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  1. Yeah, I reckon you got the "bad" ending man, surely?
  2. Chuckle chuckle vision, chu-chuckle Vision!
  3. You need an item to clear the way to the woods. You've likely picked one up by now but not noticed.
  4. Ok, will check later, but I'm pretty sure I just bought LiS season 1 complete, and season 2 complete so think I've got all the goodness. Yay!
  5. Hang on, so are there 3 seasons / parts? I thought I'd got it all the other day, was a bloody bargain on Steam tbh! I wish there were more neat storytelling games of this ilk. Though I could do with fewer silly 'puzzles'. And I'd really like a game like this which didn't feel the need to go THIS CHOICE WILL HAVE CONSEQUENCES thing distracting me every 5 minutes.
  6. I love that video! I do enjoy matt matosis' stuff, but he's dry as fuck and it was quite entertaining watching Harry pull his criticism to pieces.
  7. Yeah I get that! If there are any pc players here there are already mods for boss menus / rush and character swapping etc if you want to to check them out.
  8. I mean, it sounds like a neat update, but a bit weird timing wise, isn't it? Like 18 months after the original launch for a little update with soapstone messages, boss rush/rematches, and a few costumes? Maybe there's next gen versions coming, or something?
  9. Never played the OG Mafia, this looks really good! Is the story as good as people on the internet make out? I love a good gangster movie!
  10. Ah bugger, I checked, I'm getting it confused with DS3! Sorry. I guess you have to just make sure to not move and attack at the same time
  11. No, it's intentional. There's a setting you can disable in the settings of it bothers you too much. But basically, with larger weapons, you can override the lock on by pressing a direction while attacking. It's kind of useful, because when surrounded you can aim swings with a great sword etc while still keeping locked. If you consciously make sure not to press directions while attacking you'll swing at your locked target.
  12. I'm not reading any of this thread because I've only just started this with my gf, but I just wanted to have a slight moan.. sorry! We cleared episode 1 last night, was pretty enthralling for the most part, but there some really weird bits, e.g. Max's reaction to figuring out who the blue haired girl was felt wrong, and there were several bit where we clearly examined clues/etc out of intended order so the things Max said made no sense. I appreciate things like this are hard to do in games, but it left us feeling a little bit deflated/confused at times. Does this aspect get better as it progresses?
  13. We need to redo this poll, bet the numbers have changed a fair bit by now!
  14. And re launchers, in the past I've ended up pirating games like far cry / assassins creed after buying it just to be able to run it nicely
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