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  1. I was all set for buying this originally, but with Switch tax, plus the £20 cost for the online service, it has really put me off. I ended up getting it on pc instead, as it was half price since I already owned the original. I'm really struggling to justify the costs of the Switch version (plus I now own 4 versions of it across various formats). I may pick it up further down the line if it gets discounted at all.
  2. choduk

    Better Call Saul!

    Nevermind that. I was always impressed with the way that in an episode of Breaking Bad, Walter White managed to buy and fit a new boiler in the space of an afternoon. I was in the process of getting quotes for having a new boiler fitted at the time. And if you know the costs involved with that, you can imagine my jealousy at this scene.
  3. choduk

    Die Hard

    Good article on The Guardian website about Die Hard. Looking at how well written it is for an action film. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/jul/12/die-hard-30th-anniversary-quintessential-action-movie
  4. choduk

    Top Gun: Maverick

    Odds-on for a scene involving a flat-spin and Maverick hesitating to eject for fear of what happened to the original Goose.
  5. Jason
  6. choduk

    Doki Doki Literature Club

    In Memoriam
  7. choduk


  8. choduk

    Friday Night Dinner

    It's our standard greeting to eachother in work on a Monday morning. A mate of mine also has a mother in law called Jacqui. So he's trained his four year old son to great her every time with "Hellooo Jacqui. You look, nice."
  9. choduk

    Black mirror - season rllmuk

    I had this idea set in the near future where crime detection is 100% due to surveillance, forensics, embedded device tracking etc. A group of students are reading/watching films about old heists and get this heroic/romantic notion into their heads that they'll be some sort of glorious cult heroes if they can pull off some kind of audacious heist. There's loads of prep where they have to work out how they can get away with it. Maybe a stray piece of evidence leads to some sort of cat and mouse with the future police. I've not really thought about the details.
  10. choduk

    Name this game

    Possibly one of the 2d Duke Nukem platformers.
  11. choduk

    Nintendo Switch

    Where did you get the Switch from? I bought from my local branch of Game (yeah I know) and was having problems with one of the buttons on my right joycon (plus button). I took it back today and game were happy swap out just the joycons.
  12. Yes! Just got my first desert chicken dinner. I dropped in and was slap bang in the middle of the first circle. Scavenged some reasonable weapons - including a sniper rifle. So went up a tall, rocky hill to take some potshots at other players while waiting for the circle to shrink. I've not really had much use of the sniper rifle before, so took this an opportunity to practice. About ten minutes later, with a few hits but no kills, the game crashed out. I quickly reloaded and got back in. Still alive. The circle was still over me and I regained my composure. Then the circle moved and I had to head back down the hill and across a road. Saw another player and we exchanged fire. He didn't hit me and I got across the road and into the final four circles. As they gradually shrank, I found some large bushes and crawled my way forward in cover. Then it was just me and one other guy left. I spotted him on the other side of the circle running towards a clump of trees. I took my time and got him in my sights waiting for him to stop moving. Then I fired, emptying a full clip at him. He's still alive and knows where I am. I quickly reload as he throws a grenade at me. It lands right next to me as I blindly fire again into the group of trees. Gritting my teeth and waiting for the explosion I think I'm done for. Then the screen darkens. Winner winner chicken dinner! I'm still shaking with adrenaline now. And cursing the game for crashing as it didn't record a replay for me to pore over for hours and relive the glory again and again.
  13. That explains why I got two chicken dinners on the first day I got it (September), but haven't had another since - even though I'm regularly in the top ten.
  14. I had a few squad games with some randoms last night. It seems that the latest cunts trick is to shoot at your own team member until they go down, then revive them. That way, you effectively ruin their match, but can't be reported for team killing. I had this happen twice with different teams. One squad member incapacitating each team member one by one. Twats.

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