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  1. I've been playing this loads with my daughter, she loves it - every time we unlock a new character we have to pause the game and Google the person it's based on, ideally find a few short clips on YouTube illustrating them in their pomp and she'll then insist on seeing what they look like now which makes me feel old and a bit sad. Overall though, cracking game.
  2. Perhaps you willed it into existence. Along with whatever an Amstrad 186 is.
  3. Dark Souls III sold 3 million in two months, Sekiro nearly 4 million in just over three months which suggests Sekiro is selling at least as well if not better. For a tough game, even by Froms standards, that's pretty impressive.
  4. The 3DS version is just vanilla Rebirth - if you have or plan on getting a Switch you should absolutely get Isaac for that. Afterbirth+ Is harder for sure but the mechanics and visuals are noticeably better and there's fun stuff like the Forgotten to play as.
  5. Between the PC, Vita, PS4 and Switch version of this I've put in well over 1000 hours into the game. I play it almost every night before I go to sleep. I can beat mother roughly every other go, Mega Satan about one in five - is not that hard one you figure out boss patterns and how to extract the most out of every level. Repentance is due out later this year. I can't wait to see how that turns out - it's a merger of the official Afterbirth+ and the fan-made Antibirth (which runs on the old Rebirth engine). The final and definitive Isaac, it should have a ridiculous amount of content.
  6. petrolgirls


    My Dads a Celtic fan and pretty much mirrors deerokus' thoughts, reckons he's outstanding and we've got him for a steal given his age and potential. When I expressed uncertainty he reminded me the last time we had this conversation was a few years ago when Arsenal passed on Van Dijk for 12 million.
  7. petrolgirls


    Decent article on Edu from The Athletic https://theathletic.co.uk/1112940/2019/08/07/arsenal-was-his-university-how-edus-post-invincibles-career-prepared-him-to-return-as-technical-director/
  8. What's perhaps more significant is the price. The PS2's price dropped to $149 less than 4 years in, $129 less than six years in and it took a price cut to $99 to edge them over the 100 million mark. PS4 is still $249, even taking inflation into account that's still much more expensive. If Sony think the market is less price sensitive than it once was it might give some credence to the rumours of PS5 launching at quite a high price.
  9. I don't claim to work in development, I work in visual effects which is a fairly closely related field. My primary tool runs on OpenGL, is made by Autodesk and shares stuff like shaders with their game dev tools. My coding skills are modest, at best, but I've managed to get a few simple ideas up and running on stuff like Unity and Gamemaker. There are definitely people on here who know an awful lot more than me about developing games, but I know enough to understand the fundamentals and recognise when someone's chatting biscuits.
  10. They're having to use an old dual-core G3258 to get the frame rate to drop significantly, even then it still runs the game mostly north of 30fps, well over 80/90fps in places - so there's no reason that well optimized code couldn't run around 30fps on the Switch's quad-core RISC setup. There's no way that you could describe Witcher 3 as CPU bound for most PC gamers setups. Given the Xbox One X's antique Jaguar cores are able to squeeze mostly 60fps out of Witcher 3 and the consensus is the Switch cores are individually faster than Jaguar (albeit half as numerous) it stands to reason that you could coax something around 30fps out of a Switch without too much of a struggle. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
  11. Given it runs at around 30fps on Xbox One but 60fps on One X strongly suggests it's not CPU limited - there's very little difference between the CPU in the One and One X. Slowdown when in a city is just as likely an issue with the graphics engine as anything.
  12. It's useful against the final boss (SS) if you can read his sweep attack. It does a massive amount of posture damage - nearly half his bar in one hit, but it's not easy to execute. That said I've still not got round to finishing him off and suspect the Ichimonji Double might be a more practical tool against him.
  13. Where you getting those figures from?
  14. A lazy Google around the time of launch from PC types around suggests TW3 was GPU, not CPU bound. To @kensei's point I'm sure it's possible to optimize code but it seems unlikely you'd be looking at anything like the optimization required to scale from next gen down to this gen assuming the rumours of a 4x increase in compute are founded.
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