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  1. Oh am I I just have a mint icon loan squad I don’t play. I had 300k and spent on packs this week got nada!
  2. Bottas early days?
  3. Oh nice! Where are they from?
  4. I know it seems crazy for people to fly away during this and especially those posting pics getting drunk by the pool/beach on insta(I’ve seen too many ) but the government stupidly allows it.
  5. They’re in Dubai and it was announced they would be going. Fair play to them.
  6. There’s not much class between the top players. Neither person mentioned the other in their interviews.
  7. Max just posted on Instagram a lovely pic of him and his missus. so naturally I check a few comments and it’s full of watch of for Russian snipers etc It’s Kvyats ex and they have a young daughter together. Oh it’s also Nelson Piquets daughter. So the little girls real Dad is an F1 driver, her new step Dad is a F1 driver. Her uncle was, her grandad was champion. Not bad. If this is old news I’m sorry. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJgrdapBRFs/?igshid=18oknctb8d9b5
  8. I’m about 30 hours into Zombies and MP. The past few days have been painful for crashes. I was on a Zombies high round with a nice group and it just completely froze I made a cuppa tea and eventually it went to PS Home Screen. I’m getting kicked out of approx 1 in 3 MP games it just says error message and back to the lobby. Hopefully it’ll get a fix soon as I’m really enjoying it. Anyone fancy joining me most evenings beyond 9-10pm add me Baring7usa.
  9. Perez will run him closer. Remember Max loves a DNF.
  10. What a signing for the Bulls. He’ll be top 5 most races as he should keeping some pressure on the mercs.
  11. Farming Simulator 19 was on ps plus so if you have that get him into it. My 5 year old has enjoyed countless of hours this past year. Bugsnax, Fornite party mode, need for speed, king oddball, kung fu panda, Astros playworld others he enjoys. edit: there a unlimited money mod of farm sim so they can buy everything its brill.
  12. It’s a bit wank pre patch at the moment I’m conceding about 7 goals a game because the AI isn’t defending properly.
  13. It might have been posted but on that link is the helicopter view of the crash. Its unreal how he made it out.
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