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  1. petrolgirls

    PlayStation VR

    Shame some of you didn't make it through to the end of the story mode in Superhot (although I agree the checkpointing is a dick) - endless mode is where the real game begins. It's amazing.
  2. petrolgirls

    PlayStation VR

    I've played both, move controllers aren't quite as accurate as the touch controllers of course but not enough to be an issue. It's still fantastic on PSVR and second only to Astrobot for me. Recommend you mount your camera above your TV, or even higher for Superhot. Push, don't throw.
  3. There'll be bundles and deals coming in the coming months if not weeks. It's pretty standard to release a new bit of kit at its full rrp first just to establish its perceived value in the market. All console manufacturers do this.
  4. petrolgirls

    Cuphead. Classic cartoon inspired side-scroller

    Given the whole game is flat artwork with a bunch of filtering on top it won't really matter what resolution you play it at north of 1080p unless they resupply all the art assets. It's a stunning looking game though, rock hard too. I ended up playing it on an arcade stick which helped loads but still couldn't quite finish it.
  5. I agree that the start of this gen was Xbox's best period of exclusives - interesting that it was also their best period of sales relative to PS4 - selling 3 million consoles to Sony's 4.4 million. Despite being more expensive and Kinect and no BC and TV TV TV. Since then MS has stripped out Kinect, dropped the price, introduced BC and a sexier form factor but offered alarmingly little in the way of compelling exclusive games. Xbox sales ratio vs PS4 has tanked from 1 : 1.4 in 2013 to around 1 : 2.5 currently. To my mind people buy games consoles to play games, access to widest library of games available has to be the single biggest motivating factor in buying a console and that hasn't been close to being Xbox for most of this generation.
  6. But that's just people like us though. Only a tiny proportion of people buy their consoles in the first few months. Sony sold 4.4 million PS4s in 2013 but will easily sell 120 million when all is said and done. The overwhelming majority of this gens console owners waited until the price was right and there were games they wanted to play. If your argument holds water then last gen, when the PS3 launched in arguably an even worse state than the Bone this gen, the 360 should have destroyed the PS3 over its lifetime. Yet it didn't, Sony released a bunch of decent exclusives by the halfway mark and went on to sell more PS3s than MS sold 360's. Microsoft jettisoned Kinect and quickly reached price parity with PS4 then lowered the price well below the PS4 and yet it still hasn't significantly improved sales. No question that had the Bone launched cheaper and with BC it would have helped a bit but it seems fanciful in the extreme to think it would have outsold PS4 with the game support it's had this gen.
  7. PS4 and Switch had no BC yet seem to have done quite well. The reality is most console owners don't seem to care much about BC. Xbox One's biggest issue by far is a lack of exclusives, as we approach the end of this generation I'm struggling to recall a mainstream console with a less compelling lineup of exclusive games. On that basis there's little chance having BC at launch would have altered Xbox's trajectory this generation that much.
  8. The official charging stand already solves this, it charges the controller from the bottom once it's sat in the cradle. The more cynical side of me thinks the reason Sony fitted such low power batteries in their controllers is to encourage you to buy at least two and use their charging stand.
  9. You have to imagine the SSD will be quite limited in size - something like 128GB, but PS5 will also have a much larger regular HDD that will initially load games into the SSD. That's my guess anyway - the price of, say, a 1TB SSD would be prohibitively expensive. Might mean we're still in for fairly long load times when you switch games.
  10. I'm surprised the RRP isn't lower but imagine it'll get heavily discounted soon enough. Whilst it won't tell them exactly how things would work at launch, keeping the design and internals broadly similar to the regular S will give them some insight into whether the markets interested in a discless machine. Much more so than if it were a while new design with an SSD drive.
  11. Presumably this is MS testing the water ahead of next gen to see what demand for a discless system looks like. They weren't ever going to go to the expense of changing the design or making it significantly more expensive with an SSD. They want it to be as close to the existing box as possible bar a disc drive so they can make a meaningful comparison.
  12. petrolgirls

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Poland Street. I've seen him about too, I used to work for the company directly behind incredible shirt man.
  13. petrolgirls

    Rhythm Heaven: The Best+

    They've had Mario Kart and Taiko no Tatsujen for a good few years now but I think Rhythm Heaven is relatively new. Used to go quite regularly to play pool at lunchtime, might have to pop back as I've never played the arcade version of Rhythm Heaven.
  14. petrolgirls

    Rhythm Heaven: The Best+

    Was that in Las Vegas? (wag preemption: the arcade in Soho).
  15. petrolgirls

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Agreed, I've found the exploration in this to be every bit as good as DS and BB so far.

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