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  1. ann coulter

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    For a variety of reasons I give up on the game each time I start a new playthrough, but what each new playthrough serves to emphasise is just how open the game is from very early on and how wildly different your path through the game can be each time. On this latest attempt,
  2. ann coulter

    Elite Dangerous - Exploration is now fun... maybe

    Wow, lots has changed, then. Thanks for the tips. I only ever launch the original game now (i.e. I disable Horizons) because I don't like the surface gameplay they introduced in the Horizons update. It also seemed to make the game's performance take a big hit on my aging PC.
  3. ann coulter

    Elite Dangerous - Exploration is now fun... maybe

    Every time I try to get back into this it's such a struggle. From major things like remembering how to scan stuff, to minor things like trying to remove the '1' from the Chat tab (I've read the new fucking message! Why won't the 1 disappear? Argh.) Scanning, though. I arrived in a system looking for the target I agreed to assassinate. I could've sworn you used to have to travel to the nav beacon and physically scan it to locate the target, but I am physically unable to scan anything using my firing buttons. Actual weapons are firing, and I've made sure I'm toggled to the correct fire group, but when I press fire to scan, nothing happens.
  4. ann coulter

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Do we know yet if giant spiders are still in the game? I couldn't get past the sewers in the original RE2 because of them and won't be able to play the remake if they're back. It really sucks. I absolutely love classic Resident Evil games but have to stop playing as soon as spiders turn up, and when I say stop playing, I mean scream - literally scream, extremely loudly - hurl the controller at the TV and cover my eyes with one hand while blindly mashing the remote control with the other.
  5. ann coulter

    All things Monster Hunter - MHF/2/U - MHP3 and Tri

    I also bought this because I'm such a Monster Hunter nerd. I have never bought a video game novel or manga before. It's very pretty but I'm expecting it to be a bit of a shit read. Soon see!
  6. ann coulter

    All things Monster Hunter - MHF/2/U - MHP3 and Tri

    This arrived today. 400 pages of illustrations and designs from Monster Hunter's best generation () Monster Hunter Tri through to MH3U, with a smattering here and there of Freedom Unite. Loads of monster illustrations, weapon and armour designs, character and environment art. It's not a guide - the focus is very much on the art of Gen 3 with a few notes from staff that worked on the games - but an absolutely sumptuous collection of illustrations it is.
  7. ann coulter

    Nintendo Switch

    It has both. I wasn't convinced by the demos of Splatoon or Splatoon 2 but ended up loving 2 for the single player and multiplayer alike. I bought the DLC in the sale today. Hopefully it lives up to the quality of the main game.
  8. ann coulter

    Why are Nintendo fans so annoying?

    Er, that's hardly witchypoos' fault. No one on here is expected to monitor what they type in case another member's offspring reads it. Good lord.
  9. ann coulter

    Monster Hunter: World

    I bought this on Steam in order to try out the No Scoutflies mod and my PC struggled even to run the Capcom logo splash screen when the game booted up. It took around 10 minutes to get to the Press Start screen and when it eventually did it was a complete slideshow with extremely choppy music. All this before I even started a new game! Admittedly I'm using an old overclocked i5 750k from years ago, just 6gb RAM and a Radeon 7900 series 3gb GPU. So ... pretty ancient all round. However! I seem to have it running at a fairly consistent 30fps now at 1920x1080 on high image quality and textures, somehow. It looks pretty damn good considering my old setup. I've installed the No Scoutflies mod to get rid of the pesky buggers completely - feels so much better playing without them shimmering and zipping about everywhere. Also using the ClearHunter mod to make the colours bolder and less washed out. Anyone on PC been using other mods they'd recommend? About to get stuck into this all over again. Really hope the PC community is more active and chatty than the dead PS4 community.
  10. What on earth is with the constant multiplayer prompts and symbols in this? I feel like I'm playing an arcade game rather than a cosy little solo metroidvania like the wonderful first one. Every minute or so a number 1 in a blue triangle appears over my head, presumably to let me know I'm player number one. Why would I need to be reminded of that every minute when I'm the only one playing? There doesn't appear to be any way to turn this off.
  11. I saved this for my Christmas Day game and it didn't disappoint. Sure, it doesn't break new ground as a platformer, but as an interactive piece of art it's completely enthralling. Everyone is blown away by the watercolour visuals, understandably, but the accompanying soundtrack deserves so much praise too - it feels perfectly tailored to the game from moment to moment, never lets up and gives the experience a real emotional intensity.
  12. ann coulter

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Yeah, Don't Die Mr Robot is 80% off. Still no buy with an art style like that.
  13. ann coulter

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    You definitely get the actual game with this? The packaging is all figurines and ship models, but no indication of any game cartridge. I'd be fine with a digital download code if that's what you get. Then I'd throw the box and all its contents out.
  14. ann coulter

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Anyone know if the Deluxe Edition of Starlink is really necessary or if the Standard Edition is adequate? I want the Starfox stuff but don't care about having the digital version of every physical toy Ubisoft made for the game. Standard is only £26 on Russia Switch eShop which is tempting.
  15. ann coulter

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    So far there appears to be just one review (in Spanish) for Everspace which comes out tomorrow. The review seems to be fairly positive but points out that the screenshots on the eShop are from the PC version. Spot the difference. Screenshot on Nintendo eShop: Actual Switch screenshot:

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