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  1. Got burned on Dangerous Driving by people gushing about an objectively poor game. Will definitely give this one a try before I put the money down.
  2. Do Nintendo take payment on preorder or dispatch?
  3. Think I sold you one of those Cottons for £28 back in the day Will give you your money back plus interest for it now
  4. It’s not £150 better. Particularly when you can everything in HD through Dolphin too.
  5. I sold mine a couple of weeks ago for £150. Madness, considering I can play my GC games on my Wii or modded Wii U.
  6. Pen Pen Tricelon was bloody great. I’d take a sequel.
  7. It was designed for the wheel. If you rolled the analogue stick almost like a wheel it was far better, but still far from ideal.
  8. Gotten back into my first love, the Mega Drive. Picked up about a dozen or so Japanese games so far and enjoyed going through this thread. If anyone is looking to sell any of their Japanese games, please give me a shout
  9. I have it and a Rebug PS3, will try it later and let you know
  10. There’s also the Sega Ages PS2 releases you can play on a Rebug PS3, some of which are much better than others. I’d recommend Decathlete Collection - Athlete Kings, Virtua Athlete and Winter Heat.
  11. Don’t forget GTI Club by Konami and of course Outrun Online Arcade, Nights, JSR and Crazi Taxi (all Sega again), although CT has the gimped soundtrack. How did you play the original Sega Rally from Outrun 2006 out of interest? Rebug PS3? Does it run well?
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