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  1. Man, I think the pistol is actually the best weapon in the game. It's also the best weapon for the final boss. I've done it with the pistol, carbine, hollowseeker, pylon driver, rocket launcher and dreadbound, and the pistol is the easiest and quickest by a margin. Hollowseeker a close second.
  2. OK, I think I know the one you mean. Be on the lookout for the pointy red projectiles as those cause suit malfunctions on hit. Watch out when he glows red, as he'll lunge at you - you might need to dodge a tad earlier than you expect.
  3. New patch seems alright! Only played one run, but I haven't seen any scouts. They aren't mentioned in the patch notes either. Did encounter one new bug though: the revival chamber in biome 6 didn't load in. The symbol appeared on the map, but the thing itself didn't load in - it was like a big invisible wall at the end of the chamber, and no, I tried but I couldn't find a button prompt to use it while it was invisible.
  4. I think biome 5 seems like a huge difficulty spike at first, I'd just keep plugging away, the thing that's going to make the most difference at this point is to just level up your weapon traits. Also, I've mentioned this before, but:
  5. Just a reminder there’s a patch incoming at midday UK time, so be careful with those runs!
  6. I absolutely hated this gun on unlock, but have come to really enjoy it since levelling it the hell up! The fourth shard trait makes all the difference though, it’s almost as bad as getting a wide maw shotgun without it.
  7. Yeah I actually think this is the hardest thing to dodge in the entire game, and those enemies are by far the most annoying! Well, except for the bats, maybe.
  8. Well, it's basically the same patch. 1.3.4 is 1.3.1 in all but name, so audio glitches and (rare) hard crashes remain. Except the obolite / ether exchange stations seem kind of broken now. Oh, and you won't see any scouts.
  9. There's only one turret type per biome, so you'll know what to expect if you remember which type belongs where.
  10. There’s a few things that let you do this. The big one is an alt-fire that breaks shields. There’s also an artefact that gives you a 25% chance to do this upon a successful overload or something IIRC.
  11. The only times I've found multiple cubes within the same biome, the second has been in one of those timed platforming sections. I swapped the cube out because who wants to deal with that stress a second time, but there's no way to go back and get the one you dropped so you need to do another run anyway. I've only got one cube left though, and it's in biome 3, which I find the most annoying. It's really hard to get away with blasting straight there since everything kills you in two hits. I might chance it though, I've seen speed runners slip through the entire game giving zero fucks
  12. Great explanation, the only thing I'd like to add is that there are 3 data cubes in each biome, and they'll always appear in the same place, so if you lose one during a run, just remember to look out for the same room the next time.
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