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  1. Playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 on a newly built PC, with my first ever joystick is one of the fondest gaming experiences I have. I used to make a cup of tea, plan a flight from NYC to London or somewhere (usually in a 747 in the rain) and it would literally restore my soul. Very envious of those of you who get to play this - I will just have to make do with watching all these videos for now!
  2. So much cringe. Thanks for your super hot take though, never seen something like this before! Assume you won't post in any of the football threads (including this one) again since you hate it so much? Why are you even relating climate change activism to an international football tournament? Oh yeah sorry, I'm watching the final tomorrow at my mate's house which leaves me with no time to care about anything else ever. Also please learn how to use apostrophes.
  3. Seriously can't believe we're in the final! Watched it in a pub in Old Street and had the best time, such a great atmosphere. The streets were so mad afterwards! Loving all the hot takes from the anyone but England crowd (as well as from the people who have clearly never watched football before). Why does everyone hate Kane so much?! Watching England dominate possession in the final ten minutes was a sight to behold, yet so many of you moaning and complaining about it. Whatever, should be a great final on Sunday!
  4. Thought Fear Street was okay. I did like the Scream vibe but the '90s nostalgia was too much at times. If you take away the '90s stuff I don't think we're left with anything particularly interesting really. Still, I'll look forward to the next ones. Watched They Look Like People as well tonight (thanks for mentioning it @Papaya Dance, had never heard of it before) and really enjoyed it. It's very much my kind of film though, lots of dialogue and doesn't rely too much on action. Love those kinds of psychological films though, like The Block Island Sound, Take Shelter, and such. I recommend it if you like that kind of thing.
  5. Is ITV hub being rubbish again for anyone else? It's telling me I'm using an ad blocker when I have it disabled for their website, and just tried it with two other browsers, AND on another laptop with no ad blocking software at all and still get the same message.
  6. Obviously they didn't quite literally mean it's one or two people, just that it's the vast minority, which is absolutely true. Clearly no one here is calling that poor girl a Nazi or booing the national anthems or players taking the knee, we're just trying to enjoy the football and this rare occasion that we actually have something to celebrate. Anyway can I just add that I love the chemistry that our players/manager seem to have, it's just so nice to see. My first tournament was '96 and don't think I've really ever seen it like this before. Like no one seems like they have an ego or getting grumpy when they're substituted etc. Obviously we don't know what's going on behind the scenes but that's the impression I get anyway!
  7. I was thinking the exact same thing, you just know it's going to happen. I love our team, they're a great bunch but please don't do this haha
  8. Something about this is starting to piss me off. All this looking back to the '90s, it's coming home, etc. Appeasing to the people who think the current squad is boring and woke or whatever. We need to be looking forwards not backwards, our obsessive nostalgia for that era and even before that (not just football, but also linking COVID-19 to WW2 etc) needs to get in the bin. Sorry, really enjoying the tournament so far otherwise.
  9. CGB


    Oh no not the money! Will someone please think of the money and the poor sponsors? Nah, I'd rather live in a world where we put people's mental health first and reconsider the stuff that actually matters, and that includes the shit that the rest of us have to in our jobs too. We've taken great strides with how (as a society) we are able to discuss mental health over the last few years but there's still a long way to go, let's not stop here. Well done to her, I hope she inspires many people who are also struggling and I hope more players do the same as well.
  10. Yes that would be interesting. The stuff about Chandler's dad is horrible too, would love to see them address that but I doubt it. It'll just be one hour (or however long) of cringey memberberries. Hope Matthew Perry is okay and getting the help he needs, can't see how taking in part in this will do him any good at all (and same for the other cast members who may be struggling with their appearance, age, etc.)
  11. Can't stop listening to this. I think some here will like it as it has DSO/Blut Aus Nord/Darkspace/Decoherence vibes, but very much have their own style as well. Relentless from the very first seconds!
  12. I am absolutely loving this. Will definitely need to play it through again as I'm about half way I think (just on the Collapsed Expressway) and only just getting to grips with the battle system. I just want to comment on how amazing the music is though. I was a bit sceptical initially as often when music is remade it looses some aspect of what made it so great in the first place. For example the OSTs for the FF remakes on the DS are nowhere near as good as the originals in my opinion. With this score though it's like it's exactly the same, but also not. It sounds so new and fresh yet so familiar and nostalgic. And sometimes it even reminds me of Dreamcast-era games like PSO which is always good. Anyway yeah, visually it's breathtaking as well. Everything looks how I always imagined it to in my head when playing the original as a kid. Can't wait to sink some more time into it over the weekend.
  13. That museum "cutscene" is one of my favourite parts of the game. For me, it's a rare moment of (relative) tranquility amongst all the despair and chaos. The chemistry between Joel and Ellie is wonderful and the scene is made more impactful because we know what happens to the characters and their relationship afterwards. I'm currently playing TLOU2 for the third time (on grounded) and still not tired of it. It's such a different game on grounded too, never truly appreciated the usefulness of bricks and bottles until now. About the gameplay loop, maybe I'm weird but I just love pottering/scavenging frantically around abandoned buildings stocking up on supplies and exploring literally every corner. It's such a detailed world they've created, I love to take in every little detail from the letters left lying around, to stuff like notice boards in staff rooms and posters in people's bedrooms, etc. I could spend hours in that world even without the combat parts (which I love too obviously). But I appreciate others find that really boring and tedious. If I had one criticism I think I'd have liked to have seen them do more with the QTE system (I forgot how exhilarating they could be until I played Detroit: Become Human recently). It's so basic it seems almost pointless to have it there really but there are so few of them it doesn't really matter.
  14. Currently playing this for the first time (on PS Now) and loving it. The music, characters and visuals have pulled me right in and can't wait until work's over so I can play it again. Playing this in the evenings with a couple of glasses of red, with the rain/snow beating against the windows has just been perfect!
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