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  1. Gizamaluke

    Final Fantasy X/X-2, the HD remaster (now on PS4)

    The battle system and progression are admittedly top drawer, but the game around it is so cringey, linear and basic. Each area feels too small to give an impression of being a real place. It all feels like an indie walking sim with random battles these days. Easily the worst FF. HAHAHAHA....
  2. Gizamaluke

    Days Gone - Sons of Anarchy x Last of Us

    Although my brain is saying wait a month or two, releasing this now is genius. A nice, dumb post Sekiro digestif is just what I'm after.
  3. Gizamaluke

    Days Gone - Sons of Anarchy x Last of Us

    I reckon it'll be a metacritic 7.86455 out of ten.
  4. Gizamaluke

    World War Z (The Division 4 Dead)

    You can let the AI fill the other slots and they do a reasonable job. This really is a co-op game by design though.
  5. Gizamaluke

    XIII Remake, Winter 2019

    Wait now we're remaking the bad games? How hard is it to come up with something original?
  6. Gizamaluke

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I'll try it later. Maybe it's been patched.
  7. Gizamaluke

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I had this exact problem. I bought, completed and sold the disc version at launch then picked up the complete game digitally a few months back. Save not compatible. Really took the shine off an otherwise amazing game.
  8. Gizamaluke

    Snooker 19

    You're just asking to bottle it in the final.
  9. Gizamaluke

    World War Z (The Division 4 Dead)

    Yep, that looks really blinkin good.
  10. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the polar opposite of Diablo 3. They may share perspectives, but one is a mindless hack and slash that a lobotomy patient could manage and the second is one of the most deep, complicated (yet rewarding) RPG's you could ever play.
  11. Gizamaluke

    World War Z (The Division 4 Dead)

    It looks like a lot of fun, but four one hour scenarios doesn't bode well for value. ACG really enjoyed it though:
  12. Try it on pc first? The entire first act is free.
  13. Gizamaluke

    Borderlands from Gearbox

    It just seems like the Badass characters and also bosses to a lesser degree are a lot less bullet spongey. I remember Old Haven with the Crimson Lance guys and turrets being a nightmare originally but I just waltzed through it the other day (and then went back cos I had to save old clappers).
  14. Does the Epic store allow controller customisation and cloud saves yet? I have to be honest and say I've not even used it so far.
  15. You only need to run the launcher for the game you are going to play.

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