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  1. I would have thought Tsushima would be a bit too Ubisoft for an rllmuk top ten. It's the most Ubi but not Ubi game I've ever played.
  2. So yesterday I found out that this game still won't run at 60fps max settings on a 3070. Even at 1440p. It must have taken the biggest sweaty dumps on people's PC's at launch.
  3. Yeah I enjoyed Bloody Hell too. The lead was great and reminded me of Ryan Reynolds. A Google discovered another movie with him as the lead (Nekrotronic) on Amazon prime which looks just my kind of schlocky trashy fun too.
  4. I need a bigger incentive before I pull the trigger tbh.
  5. I'm building up a pile of PS4 games I'm holding off playing till I get a PS5 but every time I go to check stock, I see a picture of the thing and decide to wait for a redesign or at least an all black console. It's so damn ugleh.
  6. Just finished a session on Breath of the Wild now. It's okay with you to like that one right?
  7. Broker knows this. He has issues. He's okay, his heart is in the right place, he just types before thinking. A rape apologist though. Jesus fucking Christ that's a leap that would make a resetera mod roll their eyes..
  8. I'd have a more enlightening discussion over this with a bag of potatoes so you ain't drawing me in. You can concern troll elsewhere.
  9. I stand by it too! The Division games are class.
  10. Broker you really are dumb as a box of nails.
  11. That's all fair enough but I was just discussing the games. Thanks for quoting me and telling me what I already know though. Didn't really think my post was all that 'toys out of the pram' either really but hey *shrug* The thread can go back to the desperate attempts to be funny. Oh, and the recent Ghost Recon games are great too. Forgot to mention those earlier.
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