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  1. Launch evening aside, I've logged in no issues every time I've gone to play and have never been booted once in 30 odd hours solo on PC. maybe just lucky. Finished the main quest yesterday. Whilst certain elements are rough and feel scaled back or plain not finished at times, the actual meat of the game, the gunplay, the synergy you can create with weapons/classes and skills is massively impressive. Over my time with the game playing as a sniping Technomancer, I was able to tailor my build to my playstyle almost perfectly thanks to the crafting, so any weakness (crowd control) could
  2. My lad is back! Weird. I guess the server he was stored on went down or something. Big relief though, 19 hours and pretty invested in that build.
  3. I just plugged the PS4 in and connected it to the PS5 with a spare Ethernet and the PS5 talks you through it. The PS4 doesn't even need connecting to the TV.
  4. I bought the GOG version a few years back for something riddickulous like 99p. It hasn't aged all that well imo.
  5. PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil. Survive till Dawn. I'm not even kidding. This was one of the best Battle Royale modes I've ever played. The game played out on Erangel but matches unfold over three days and two nights, squeezed into one 30 minute round, and shake things up by introducing undead hordes from the Resident Evil 2 universe like the usual police zombies and Lickers. Zombies drop loot and ammo and these moments were properly tense, but with the addition of the blue zone and of course other players it was just cracking fun. You could push other players under zomb
  6. To me she always looked high af {edit} and huge - sorry for the size lol. eGP351O.mp4
  7. Conversely I could never go back to slouching on a couch or *shudder* gaming while lying in a bed so meh.
  8. I've locked mine at 7 for now. Anything over that just becomes a grind imo. I think the max is 15.
  9. Thanks for posting this link. I now have a stealth PS5
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