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  1. ann coulter

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Nicalis has a bunch of games on sale in the EU now. Cave Story and Binding of Isaac half price. Ikaruga a third off. The End Is Nigh two thirds off! I'd argue this sale makes these games' prices what they should have been in the first place.
  2. ann coulter

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I've wanted a mahjong game for a while. This one has a bit of an adventure/narrative thing going on and pretty lovely presentation, full optional touch screen controls, and more importantly it's cheap. For some reason it's half price if you own one of the publisher's other selected Switch games, which happen to be on sale for about 80p each. So you buy one of those for 80p and get weird mahjong adventure game for two quid. Which is great if you're an insufferable penny pincher like me.
  3. ann coulter

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I wouldn't have thought it possible given the paltry digital store offerings of the Wii U and 3DS, but the Switch has completely muscled in on Steam and PSN and made itself the main place for my digital purchases. Bought Into the Breach, Yonder, The Mahjong Huntress () and couldn't resist Cities: Skylines tonight after watching a few streams of the Switch version.
  4. It seems a little unfair on the game to select the 'play most of the game for me' option then complain that the game is practically a visual novel. Control all the characters in battle!
  5. Yeah, the voice acting has been really strong for the most part, with the unfortunate exception of Michelle.
  6. Anyone else made it to Yggdrasil yet? Game is pretty much everything I'd hoped it would be. More, actually. Sometimes I think the world feels a tiny bit generic artistically, like it's not quite cel-shaded enough or something, and the overworld music isn't very good, certainly not as whimsical or adventurous as DQVIII's overworld theme (and obviously the MIDI sucks in general), and it's a bit too easy, but my god they've nailed everything else. The utterly endearing party members, massively improved variety of towns and NPCs, typically well designed enemies, ultra-traditional turn-based combat perfectly in tact, and my god the cutscenes. I think Square Enix usually gets external companies to do their CG, so I don't know who's responsible for it in this, but it's fantastic. Despite the vibrant visuals and soundtracks, Dragon Quest has always had this melancholy tone permeating its whimsy and adorability, but it's downright fucking bleak this time around. Fifty hours in, having scoured each region for new enemies before moving on, I've encountered only half of the monsters in the monster list, and have obtained only 34 of 181 item types. Game is big.
  7. ann coulter

    Okami HD

    Oh wow, ignore everything I said in my last few posts. I just pressed the minus button on the Switch to bring up the map and it actually brought up in-game options. Doh.
  8. ann coulter

    Okami HD

    If you mean the huge opening cutscene, yes, you can skip it. If you mean the tutorial-esque gameplay at the beginning of the game, then no.
  9. ann coulter

    Okami HD

    Hold the fuck on. The opening 20 minute long cutscene is skippable. Cuts 20 minutes down to about 20 seconds. And now the camera is functioning as it should. So yeah, you have to start a completely new save if you want to apply new settings. Crazy.
  10. ann coulter

    Okami HD

    The issue appears to be that the camera settings return to the default of Normal when I resume an existing save file. If I change the settings, return to the main menu, and go back into the settings, the changes have remained to Inverted, but when I start an existing save (and the camera is still fucked) and quit the game to go back into the settings, it's all returned to default. I'm going to try starting a new save with the new settings, see if that works. Something's clearly broken.
  11. ann coulter

    Okami HD

    I go to Options from the main menu and Camera Control is set to Normal by default (these aren't my idea of normal camera controls in a 2018 remaster but whatever). I change the setting to Invert X and Y Axes because they're all wrong for my brain, then select Exit Options. A message pops up: "Changes made to settings will now be implemented. Is this OK? Yes. No." I select Yes with the A button, which returns me to the main menu. I select continue and choose my current save file. The camera is exactly the same. Pushing left swings the camera right, pushing right swings the camera left. Which is inverted, as I understand it, but that's not what I want. There doesn't appear to be a way of pushing left to make the camera go left, pushing up to make the camera go up. Normal and Inverted are the same, for some unknown reason.
  12. ann coulter

    Okami HD

    Is anyone else having issues with the camera controls with this on Switch? After the 18 minute long intro I finally got control of the camera and realised it's all inverted - pushing the camera stick to the right makes the camera move to the left and vice versa, pushing the stick up makes the camera swing down and so on. I went into the camera settings (which involved a hard shutdown of the game in the main Switch menu because there doesn't seem to be a quit option within the game and the camera options aren't accessible mid-game - but that's by the by) and the camera is already set to normal. I tried changing it to 'invert X and Y axes', confirmed the change properly and resumed my game, but the camera behaved in exactly the same way, and going back into the camera settings I discovered they had reset to default. Any ideas? It occurred to me that changed settings might be applied only to new save files, but that'd be kind of bizarre and would take another almost 20 minute intro to confirm. The game is unplayable for me like this.
  13. ann coulter

    Nintendo Switch

    Is there any risk involved in charging my Switch via a USB C to USB 3 cable plugged into a USB wall plug/charger? I vaguely recall stories about certain power banks having the potential to brick the Switch which makes me a little wary of charging it using anything but the supplied mains charger.
  14. Make that seven areas open to me now. Oh wow, I think this seventh area I've discovered is intended to be the second area you discover. No wonder I was getting my ass kicked.
  15. The area where you find the claw is fucking brutal. My god. I spent so long tonight trying at least to find the area's save point, but when I finally found it I couldn't bloody get to it. I was a tiny bit worried the game was going to be too easy, but nope! It's destroying me again and again: lots of fiendishly placed environmental hazards - that La-Mulana domino effect of jumping carelessly into a flying enemy, landing on a spike, bouncing off it straight onto a trapdoor and falling into a pit of fire and so on - and a good few unexpected boss rooms so far that have disposed of me in seconds. I have five main areas open to me so far, not including Surface or the original ruins. I have no real idea which I should be focussing on, so I'm taking my time with pen and paper and mapping them out like a good little cartographer.

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