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  1. Yet Death Stranding didn't. Must be something to do with it being a shit port. Aloy deserved better.
  2. This is disappointing. I'm having a fairly shit week seeing family and sorting various issues before the inevitable next lockdown and looking forward to this was keeping my spirits up. Damn you AMD. Death Stranding spoiled me. I was expecting similar results
  3. So the PC port has no dlss? That's actually a big shame.
  4. Not horror, but this thread reminded me of it. Does anyone remember Chanel 4 Pot Night in the mid 90s? A whole evening dedicated to weed, finished off with the classic Cheech and Chong movie Up in Smoke.
  5. Yeah, I can totally understand the praise BotW gets, but I preferred Horizon.
  6. I can directly trace my love of horror movies to watching John Carpenter's The Fog on late night TV with the volume so low I could barely hear it when I was about 9 years old. Thanks for reminding me of that. It's a great memory (and movie).
  7. I'm doing a zero death survival run and am up to about level 12. It's getting incredibly nervy now knowing that just one cock up will mean permadeath. For all the hate Ubi get for their games (their recent controversies being a separate issue) this is one of my favourites of this generation for absolute sure.
  8. I thought it had been out longer. Damn this covid time.
  9. 3 is absolutely great if you can get it for a tenner or so. It's much shorter than 2 though.
  10. When you are watching a movie with the lights off and the scene goes dark and you literally cannot see the screen any more it's so black. Still blows me away.
  11. The last two AIO coolers I have used have required a single fan header and a USB header for the RGB stuff.
  12. Yeah, game's great but can we at least all agree that the haiku's are complete cringey shite?
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