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  1. VN1X

    Nintendo eShop

    Jim Sterling.
  2. I stole a valuable item from the wife of a store owner and then sold it back to the store owner. Videogames!
  3. (shit be selling like hot cakes and restocks are sold out in mere hours)
  4. Ended up for a white and purple combination with saturated purple highlights/accents instead. The white looks better under all the different lighting conditions in actual missions.
  5. Racing game, Abzu, AC Origins and Wolf Among Us?
  6. VN1X

    The Puzzle Game Thread

    From one extreme to the other: I got Spintires: Mudrunner for €2,50 on Steam and have played that for 19 hours(!) now. The price to content ratio is completely out of whack with videogames imo. I mean I'm not expecting every developer to tally up the hours and to arbitrarily put a pricetag on it but 80 minutes for that amount of money is... *wait for it* taking the piss.
  7. VN1X

    The Puzzle Game Thread

    Bought GNOG for €7,37 and finished it in 80 minutes. :/ It's a terrific little game don't get me wrong but for that amount of money I was expecting a little more to be honest. Like 3 hours of puzzling (at the very least) would've been perfectly fine. So yeah... getting a refund, sorry devs!
  8. (Neon) Green is a no-no for me. Don't want to walk around looking like I'm an ad for Razer. But thanks Siri, I'll take that as a "somewhat yay".
  9. Also frame colours yay or nay?
  10. VN1X

    Taiko Drum Master: Drum 'N' Fun!

    English logo spotted:
  11. I'll buy it if this happens.
  12. VN1X

    Shazam! - Non-grimdark WoDC movie

    That dude's face is the most generic face in the history of the universe. EDIT: Shazam's face I mean.
  13. VN1X

    Godzilla: King of Monsters

    Sucker for these kinds of films. 100% in (IMAX)!
  14. I actually prefer the new logo. While there's nothing particularly wrong with the one before that I do think it looks too much like they're a motorsport company or whatever.
  15. Are you sure you're correctly exploiting all of their individual skills? I mean it all depends on your party of course but some characters have the ability to apply debuffs on enemies which makes it super easy to dish out a ton of damage quickly. You can definitely combo a lot of attacks that way.

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