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  1. Err, I've just said exactly that and also agreed that Nequests is right. The number of racist incidents is irrelevant.
  2. You can't win here WK. You are perfectly entitled to like DDR and it doesn't make you a bad person, but he was racist on stream, so Nequests will always be right.
  3. Left stick. Can be pressed down and used as button
  4. Too late for a class action suit. I drank mine already.
  5. I'm not really feeling PUBG at the moment. Anyone for Ring of Elysium?
  6. It's unfortunate for players like me who have the odd binge on the game for a few hours a month but also strangely part of the appeal.
  7. I Benny Hill'ed the heck out of that bit.
  8. I only really watch the Doc when he pops up in the odd PUBG duo game with chocoTaco, and maybe because choco is quite relaxed, the Doc seems to tone it down a lot. I'm sure his return is going to anger lots of people who should have better things to worry about, but what did they really expect would happen?
  9. Singularity is a cracking FPS. Another for the summer drought.
  10. Gizamaluke


    I really want to see Kyrgios win this tournament the angry bastard.
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