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  1. No update tonight, really. Spent ages trying to get nice smooth zooming in and out to work but it was way more fiddly and annoying than expected so I gave up in the end. Bah. The spent ages moving code around, renaming & breaking things, taking ages to fix them, then had an undo / mass replace fail which meant I had to redo loads! Sigh. But! I've pretty much separated out all my camera updates into a camera script, and related input management into the input script. Oh and I made a new type game object to manage each hole's settings a bit better. Thin
  2. Thanks for that info and encouragement! Much appreciated In a way I feel like I want to start the project over again so I can use the things I've learned to make things tidier! But am not going to do that just yet and carry on slower chipping away at things. Spent half an hour this morning putting in camera panning and zooming, so I can make longer courses. I also want to try and figure out if there's an easier way for me to create courses and set up collision etc, Eg, can I just make a 2D asset in photoshop and then somehow automatically create a boundin
  3. Third day's progress! Getting the levels to chain and the ball / camera to persist was a bit of a ball ache, but I figured it out and hacked together a decent enough solution Also figured out doing builds so that vid is of the actual exe of my first ever unity game running! New to do list: See if I can do a dramatic zoom-in when nearly getting ball in hole (think Peggle and the last peg Save game / record best / lowest score & show it somewhere Muck about with lightning & related lighting effects Look at to
  4. Oh goodness this is addictive Why have I not looked into this properly before!? Ahem. Anyway! Dead pleased for 2 nights effort. This is so much fucking easier than the crap I did at Uni back in early 2000s Made good progress today. In summary: Moved materials for physics off the ball and onto the ground, grass and sand behave nice and differently Added aiming lines, and setting of power by how far mouse pointer is from the ball Added stroke count Added water hazard / offscreen out of bounds, which resets ball after
  5. See, if you had, you'd know that the best game since 4 had already come out.
  6. Hoping I persist long enough to actually try and make something proper!
  7. I also highly recommend pursuing Meg's storyline by giving her nectar at every opportunity, she eventually gives you a really, really good item for fighting bosses.
  8. @Minioncan't believe you missed my guides in first page! You can't get boons to improve calls without having already picked one up, it's easy to misread the text on calls though, several of us thought the same back when this came out! There isn't luck involved vs Area 3 boss either. You're in charge of where you put Zag, if you can't see enemies stop running too far from them! Once you suss that fight you can melt them in seconds without taking damage, it feels amazing. Fwiw I felt it was so difficult at first too.
  9. I do feel they fucked up in having both health AND posture - going all in on posture alone would've been a better idea, imo.
  10. I'd completely missed Paradise Killer until seeing it above! Sounds right up my back passage. Also WTF VAPORWARE IS BASICALLY OUTRUN/SEGA MUSIC?! Today was a good day.
  11. Is it really that odd? We live in the age of individualism. Humans are defined by their consumption of products. And it sucks.
  12. Poor thanatos. His own fault for being so elusive, I guess!
  13. Oh god this looks amazing!
  14. Nobody is asking for that, you keep strawmanning. Making games more accessible for people is only a good thing. Arguments to the opposite make very little sense. Not everyone is as gifted from a mental / dexterity point of view. It would be a heartless person who argues against adding subtitles or colourblind modes in games. Ditto the concepts of dyslexic-friendly fonts, game speed adjustment, automatic blocking, invincibility etc. Those options arguably should be there for every game (Eg last of us 2 had great accessibility options), I app
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