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  1. Stuart Gordon did Daughter of Darkness as well as Dagon and Re Animator. Unspoken of joys the lot of them.
  2. Is that a 4:3 plasma Pavey bey?
  3. Cheers Jei. Tokyo Highway Challenge needed the switchable vga box trick to work.
  4. My dreamcast is in the loft, is it worth getting down to take the cr battery thing out?
  5. Best way to connect the DC up to a monitor with only DVI and HDMI?
  6. ucci

    Good new horror films

    Creep 2 when they start talking about meeting at a bookshop buying Infinite Jest had me thinking Duplass knows his audience..
  7. Lots of people taking advantage of the community by offering software with roms on via a cloud server. Piretrogaming in particular. £160 for an android box with access to a frontend. Sorta missing the point, its like the hacked Amstrad sky box cards all over again.
  8. 50ms dip followed by a 60ms spike!
  9. Reiterate what one person commented..Damn....
  10. ucci

    Gaming things you regret selling...

    Amiga 1500 back in 1996. I put an advert in Martins the newsagent in my town at the time. Work of art that computer was. Dual floppy drives. I originally got it from my Uncle for free, who was a shady Essex businessman, borrowed 10k off my old fella then said couldnt pay him back.
  11. Mike do you carry that amount of cash with you or do you nip t' cash machine whilst the items are held? Wonder when contactless will be at a booty, phone tech will make it so.
  12. ucci

    Your 4K Gaming TV Experiences & Thoughts

    Anyone know what Soong's 4 screen 8k setup is like?
  13. ucci

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    Is a PC as powerful as an Xbox One X to run those XB360 games at 60fps?
  14. ucci

    Neill Blomkamps..... ROBOCOP!

    Found out recently Peter Weller did a PhD in Renaissance Art at UCLA! Can read it here https://escholarship.org/uc/item/0dm859tj

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