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  1. Kinda interesting that they're calling this just FFVII Remake and not Part 1 or Episode 1. Also, no stair climbing in that trailer. They'd better not take that out!
  2. Is this by the same guys that did Underworld Ascendant?
  3. Looks like a reason for me to finally get a Switch.
  4. James Lyon

    Hitman 2

    I was a little apprehensive in that mission as there seemed to be some bugs. Some of the guards kept disappearing off the map in some runs - one literally walked behind a pillar and vanished one time. Was half nervous I'd fail due to a glitch more than anything. That was my first Silent Assassin in Hitman 1/2, by the way!
  5. James Lyon

    Hitman 2

    Got Silent Assassin in the Gunrunner elusive target yesterday. Sorry, if this is old news to anyone, but after several hours of meticulous planning, my heart was beating fast walking out of the place hoping I didn't mess anything up. It makes a big change from the last mission which I failed by fiddling with an electrical cable in a puddle. For a long time I thought I'd been spotted and shot instantly, which I thought was a bit unfair. Until, yeah, I figured it's best not set a trap while standing in the trap.
  6. Thanks, but I like a box. Just found out a friend still has a copy anyway.
  7. This is the one GameCube game I regret selling, especially now it's at least £25 quid to buy it back.
  8. Although Land of the Dead, was decent enough, I was always disappointed that Romero never got his mojo back after that.
  9. Is it Ghostbusters 2? I think that was the first film I watched where the reality didn't live up to the hype. Even at a young age I could tell this wasn't as good as the first one, even if I couldn't tell why.
  10. They could always use that de-aging technology they used for Samuel L. Jackson. Twelve forever!
  11. Dunkirk - 3/5 Maybe I'd have been more impressed watching it in IMAX as intended. People keep getting on boats which keep sinking. I bet Christopher Nolan wished Spielberg hadn't done the D-Day landings quite so well first time around so he could have had a go.
  12. James Lyon

    Decay of Logos

    Looks good at least. How have I not heard of this one until now?
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