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  1. Baring

    The Man Utd Thread

    He got a cheer for every pass. Andy Cole didn’t look to well, he only played for a couple of mins. Was a fun game to be at. The lads with any fitness stood out a mile. Scholes made it look easy. Ivica Olic was a bit handy but had hardly any help.
  2. Baring

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Better without text but funny
  3. Crazy challenge by Brunt on a yellow. Villa players did well to hound the ref like, he nearly let him off.
  4. Baring

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Come on lads you can do it!! Just shows to many teams lay down for Barca. Attack them you will get some success. Suarez definitely breaking your heart in a min
  5. Baring

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Amazing. Gotta love Anfield European nights. No one comes close.
  6. Will Bran even remember Jaime pushing him?
  7. No chat til after it airs Monday night?
  8. Baring

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    Mission Whingo. Leclerc must be so frustrated.
  9. Baring

    Football Thread 2018/19

    It was beautiful. Loftus Cheek got an easy assist.
  10. Baring

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Why did Wolves take their 2 best players off!
  11. Baring

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    Gutted for Charles. In the work fantasy league I was the only one to choose him over Vettel. Knew he’d have his number and be much hungrier much like Ricciardo was. My fantasy went to shit when Hulk and Sainz retired.
  12. Baring

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    6th favourites now only 14/1 to win it. Previously 40/1.
  13. Baring

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Before this I was trying to find odd off them making the play offs or even winning the SB. They’ve made some great signings last couple seasons. Baker Mayfield got this.
  14. Baring

    Football Thread 2018/19


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