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  1. Jazz Glands

    Wonder Boy III The Dragon's Trap - Now with Wonder Girl

    They didn’t. The game originally came out in the 1989. And for all it’s quirks and old-fashioned design, it’s still a wonderful game and was insanely ahead of it’s time.
  2. Stunning. A real shame this never got the PS Pro treatment
  3. Jazz Glands

    Player usernames that have tickled you

    I always liked Thread Astaire as a name. Not as a poster though, the attention seeking, right wing dimwit.
  4. Jazz Glands

    Nintendo Switch

    Sorry if this has been asked several times before, but can anyone recommend a relatively compact stand that can also hold the Switch vertically? Thanks.
  5. Jazz Glands

    Nintendo Switch

    Unfortunately Wolfenstein 2 is a turd of a game. Not a patch on the original. My biggest disappointment of 2017
  6. Jazz Glands

    PlayStation VR

    Grab another move controller (you’ll want it for Superhot anyway) and get Batman. Short, but oh so sweet.
  7. Jazz Glands

    Nintendo Switch

    Shock Troopers, Metal Slug (original or X) and Blazing Star are all excellent games.
  8. Jazz Glands


    How does this run on Xbone?
  9. Jazz Glands

    Nintendo Switch

    If I want to take my recently purchased Switch to an upcoming trip to NY, how do I go about charging it whilst over there? Will I need to buy a US adapter?
  10. Jazz Glands

    Nintendo Switch

    To those who have played Neo Geo fighters such as KOF and Garou, how are the joycon D-pad buttons for quarter circle/dragon punch etc commands?
  11. Jazz Glands

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Struggling with the starfighter controls on this, particularly compared to the first game. Any tips?
  12. Jazz Glands

    WipEout Omega Collection - VR Update out now

  13. Obviously. Despite it being the second in the series. Anyway am very much looking forwards to this, particularly if they go back to basics a little.
  14. Jazz Glands

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Knowing EA they’ll kill the servers even sooner if that happens

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