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  1. It’s in great hands with you & Richard at the helm. Really looking forward to it!
  2. Swainy

    Play Expo Manchester this weekend?

    I saw him back in 2004 (which is now obviously a long time ago) and he seemed a lot more on the ball back then to how he comes across on that video.
  3. Bit of a rubbish game (it plays like a 1 player Spectrum version of Target; Renegade that scrolls) but I really like the music. And something from the Amiga:
  4. Swainy

    Retro Asylum 203: Donkey Kong GB

    Can Mads and Chris jump barrels, climb vines, and solve devious puzzles in this month’s game club episode? Find out right here as we play Donkey Kong on the Gameboy which surprisingly plays very differently to its arcade counterpart! Also we reveal next month’s game – a wonderful SHMUP for you all to play. http://traffic.libsyn.com/retroasylum/RA_203_-_Donkey_Kong_GB.mp3
  5. Swainy

    Dan Dare 8 bit. Same licence, different games

    Yeah it started life as Crazy Jet Racer. If you look at the sprite on the 3D tunnel sections you can still see the wheel dangling down between Dans legs.
  6. Swainy

    Play Expo Manchester this weekend?

    Sadly I can’t make it this year. It’s a bit of a mission for me anyway.
  7. Swainy

    In honour of Star Wars (1983)

    Yeah there was a 128k version of Empire Strikes back which had some lovely ingame music.
  8. Swainy

    In honour of Star Wars (1983)

    There is a Spectrum version with sound effects which was released a couple of months later due to everyone moaning. Sadly they were just beeper effects and didn’t take advantage of the AY chip in 128k machines. It can be heard on this video review of the game.
  9. Swainy

    Sinclair QL

    Nostalgia Nerd done a video on it a while back. I was always intrigued by the QL but it’s not much of a gaming system.
  10. Swainy

    Super Mario Bros. C64?

    Played it on my C64 (real hardware) yesterday. It’s pretty impressive that they have got the sid sounding so close the NES sound chip. Scrolling seemed a bit jerky at times though.
  11. Swainy

    Retro Asylum 203: Donkey Kong GB

    In this episode Steve, Mads and Chris take on the elephant in the room to discuss the vital role software preservation plays in keeping retro alive. http://traffic.libsyn.com/retroasylum/RA_Episode_202_-_Preservation.mp3
  12. Swainy

    Retro Asylum 203: Donkey Kong GB

    It’s by an artist called Jeremy Roberts who did say to me that it was originally for a Popeye karting game that never got finished.

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