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  1. jcafarley

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    PS4 only this year!
  2. jcafarley

    Gaming Podcasts

    It wasn't dead , returned after recording.
  3. jcafarley

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    Finally beat the Watcher Knights. This game is really something special, I haven’t been so obsessed with playing something for ages.
  4. jcafarley

    Beyond: Two Souls

    It’s the worst game Quantic Game have made, by a country mile.
  5. jcafarley

    Arrested Development Topic In Cold Brown Taste!

    It gets better but never gets close to series 1-3.
  6. It really depends on how you play, my ending was quite unsatisfactory, largely because of mistakes that I had made.
  7. Not at all, the first four hours are exceptionally tedious. Last night I played some more, the pace has picked up and it has started to become much more interesting. It still has all the usual David Cage stuff, but at least it isn't as boring as the first section of the game.
  8. Unfortunately, the majority of Season 3 episodes could be characterised in the same way. The ones that aren't absolutely awful are generally just really boring.
  9. jcafarley

    Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

    There’s plenty to do, but as @gospvg says, it gets really repetitive really quickly. I reviewed it here: http://spong.com/feature/10111522/Review-Yonder-The-Cloud-Catcher-Chronicles
  10. I started streaming this last night. My one word review after 2 hours would be: tedious.
  11. jcafarley

    The Unofficial Pre-E3 2018 Hype Thread

    That's a lot of backwards compatibility announcements to get through!
  12. jcafarley

    The Unofficial Pre-E3 2018 Hype Thread

    Is this the ‘leak’ with ‘Heavy Rain 2: Children of the Origami Killer’ listed?
  13. I recently finished a re-watch of TOS. Seasons 1 and 2 are pretty decent compared to 3 which is truly awful. So many of the stories I had forgotten existed, largely because they’re so so tedious.
  14. The Sea of Thieves review is odd, score says 7, the text reads like a 5/6.
  15. jcafarley

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Of course the Xbox dashboard isn’t unuseable, it’s just rubbish.

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