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  1. I tried the official component leads and the GCHD and the HDMI solution whilst very close was not quite as clear to my ageing eyes.
  2. ucci

    Is it Balearic?

    Dave Mothersole nailed this whole scene with this mix... http://www.bleep43.com/podcast/2010/4/14/podcast-165-the-roots-of-trance.html Dj Laurent was the person who was creating swathes of gatherings of people.
  3. What a touch! Many friends couldn't care how to best connect a console to their TV, just as long as it could be done and was watchable. I was like some sort of deranged parrot around them "RGB! RGB! RGB!" so much that I greet one now with RGB, yeah?
  4. I normally cycle to the booty. Last Sunday, a regular seller had a brand new Toshiba 14" CRT in the original box. Bought it for a tenner then walked 2 miles balancing it on my handlebars to home.
  5. I don't trust her, her walls are Xbox green.
  6. I had to go back to this to shake off the tone
  7. And also a bib for his palate? Though come the end of the year no eating will be required.
  8. Never heard of Letterboxed and the first review I read starts "Film #299 of 2020" A two film a day kind of person on there huh? This film is on Youtube, will watch in the week. Cheers.
  9. Ha! This looks like Sonic Adventure crossed with Mega Man. It's got that empty world corridor feeling in an open city.
  10. Saurian and Yod@ were well ahead of the game. From chipped Crystal Xbox with bigger internal HDD, to Saurian modded d-component cable to RGB scart, to Panasonic Q video leads. I've owned a fair few of theiir mods. The workmanship was very good, and it worked.
  11. Just plugged it all in to the Philips (Wii2HDMI, Hdmi to VGA, VGA to DVI-I), I wasn't expecting that at all as it has really made the output shine. After some geometry issues, the Wii now outputs a true VGA signal by the looks of it. Its like having a home computer setup from the early 90s for image clarity.
  12. Ok, thanks Matt. The board I bought was from NTSC-UK and is an old ArcadeForge edition GBS 8220. It has its own dedicated AC adapter which hopefully does not produce noise. Comes in a nifty transparent acrylic case. I have to desolder an old scanlines chip that's on there then I can make a start. The Philips monitor arrived and it's a beast. The kind person packed it in a very flimsy box with not much cushioning and it survived Yodel! These revivalist home electronic projects are more interesting than actually playing the games themselves.
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