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  1. Hannibal. It's got creepy and stylish murders.
  2. Oh, wow. Better than 8? That's definitely on the list.
  3. Definitely check out 8 if you get chance, then.
  4. Better than VIII? I haven't played any of the others but DQ8 on PS2 was amazing.
  5. Hey, it's free "money". I guess it's just a bit of FOMO.
  6. I'm mildly annoyed that you can't do the 10k challenge if you just have a PC. Especially since all you need to do is to click a couple of buttons on Xbox and then you can do everything else on PC anyway. Also, some of the quest challenges don't work on PC. The Tales of Vesperia, for instance, apparently doesn't get recognised if you play it on PC as it's different from the Xbox version. Thankfully most of the recent challenge games have been available on the cloud so more of that please. I don't want to seem like it's an outrage, but Microsoft did commit to putting out
  7. He doesn't know kung fu. He doesn't even know karate. But he knows ka-razy.
  8. I'm watching this now based on these recommendations. Actually, I watched some of the first season at the time it came out, but it didn't grab me. Happy to give it a reappraisal now. However, does it get beyond episodes like this?: Captain: I know you're a dirty cop, Mackie, and I'm going to prove it. * Vic hides the evidence at last second. * Vic: Haha! Better luck next time, chief! Captain: Mackie!!!
  9. That reminds me of speedrunning Monkey Island for my own amusement back on the Amiga. I got those disk swaps down pat.
  10. I wonder what's in the Carpathians. Research base? It can't be another Gothic castle, surely?
  11. Nailed It on Netflix is a good Bake Off-lite show. Much laughs to be had when the contestants reveal their attempts.
  12. I'm sad The Dig hadn't got the remaster treatment yet. But that's another story.
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