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  1. The Game Development Thread

    I realise you posted this aaaaaaages ago, but any chance you are still interested in doing this? I'm looking to start a new project but struggling to come up with ideas. Working on something somebody else has planned sounds ideal!
  2. Nintendo Switch

    I got a set of AmazonBasics grips and they're fab!
  3. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Quick question, apologies if it has been answered before... Can I do multiplayer with just one other person and AI cars filling out the rest of the grid?
  4. Tiny Metal: aka Not Advance Wars

    Gamespot have posted a story on the question of how this was funded: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/facing-accusations-of-mismanagement-project-phoeni/1100-6455702/ Pretty sure I'm going to pick this up once I make a dent in the games I got for Christmas.
  5. Hmmm, need more details on the Blu ray release because I am currently eyeing up the HMV exclusive complete series on DVD: https://store.hmv.com/film-tv/dvd/batman-the-animated-series-series-1-4-(hmv-excl
  6. Cuphead. Classic cartoon inspired side-scroller

    Answering my own question, but if you haven't bought on Steam/GoG and want the soundtrack, you can buy it here: https://studiomdhr.bandcamp.com/releases
  7. Cuphead. Classic cartoon inspired side-scroller

    I'm wanting to pick this up on Xbone/Windows 10 but also want to get the soundtrack. I can see that as DLC on Steam but would need to own the game to purchase it. Is there anywhere I can buy the soundtrack if I purchase the game on the Windows store?
  8. Board games gone digital (yes, even android)

    Not sure if this is the best thread to ask this in, but here goes... I am a big fan of Card Hunter (http://www.cardhunter.com/) and would love to have a proper board game with the same style and mechanics. Is there anything out there that would fit the bill? In a bid to try and keep on topic, Pathfinder Adventures is currently on offer on Steam (just over 34 hours left as I type this) at 40% off - http://store.steampowered.com/app/480640/Pathfinder_Adventures/
  9. SNES Mini

    I managed to snag pre-orders way back at both Amazon and Nintendo. I was just weighing up which to cancel, but instead I thought I would ask if anyone in Milton Keynes (or near enough to travel) that wants to take one of them at cost price?
  10. Amiibo by Nintendo

    Worth noting that the amiibo came well packaged (to be honest I find Game stuff usually is) but was obviously in a shit state before it went in the box. In all honesty I wouldn't be surprised if it was a trade in that they've passed off as new. It was reminiscent of buying something from CEX where you wonder if the previous owner stored it in their toilet...
  11. Amiibo by Nintendo

    This is probably common knowledge already, but if you're an amiibo collector (as in you want to keep them boxed and pristine) then don't order from Game. With the new 3-pack announced I decided it was finally time to pick up the Shovel Knight amiibo that I'd been eyeing up for months. Ordered from Game for £9.99, new. Arrived today and the box is in an absolutely shit state. Fortunately I don't want to keep him in the box, but someone else might feel differently. You have been warned!
  12. Probably because that way there is zero cost to them for distribution. If a significant number of people were downloading direct from their site that would incur big costs from their website hosts for the bandwidth used.
  13. Your bargain finds!

    Picked up a copy of Risk 2210 AD earlier this month for £2.50 in a charity shop. Played it last night with the family and 20 minutes into the instructions we lost the will to live. Fortunately we found the Risk Classic instructions near the back and cracked on with those. Thoroughly enjoyable game, which did stretch to over 4 hours because we had misinterpreted some of the rules. Oooooops!
  14. Recommended fan fiction?

    So I was watching the announcement for the 13th Doctor and it occurred to me that I've never read any Doctor Who books bar an anthology around 20+ years ago in which the most interesting bit was trying to work out which Doctor was featured in the story from the little clues peppered through the narrative. I was thinking about buying some Doctor Who novels for my Kindle but then wondered if there was any good fan fiction that anyone can recommend? It then occurred to me that there might be fan fiction for other series I might like, Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. Although I'd prefer it if the stories concentrated on minor characters (or in the case of something like Trek, a completely different ship/crew) as it would always irk me that what I was reading never "really" happened otherwise! Anyone?
  15. The Game Development Thread

    Did some work on Shuriken Assassins at the weekend. Added in some more characters and also some neat effects to make the game more visually appealing. Also made some small gameplay changes, e.g. you are now invulnerable for 3 seconds after respawn, although you can't throw shurikens in that time. Grabbed some gameplay footage yesterday with some testers, most of whom hadn't played the game before so they are generally a bit crap at it!

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