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  1. jcafarley

    The Spurs Thread

    Mourinho likes spending money. Daniel Levy doesn’t like spending money. How is this going to work?
  2. Ah, actually I wasn’t a massive fan. It’s a nice idea but ends up being a bit tedious to play.
  3. I saw it on YouTube, you will be delighted to know that they have maintained the same high standards!
  4. Try using the tunnel nearby with remote bombs and proximity mines. They’ll chase you in there and then ‘boom.’
  5. There's still a way to go from that point.
  6. I have a strong suspicion that not many people who reviewed it actually finished the game or got close to driving down south. It is an exceptionally long game! I’ve found myself enjoying it the more I play, as has been mentioned here, characters that start out as stereotypes really do develop. The core gameplay loop never gets old, and although I wouldn’t describe it as being a masterpiece, it’s very enjoyable.
  7. Oh sure, I’ve used it myself many times, it’s still not perfect though. xCloud and Stadia are supposed to fix all that.
  8. jcafarley

    Nintendo Labo VR

    Breath of the Wild looks like a Nintendo64 game on a 14in CRT with an RF cable with this. The Mario stuff is okay.
  9. I may be wrong, but didn’t Stewart have a fair bit of influence on Nemesis? That combined with Discovery’s team concerns me.
  10. They probably reckon it increases dramatic tension.
  11. For the payers? Am I doing this right?
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