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  1. PS4. When you get to shooting the moon make sure you play through it all the way. It was late so I turned it off during and now it’s messed up.
  2. Im excited but the new DLC is fucked for me. I'm on mission 5 and its a common problem that because i quit at the start, Brick is no longer there to knock down a pipe for me to go to the next area. Unless i join in with someone, which is proving impossible because all the matchmaking games just say talon of god. I might just have to watch a walkthrough before BL3 to see the link.
  3. Jerec get an american account it will be difficult and a pain for you to spend money on it then.
  4. Baring

    The Man Utd Thread

    That’s why refs don’t get much respect. Clearly hits Wan Bisaka on the shoulder, the ref is stood right there and books him because the crowd shouts handball.
  5. Nick Heidfeld making a comeback!
  6. Baring

    NFL 2019!

    He’s not a world beater. I reckon that’s about the top he’d get it’s insane money. Anyone can hand it off to Elliot
  7. Makes sense to pick him over Kvyat though. They know what he can do. So this gives Albon a chance to put his performances forward and then they can decide next year from the 3 who will drive with Max. Its a great move by RB. Gasly isnt getting the slot though its Albon or Kvyat.
  8. I usually complete all the challenges just because im on most night for an hour or two. But since day one i've had everything set to random. Cosmetics have never appealed to me even in Destiny but i just like doing the challenges. If i miss out on a week then so be it. The challenge is to make level 65 this time round, its over 300k exp and because 250k exp was hard enough im not sure many will make it unless they've lowered the exp per level. Just play to enjoy the game, dont worry about what you look like.
  9. Baring

    NFL 2019!

    Hard knocks ep 1 on YouTube this evening.
  10. Yea it was fun mate and the menus are a touch confusing. I only started properly a couple nights ago. I'm on most nights 10pm onwards if you ever wanna join in. Get double XP playing with a friend. @Pistol
  11. Baring

    The Man Utd Thread

    Eriksen interest called off.
  12. Proper chuckled at this burn.
  13. Baring

    NFL 2019!

    How can I watch the Raiders hard knocks? Also im going for the Browns this year in my works thing. Proper like their line up these past few years, love Baker and his swagger now they’ve signed OBJ, if they make play offs it’ll be first time in a very long time (I think). I don’t have a team I properly support, I enjoy all 31 underdogs. Proper can’t wait for it to get started.
  14. No wonder i couldnt find the name Jerec I was reading by your avatar. I never got the fatebringer first time round!
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