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  1. It's very different from them. The first two are quite heavily sherried, and Old Pulteney 12 hasn't a whiff of it. It's quite a 'pure' or straight malt whisky in the sense that it's matured only in ex-Bourbon barrels, mostly second fill, and there's no finishing at all. It's about as malt whisky as whisky gets these days, with not much influence from other flavours. So at 12yo it's quite light and coming from Wick it has a very maritime character. I get a lot of lemon and, crucially, malt flavours from it (the distillate comes through firmly and tastes great to me), and it's a bit saline, whic
  2. Nope, that power level's fine if you're soloing. You just need to: Enable your artefact to give disruption grenades and renewal of a grenade after disruption, so they're always up and you can spam them; Make sure you remember to equip those mods on your armour as well as the two weapon disruption/barrier mods (and obv equip the matching weapons); and Get something in heavy that's capable of massive burst damage while shit is disrupted, because otherwise they do regen health quick. A safe bet is Xenophage, but there are other options. The rest of it is git gud, play your l
  3. There's but it'd be inaccurate to say it's active. I mean, it's not exactly inert. But it is barely ambulatory.
  4. Amazon, Tesco (Clubcard price offer), maybe some others.
  5. Whu? Wait until the usual Amazon thing, and/or do a Bunnahabhain 12 when it drops to £30. Always do the latter anyway. £50 is an odd price point for whisky these days. It usually means you’re not buying when the price drops, or that you need to step up a price bracket or two. For just under that and for something ‘different’ I’d try something like a Craigellachie 13 or a cheap Springbank. But at full price Laga 16 is always good, despite its mass market-led shortcomings. Personally I’d get two bottles of Old Pulteney 12 when it hits £24, which it has right now. But I’d pr
  6. Weapons and gear aren't disappearing. They (legendaries) just have their power levels capped (at worst, at the current max). So yeah, it's clearout time.
  7. Nah, a hack’s someone who knocks out prose to deadlines for the sake of money rather than art. They’re all hacks, these guys. That’s not even a negative thing necessarily - depends on the prose, doesn’t it?
  8. Now this, this is most certainly true - and you still can't get The Killing series 3 on any of them. The rampant free market in action.
  9. There's Slow Horses and Foundation coming up in the next year. They might be worth a watch. I thought The Banker and Greyhound were decent enough films, though the latter was incredibly slight to the extent that it felt it had whole scenes and character development cut. The Beasties doc was decent too. And I suppose if you're into Springsteen then his doc that came out this week will appeal (haven't watched it myself). TV-wise the appallingly-named Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet ends up being very good after an unappetising start (the standalone ep halfway through and the add-on at
  10. You’ll need to apply, Hardbattle. See OP. Mind, you’ll not find many online. Carlospie, this is a PSN clan. You’ll see the thread for the others below.
  11. You must rectify this soon. It’s the best thing he’s ever done. Proper poetry.
  12. Seems so. The Arcology's probably my favourite bit of world in D2 vanilla, so that's a shame. I always wanted them to make more use of that space. Maybe one day it'll get spruced up and put back in.
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