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  1. As far as excuses go, this is a cracker.
  2. He's got to go for more while he can. Not today i mean in the near future.
  3. KDB all the way. The guy is a machine and I like his attitude.
  4. Baring

    The Boxing Thread

    Oh wow that was amazing thanks. I was unsure who was going to win or when it would end. I was thinking if AJ was in that first round he would have gassed out. Them two are incredible athletes!
  5. Titles 7 and 8 for Hamster then and Mercs domination.
  6. Great player. RIP.
  7. Makes sense. Euros and then WC 2 summers in a row
  8. When you complete the game, put it on mayhem level 2 or 3 (4 is just impossible). Missions become 2 hours long its great with a friend. Just carnage but you've got to be tactical about it.
  9. It feels the same just new missions and story. I just like the carnage with people.
  10. I am properly back into this. Done story on 2 characters and half way through the harder mode up to level 45. So I have 2 new ish characters id like to play with other people if anyone fancies it? We can play your story mode if that helps. edit: it would nice if we could get a little whats app group going just to message when people are on and anyone can jump in.
  11. Oh come on. Is he distraught all summer as well then? I'm sure he'll be fine and have other interests for now.
  12. Oh man I know we all joke but fuck me this must be agony for Liverpool and the fans. They absolutely deserve that title but it’s not won yet and the season could be and probably should be cancelled now. Everyone recover for start of next season.
  13. Play something else with meeeeeeee.
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