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  1. Needs must as the increasingly-shrinking revenue stream drives. See also Eververse. Hopefully it won't turn into Warframe.
  2. Well, if it's rubbish for £7.50 it'll be rubbish for £3.50 too. Let's see I guess.
  3. But who was terrorist? Ah, well, it turns out that he, too, is a ghost - the ghost of the ghost pilot's co-pilot, who died when the then-living pilot crashed his plane to prevent the pilot's family being killed by a terrorist some ten years earlier - crashed it into the co-pilot's house! This is the co-pilot's revenge flick and it's called Spooks on a Plane and it takes upwards of an hour for anyone to figure out the identity of the terrorist and another half hour for the pilot to discover his motive and then there's another twist and the film ends quite suddenly on a panning shot
  4. Imagine the last sentence of your post with a comma after the title of the game. Then be ashamed of your words and deeds.
  5. I guess it must do. That's the only way to explain the number of copies you buy of the fucking thing.
  6. Yes tho. You're not at full health: pickup tops up health. You are at full health: pickup adds to max integrity. If you first see a green pickup while at lower health and later return to it at full health, the green pickup is still there - the same old green pickup - but its function will have changed from the former to the latter. Source: I used to do this regularly. NB I've not really played this since last Sunday because I've had a lousy eye infection which makes demanding twitch gameplay... difficult and irritating. But I doubt the above has
  7. But if you're at full health, all green pickups turn into max integrity pickups, instead of just topping up your health. So the trick is to try to only pick them up when your health is already full, in order to build up your health bar. Obviously this is easier to do in biome 1, where you can warp back to the ship to top up your health by sleeping. So do that before picking up green items.
  8. Judgm3nt And can we merge this thread with the thread that has the title spelt right? Thanks.
  9. With there having been such vocal relish for the seasonal grind being reduced from 50 powerful levels + 10 pinnacle to just 10 pinnacle, I'm surprised there hasn't been any real commentary on the brakes being applied to that by the change to seasonal armour unlocking. In previous seasons these were unlocked at par power across all characters simultaneously, which greatly helped with cascading power across characters - even (especially) when you get into the pinnacle-only tier, as the unlocks became focussed slot fillers that tracked you all the way to max pinnacle level.
  10. Why? There's a widespread issue caused by the latest patch, now four hours old, and it's supposed to be due for a fix by another patch within a few hours. In the meantime, re-downloading will fix those issues. Cyberpunk never worked properly on PS4 from day one, and its fundamental issues haven't been patched after several months. So what is this precedent? I'm surprised (not surprised) that you posted this. And that's definitely not a precedent. There are an awful lot of genuine concerns about this game on the forum, genuine concerns about gamin
  11. This is entirely correct. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg is in another class of musical, and still feels novel even today. Plus, Je ne pourrai jamais vivre sans toi is one of the great chansons. I took my gf to see Rocketman at a special viewing at the Tyneside Cinema, with a quiz beforehand and a special post-film party thing. It certainly brought some colourful characters out, and I thought the event might be fun even though my gf can't stand Elton John (I've never liked his music either). Unfortunately it turns out she hates Elton John quizzes, people dressed up as Elton John, and p
  12. I'm surprised to hear you say that - I thought it the most Mass Effect-like biome to date. And the sound design was great in there. Feels like the end of the world.
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