries, I spent ages poking round cemetery or ash/flame & firelink. There are some nice changes. For example, the door that lets you scale the bell tower is open by default. There's a small ramp onto the lower roof (no more goofy glitch tree stump jump required!)! There's a training dummy you can test your equipment on. But my favourite bit, and what sucked up loads of time, is the sheer number of npcs. The mod defo seems to be leaning into the magic side of things. It's complex and I don't quite get it yet, but there are probably about 12 different spell merchants in the shrine, all selling a mixture of old and new spells, along with armour and trinkets to aid. Loads 9f new types of upgrade materials and other consumables. So much to investigate! Spent a good while tiptoeing through Lothric Wall, the enemy placements are great! And man, the archers can get you from miiiiiles away so you really have to keep an eye out for them. Got killed a fair few times but had some great moments. Don't want to spoil those, really. Found a Bloodborne-inspired weapon already though, which was neat! I'll need to make it lightning before it will compete with my Astora straight sword tho! Regular titanite drops from enemies quite frequently, along with the upgrade items needed to upgrade my talisman, so I've been very cautiously gathering souls and heading back to bonfire / Andre when needed. Homeward bones are expensive! You can craft / alchemise at the bonfire to make common consumables (including bones) but this process requires 'alchemy agents', of which I've found very few so far. Decided I needed the homeward miracle, it's been very hard to reclaim my bloodstains when I've died. Enemies hit like absolute lorries, so running past everything has proven tricky so far. Heal has also been purchased. And helped! Finished off my session by getting hold of lightning spear (omg my cast speed is pretty amazing thanks to my gear) so went back to the cemetery to finish off a big bad I ran away from at the beginning and claim a nice bit of loot! Its very early days but my goodness it's nice it have a fresh feeling Souls to play! I'm loving just going at a glacial pace, exploring thoroughly and shaking off the rust. Debating whether or not to start using a shield, I think it could be worth it for some of the faster enemies. I swear the Lothric knights are faster than they used to be! So many things! My brain loves it. Forgot to grab screenshot of the high wall, it looks a bit weird but also very nice. Will post one tomorrow
  12. Why are all the hats so bad? Post your favourites.
  13. Sigh. I don't like engaging with you because you post in this manner, but it's ok for me to talk about the game the way I do without you being some kind of arbiter of what's allowed, or even telling me why I think the things I do. (keep up the narrative, fucking lol) I'm not sure exactly why I disengaged with Cyberpunk, but having played both it and Deus Ex, something kept me going through DE but I stopped CP not long after the Act 1 heist in CP. I found Cyberpunks combat systems are woefully meagre and unimpressive compared to DE, for one. I don't think it's particularly wild to want more from something, either. I just wish CP hadn't been so cluttered with pickups and junk, because it actively put me off exploring for exploring's sake once I realised you just keep finding the same shit everywhere. As I said in another thread, I kinda wish CP had been a visual novel or something, as I just found the rest of what you do uninspired/boring. That's not keeping up a narrative, it's just my experience. For what it's worth, it feels like the same reasons I didn't finish Witcher 3, or any Rockstar game since Vice City!
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