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  1. Swainy

    So the Vectrex then

    The buzz is part of the charm but yes, there is a buzz off kit that you can buy... I think it’s a guy on Atariage.com that sells them.
  2. Swainy

    So the Vectrex then

    Probably needs to be re-capped. Try and find someone who still fixes CRT’s.
  3. Swainy

    So the Vectrex then

    The worst that can happen is that it will need recapping at some point. Pretty much like any piece of hardware really. There’s plenty of people out there in the arcade scene who can help you out with the CRT side of things if need be.
  4. Swainy

    So the Vectrex then

    I think was lucky with the controller that came with mine as it works perfectly. Im hoping to pick up a new controller for it called a RadPad. They are about £100 though.
  5. I wanted a Vectrex during the 80’s ever since my cousin got one for Christmas back in 1983. Anyway the years passed and I eventually picked one up for £50 back in late 2011 when we started the Retro Asylum podcast and ever since then it’s become my favourite console. I recently bought a homebrew title called Vector Patrol which is basically Moon Patrol which never received an official conversion. It’s the most impressive game I’ve ever played on the system and is a joy to play and it’s really re-ignited my interest in the Vectrex. Has anyone else here got one and if so, what are your favourite games for it? Here is a review I’ve done for Vector Patrol if you want to take a look at it:
  6. They need to shoehorn this in somewhere
  7. Apparently this is official:
  8. I just hope that the last film hasn’t left too much of a bitter taste to put many people off. My son will be pleased, he loves Ghostbusters even more than me.
  9. Lots of sites reporting this now. 2020 seems too soon to me.
  10. Swainy

    Rare/collectable Spectrum Games

    You are probably right. There are a few +3 exclusive games (mainly graphic adventures) and the odd game had extra cut scenes (Golden Axe had the maps in between levels, Shadow Of The Beast had some extras too) but the majority of the games were just the same as the cassette releases and were usually a fiver cheaper on cassette.
  11. Swainy

    Rare/collectable Spectrum Games

    I remember seeing reviews of it at the time but I can’t see any footage of the game running on YouTube. I’ll have to try it in an emulator once I’m back home later.
  12. Swainy

    Rare/collectable Spectrum Games

    I still can’t get over how much +3 disc games go for these days.
  13. Swainy

    Rare/collectable Spectrum Games

    My biggest complaint with Shinobi was when he crouched down whilst carrying the gun... For some reason the top of the characters head was loose a row of pixels giving him a flat top.

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