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  1. Where is the not interested button?
  2. Amiga games sold in shops? That's a new one most of the time the disks were passed around in school.
  3. I saw an Italian dude sell a Lacie electron blue 22 on Ebay once and he showed photos of the custom metal cage he had built to send the monitor. I think the monitor went for 600 sheets, postage was £90. Out of interest @Droo how much did you pay postage?
  4. Cheers, City is in there. I've just started the Werewolf Principle in a future where (Ricky Gervais and Paul O'Grady would approve) dogs rule the planet.
  5. I'm camping out tonight using my Rab sleeping bag, gonna be doing my best dawn of the dead impression to car booters when they drive in, Covid or not, the sheer elation of one-upmanship when bagging an imported copy of Breath of Fire III for 50p can't be beat.
  6. Joelinton and Geoff Linton with the pencil cases, coincidence?
  7. New Jo Johnson track - The Serpentine Path https://goingin.bandcamp.com/album/the-serpentine-path-going-in-012 also recommend her Music For Programming podcast for ambient thrills https://musicforprogramming.net/?fortysix
  8. Robert Valley better be back!
  9. I picked up a Rab sleeping bag for £2! It's a summer pertex shell but will be perfect for camping outside car boots so I can get in early to hoover up all dem bargains.
  10. Ive been given a load of Simak books, any standouts in his canon?
  11. Top consumer advice chap!
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