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  1. I’d take a Switch re-release of the impossible to get hold of (since I sold it ) and absolutely excellent, Ninja Cop too whilst they’re dusting off their GBA library.
  2. Not even any new roms for Capcom Arcade Stadium.
  3. Watching it in the pub with my Finnish friends. Everyone’s stunned. Come on Christian!
  4. Ahh the old crippling self-doubt. Been there bought the t-shirt on that one. Well you can put that to bed right now, because it doesn’t suck. At all. Your reviews are consistently excellent.
  5. Agree with the above poster. You have a real skill for writing/reviewing.
  6. They’ve also sorted out the stuttering and aspect ratio issues which hampered the Switch version.
  7. I worked at EB when this came out and do remember it being inexplicably popular at the time. Teenage me used to call it pantsdemonium (LOL) whilst encouraging everyone to buy Symphony of the Night instead, which would inevitably be returned because it looked ‘old fashioned’.
  8. Looks like I’m not the only one prone to repeating myself
  9. I’m currently tracking down Sparkster and Rocket Knight Adventures, so I’m sure they’ll be the next to be announced on the day I finally pick them up
  10. Literally announced on the day I drop £40 on a SNES copy
  11. Let me know if you do. You’ve a bunch of games in that pic I’m definitely not at all jealous of. At all. Nope.
  12. Any lessons learned from the retro brite experiment? I plan on doing my Super Famicom in the coming weeks (once the sun decides to make an appearance).
  13. Bought this on Switch and after the PS4 demo it really is quite a significant downgrade, visually and frame rate wise. If you have both options available, unless handheld play is your main focus of course, definitely go with PS4.
  14. Loving the support people are providing each other in this thread Definitely making it more tempting to jump on the Mister train, when finances allow.
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