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  1. Morwoo

    Sous Vide

    There seem to be loads of these sealers, which one are you using?
  2. Morwoo

    Meatopia 2018

    Heading there now, bought a couple of tickets at face value off someone who couldn’t make it anymore so crossing fingers they don’t need an ID with the ticket
  3. Morwoo


    Here's a niche query, has anyone got any idea what the song was that Laura listens to with the son of the family on his headphones?
  4. Morwoo


    Sunday and 4 meatbucks now £30.
  5. Morwoo


    Got a ticket for Sunday which I can't make anymore, admission + 4 meatbucks. Cost me £53.50, but all yours for £40!
  6. Morwoo


    Got myself a ticket for tomorrow via the wonders of Twitter. I AM EXCITED.
  7. Morwoo

    Doctor Who

  8. Morwoo

    Doctor Who

    So going by that ending, The Doc and Clara are still in the dream having their brains sucked out and any future episodes are the dying imaginations of them both. Dark ending there Moffat.
  9. Morwoo


  10. Morwoo

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I strongly and repeatedly urge anyone using the Canadian access trick to watch Slings and Arrows, an absolutely brilliant show. It's "a six-episode mini produced for Canada's Movie Central network (and rebroadcast in the States on the Sundance Channel) that follows the insanity that prevails backstage at a Shakespeare festival in the fictional town of New Burbage. It's a valentine to the theater and those who make it their lives, although you don't need to be a drama geek to enjoy it." It's also got Paul Haggis in it (you know, the mountie off Due South) being excellent. Although it seems he's contractually obliged to have to speak to ghosts no matter what show he's in. Anyway, watch it, it grabs you from the start.
  11. Morwoo

    The Apprentice

    Give that man a coconut.
  12. Morwoo

    Doctor Who

    The Guardian's got an article up with a pretty hefty spoiler. http://www.guardian.co.uk/tv-and-radio/2011/apr/05/doctor-who-new-series
  13. Morwoo

    Harry Hill's TV Burp

    8 out of 10 Cats gets recorded in BBC Centre as well, the BBC is one of the only places with the right type of studios that are required.

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