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  1. Yeah, that scene was dark...
  2. I'm still enjoying it a lot. I've just done a great quest involving a shipwreck. It is flawed as fuck though.
  3. Same. Played it a month or so back and it was... Okay. I enjoyed it enough to finish it but it didn't particularly resonate.
  4. I agree with every criticism but I'm properly invested in this game after tonight's play. I don't think I've ever wanted to see the utter demise of a game character more than this guy just introduced. The game has a real pull in that it makes you feel like you can put some very bad shit right.
  5. I have a sneaky suspicion that things might perhaps be about to get dicey.
  6. The structure now the game has opened up a bit is a lot more Witcher 2 than Witcher 3 but that's fine. Not sure I am a fan of getting 5 or 6 steps into an interesting quest only to have it gated off because I haven't levelled up in the the right way though.
  7. Reading back through the topic, this is the only real negative that stands out for me so far. It's a bit
  8. Get it! The opening really reminded me of the older Assassin's Creed games in terms of atmosphere and world building, but then it all went batshit. Now I'm heading to a huge island to quest the heck out of it and romance some natives and the hype is real. I've enjoyed Spider's work in the past, but not to the extent that I'd champion or even recommend it as it was always obviously flawed. This is a huge step up so far.
  9. Played till 1am last night and mopped up the opening area. Hugely impressed. On a technical level it's not quite there but it is so, so close that after a while I barely noticed and could have been playing the latest big budget Ubisoft game (without the microtransactions though \o/). Voice acting is generally good. The voice for the male lead character is particularly strong. Turning the controller sensitivity as low as it can go made the controls feel a bit weightier and helped a lot. The default is nuts. Questing is great. A lot of choices to make, different routes to take. Just very clever stuff. The New Serene starting area is choc full of interesting characters and lore and man, it ends LIKE A BOSS! Was not expecting that... Very, very excited to keep playing this. It's been a while since a really decent RPG came out and this is really scratching that itch in a big way.
  10. Gizamaluke

    Gears 5

    Can someone who has finished it let me know how much longer I have to go? I really want to finish it before Greedfall: Thanks!
  11. Gizamaluke

    Gears 5

    With great graphics comes great unreliability.
  12. Gizamaluke

    Gears 5

    Does anyone else keep finding loads of stapleguns? I could put lyreco out of business.
  13. Got up at 5am as it was the only chance I'd get to play it. Initially it felt a bit janky but I ended up having a good old time helicoptering around the place causing mayhem. I uninstalled after a couple of hours as I know I'll be getting it now so wanted to keep it all fresh.
  14. Gizamaluke

    Gears 5

    What is your device??? I thought windows updates were universaly available?
  15. I have high hopes for this. Don't let me down spiders (gently if you have to let me down at all...)
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