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  1. Open to anyone? I thought it was only for pre orders?
  2. Damn this game is good. I hope more people get in on this, because this thread is far too quiet for such a special game.
  3. I recall downloading a demo of the original Far Cry and being absolutely amazed that it ran on my inherited beaten up pc. It was probably running at about 15 FPS but I had lower standards back then. It was a great demo too. Gave you quite a lot to mess around with. Think I went straight out and bought it the next day.
  4. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. That was not on my radar at all, but I ended up playing the demo twice then preordering the game immediately. Playing through that dungeon and then stepping out into that Azeroth looking open area. I was all over that. Escape from Butcher Bay. I absolutely had no interest in this and assumed it would be the usual shit tie in, but tried the demo and was pretty blown away. It looked sensational at the time and the demo - as far as I can remember - gave you a pretty good chunk of the game. More than enough to know it was going to be amazing.
  5. All the guns and armour types having exactly the same stats kinda renders the loot pointless for me. Imo the game would have been improved tenfold with a more randomised take on loot similar to Borderlands or The Division. As it is, I barely even bother picking anything up in this unless it's something obviously new.
  6. What's with all the creepy dolls? Also has anyone playing figured out how you can increase inventory space? There's loads of slots locked out.
  7. I've played this for 10 hours today Got a nicely upgraded AK and shotty. It's like Everybody's Gone to the Rapture meets Call of Duty.
  8. I'm not sure about everyone else, but I was expecting this to be a ridiculously over the top Cyberpunk twin-stick looter shooter and that's exactly what it is. It's greet fun.
  9. Not the biggest fan either and you can't avoid it unfortunately. I'd compare it to something like State of Decay (at least on the easiest setting) in that it's very self explanatory and the items required to build are incredibly simplified. When I got back from my very first (albeit thorough) run, I was able to build a basic bed, a workbench to mod weapons, a workbench to make ammo and a simple generator that once built, just magically supplied power. No need to go all Sim City with wiring. Goes without saying, but anyone picking it up, go with Russian language and subs. The English acting is awful and native is so much more atmospheric. I'm excited cos I just found an AK in Pripyat (enemy weapons are biometrically locked) but I need to figure out how to craft lockpicks before I can get to it.
  10. Yeah it's entirely single-player. Played a bit more. Met the first trader. Love it
  11. If you could run Tarkov, I'm sure you could run this pretty well. According to Steam, a GTX 1060 can do 1080p60 at high settings. The minimum GPU is a GTX 660 which is a mid-tier 9 year old card! It's UE4 and pretty well optimised. Even has HDR and DLSS.
  12. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1016800/Chernobylite/ This has been on my radar since early access, and now it's released in its final form I've had a look and the first few hours are great. There's great accessibility options so you can tailor aspects to how you want to play (very easy survival and building and hard combat for example) and it looks really nice. It's basically Escape From Tarkov the campaign. Each day you choose a mission goal (get meds/search for ammo etc) and spawn into a district surrounding and within Chernobyl. Along the way you find crafting components to improve your base, new weapons which you can heavily mod, other survivors who you can add to your crew and give daily missions (with a % chance of success). Some areas are pretty desolate, some are guarded by the military and some are... spookier. I'd highly recommend it to the guys here who are into the Metro and Stalker games. It's really good stuff.
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