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  1. Don't underestimate the bow's Special once it's got a couple of boons. I was creaming some really tough bullet hell beasties with it last night.
  2. Great video (I learned a couple of things in spite of 10 hours playtime already) - like how you edited the game sequences, fitted with the voiceover very nicely.
  3. Discovered this thanks to this month's Edge. Good grief, it's good. Love this type of game anyway but the art, humour and perfect pacing of skills building make it.
  4. 3 years later I discover this on Steam and do the exact same thing. I am never loading this game again.
  5. Heading down to the coast yesterday, couldn’t help but start looking for the aquarium entrance...
  6. run past as they dive and then use air effective stuff when you can get it.
  7. Just been looking at the sample photos on the dpreview R6 review. If that's what 20MP can get you, I am in. I know they used the $1100 L lens for most of them (which I don't want, I want an STM RF lens) but even so, it's ridiculously detailed.
  8. Isn’t that more down to you than her? ;-)
  9. Starship Troopers 1 star? What the fuck? Disqualified from scoring any further movies. anyway Otherworld Sort of like Twilight without the arseholes. I liked it. Could not believe the real world back story. Only just read about it afterwards. I feel kind of haunted by it.
  10. haha, just got past that point on my NG+ game, and I was just a tad too slow to pull that off, and it deteriorated into mayhem. Not my most stealthy 10 minutes.
  11. Well one bad thing about this game It's made the scripting, facial animation and voice acting of everything else seem just a bit shit. Been trying to play Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and I just can't help thinking they all look like they're made of plasticine and I don't give a rat's ass what happens to any of them.
  12. No, it'll be fine. The OEM battery prices are a joke.
  13. Does anyone know if there's a way to get Lightroom 6.x to recognise newer RAW formats ? I got the wife a sony rx100 and can't import the RAW files. I tried a trick using exiftool to modify the ARW files, which works on an Alpha7 III but doesn't work on these. Not keen on paying Adobe £120 a year, don't use it THAT much.
  14. The R has too much about it that's just a bit crap for the price they're asking. I'd take a used 5dMk4 ahead of that. Think I'll get an R6. I don't need the advanced video functions and I don't need 45MP or CFExpress. The only shame is the EVF looks amazing on the R5. But not £1600 amazing.
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