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  1. Well, I'm not leaving this rickety ass old BT hub switched on for too long at a time. It's got to be over a decade old and is clogged with dust. I don't trust it for shit. Thankfully I'm getting fibre in April so we can all relax in a couple of months. Mark it in your calendars.
  2. I didn't realise it was such a weird thing to do. I thought most people went round switching everything off before they left the house but I guess not. I've also never had any problems with other consoles in this respect. The PS4 and Switch always resume downloads when I turn everything back on, as do Steam and GOG, I think. So does the Xbox, in fact, most of the time, and when it doesn't, it's because something has gone wrong. So, yeah, I shall continue to expect games consoles to resume downloads after breaks without power, and complain about them when they don't, particularly when some single file sizes are 100GB+ and BT broadband speeds here are under 5Mb/second (yes, that's 5 megabits - slooow).
  3. Typically the only things I leave on are my fridge and freezer. I'd switch those off if I could. I just don't like leaving electronic devices running unattended in case they malfunction and burn the place down.
  4. Almost every day, yeah.
  5. This Partbreaker bike is absolutely shite, what the hell. You barely graze a stone on the ground and you're thrown off your bike. And the challenge specific to this bike is to crash no more than six times and do it in the fastest time yet. What!
  6. The first bike you unlock is even more rickety than the starting bike! I want to do big drops, damn it. They're saving that for last, aren't they?
  7. The only thing I'm not sure about so far is the way new bikes are unlocked. Breaking bikes up into parts to unlock, and spreading them out across challenges on so many different trails, delays the opportunity to experiment with new bikes longer than I'd like. I keep spotting shortcuts on the trails that my Grasshopper has no chance of navigating (offroad sections or huge jumps, mostly) and it's a bit annoying having to move on without taking advantage of these alternative routes. Other than that, this is my new favourite game. I hadn't even heard of it until I saw it on Game Pass.
  8. Like, really amazing. Why is this thread only two pages long?
  9. Just did the first two trails off the back of reading this thread and, what the fuck, this is amazing.
  10. I didn't even make it through the tutorial.
  11. I've played Bayonetta! And, while I didn't particularly like it, I didn't get remotely the same vibe from it as I've tried to describe above, chiefly, I think, because Bayonetta isn't a cocky, wisecracking straight dude with Toni & Guy hair and a Diesel coat. She isn't there for players to abjectly admire in a no-homo way before a reassuring spread of tits and ass is laid out. She's a whole game of tits and ass. The only other similar game I can think of right now that embodies this 'safe environment for dudes to admire other attractive badass dudes' vibe is No More Heroes, another game I noped out of fast.
  12. I get a bit uneasy sometimes when I've had certain devices switched on for days on end, particularly when they're running hot. I'd had the Xbox on for the best part of a week constantly downloading and I thought I'd give it a bit of a break.
  13. The games could never have been ready to go when I booted up the console because it, and my router, had been switched off. With any other console, though, the downloads resume when I switch them back on. I'll try the reset you suggested though, thanks.
  14. I'm really enjoying my time with this console but I have more problems downloading stuff on it than I've had with any other system. Today's problem is that all the downloads I had queued up have disappeared from the queue after booting the console up. It seems to think the games are fully installed which they're obviously not. Gears of War Ultimate had only downloaded about 17GB out of 40-odd when I switched the console off this morning. So obviously it doesn't launch, but it also doesn't let me download the rest or update it. I don't want to have to re-download those 17GB again because that's at least a day's worth of downloading on my broadband connection. But it looks like I might have to?
  15. I'm not offended by it. If anything, I'm the one being borderline offensive. From about, what, twenty minutes of playing the game I'm making a big and possibly unfounded assumption that the game is pushing a vibe of high style and glamour, but in a way that's almost aggressively safe for dudes to enjoy. While revving his sword like he would a motorbike, the cute one goes, 'I'm back in this bitch.' The intro sequence is practically ballet, but with swords, guns and cars. The three protagonists are hot, impeccably turned out guys, but GQ hot, not gay porn hot, not sexualised, and then the first female NPC on the scene has tatts all over her snatch. If this is camp, as @HarryBizzlesuggests, it's not exactly Quentin Crisp camp, is it? It's self-deprecating, consciously exaggerated, butch B-movie camp. My brain files this kind of style of game alongside similarly styled and equally incomprehensible popular men's entertainments like wrestling and James Bond films.
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