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  1. I completely agree that the PGR series represents the high water mark for arcade racers. I don't think Horizon gets anywhere near it though, at least not in terms of handling and track design. It does look amazing though.
  2. The Destiny series. Love Bungie. Love shooters. Here though they somehow contrived to make the main combat loop incredibly dull and the levelling up a joyless chore. The Forza Horizon series. Love arcade racers but, despite appearances, this isn't one really. The open world doesn't help endear it to me either. Still own every game in both series and most of the Destiny expansions, stupidly enough.
  3. petrolgirls

    NIOH 2

    Quite enjoying the beta, the spear doesn't seem as OP as the original. Looks a bit better too. I find combat in Nioh to be the Tekken to From's Soulcalibur. Nioh has an emphasis on combo strings and less use of 3D space than From's games.
  4. Retrofuturism is a bit of a mishmash of styles from around that period, I can see the odd flourish that feels a bit Art Nouveau but I'd really struggle to describe the the game as belonging to that style in its entirety - Art Nouveau is much more elaborate and ornate. There's elements of Futurism, some Nouveau with strong influences from advertising and film posters from the early 20th Century, themselves a pastiche of prevailing art styles of the time.
  5. petrolgirls


    Agreed, complete with insipid combat.
  6. Pffft, even if I did I wouldn't give it to you. He's dreamy.
  7. I'm currently working with a German director of photography who looks exactly like this.
  8. You're assuming the limiting factor on consoles is the GPU. Entirely possible the frame rate here is bound by this gens creaking CPUs.
  9. It's a modern pastiche of Futurism, an early 20th century art movement. This incarnation of it is sometimes referred to as Retrofuturism.
  10. Off the top of my head Papers Please features a load of fictional European countries and Far Cry 5 is set in a fictional county albeit in the USA.
  11. Yeah, I like the light on the cow - shooting into the dark side of a face is cinematic. I'd be inclined to crop top and left of frame a little as they're a bit nothing and maybe warm up the remaining sky a touch with a grad to match the magic hour look of the mid ground.
  12. I can't find a link for this? Qwartee's website seemingly impenetrable.
  13. A HDD is around ten times faster than an Ultra Blu Ray and of course roughly as many people download as buy physics games now (a simple majority by the time next gen rolls round you'd have to imagine). Having to redownload a 50GB game you've not played for a few weeks doesn't seem like a solution. Either there's a lot of SSD storage (1TB+) which seems unlikely from a cost perspective or they stick with having a cheap HDD to store games. I don't think that just because they haven't explicitly mentioned having a HDD rules it out, particularly when details are so thin on the ground. The last two Playstations came with HDD's as standard so it's not something they'd shout from the rooftops at this juncture. I'd love it to just have lots of pure crazily fast SSD storage and maybe it will, they somehow managed to make 8GB of GDDR5 work financially last time and perhaps it'll come with a variety of SSD storage options so the consumer takes the hit but whilst 1TB of basic SSD costs around £120 it seems infeasible to have the superfast version of that supplied as standard in the base model.
  14. 256-512GB I reckon. You could keep nonessential data off the SSD as well, stuff like audio and video streams could stay on the HDD - you really only need fast access to textures.
  15. Agreed. They'll maybe include a 2-4TB conventional HDD for storage but your last x games played live as cache on your SSD?
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