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  1. This guy explains the hidden story in Hollow Knight pretty well, for my money. The other competing channel, Superforge, is fully rubbish at it. Spoilers, obviously.
  2. Seems like a decent set up to me. I've never used the Shape of Unn though, so I don't really know any specific advantages of that for this particular fight!
  3. If you've pushed him to 75%, you can definitely take him. Here's some tips:
  4. Cheers! Yeah, I only found out that Fragile Heart actually gives you two extra masks even in shell-bound runs yesterday, and it was just the thing I needed to give me the confidence for those challenges. I'm sure you'll crack it soon,
  5. If you don't fancy the farming, Not to dissuade you too hard though, the lantern is very useful.
  6. I gave myself an interrim goal before the PoH drove me insane from near misses. I think the best outcome of trying the binding runs was that it actually got me to switch up my charms. I'd been using Mark of Pride, Longnail, Unbreakable Strength and Quick Focus the whole time up until now. I've since changed Longnail and Quick focus for Fragile Heart and Lifeblood Core. It felt a bit weird switching to health-boosting charms at first, as I want to think I'm good at dodging, but honestly I needed all the help I could get for Soul/Shell binding runs. The result has been fantastic though! Not only am I more comfortable without the (slightly wasteful) Longnail+Mark of Pride combo, but the psychological effect of having more breathing room does wonders for my strategies. Since it takes more hits to get to the point where I need to worry about healing, I'm not trying to sneak in quick heals here and there during nerve-wracking fights, but rather able to fully focus on dodging and countering, meaning I need to heal less in the first place. What a good game. EDIT: Smashed my record in the PoH and unlocked the last boss in the HoG now. Hoo boy, gonna dig into that tonight.
  7. Nah, there’s a lower route in. My first time through dreamnail was the first thing I got after the skill from greenpath.
  8. I've had the frame rate issue once since the Godmaster DLC was released, and restarting the game worked for me too. Team Cherry are working on it, and I hope there's a patch soon. (Which includes some welcome balance changes to some Godmaster bosses that are already live in the PC version!)
  9. BTW, it wouldn't hurt you to have a little poke at the Grimm stuff, it's designed to integrate into a regular playthrough, so you can do Grimm things alongside your other objectives. Also I'm glad you're enjoying this Joffo!
  10. Not quite. It's some smaller boss rushes and then one gigantic boss rush. With optional difficulty modifiers. Plus there's the Hall of Gods which lets you re-fight any boss you've encountered in the game, with two higher optional levels of difficulty. It all seems pretty intimidating at first, as it's not exactly easy, but for me at least, a few hours in the Hall of Gods upped my game no end. There's also a new ending tied to it (arg). I love the charms too, but am always very boring in my choices 95% of the time. I've seen some incredibly inventive setups, but all I want is a bigger nail that hits really hard. And faster health recovery! I basically have my knight set up as vanilla as Ryu.
  11. Yep, they're both in there. Grimm Troupe doesn't have any new locations, but it does have one of the best boss fights in the game, so it's worth checking out if you like the boss design in this game. I wasn't sure about Godmaster initially, but I'm fully in love with it now. My in-game timer says I've spent over 30 hours playing it since it came out. Which is pretty impressive when getting to the previous full completion percentage (107%) took me 44 hours. I also kind of hate it as I still haven't beaten it though.
  12. There is! Early next year, I believe.
  13. Me & NKG are buds again. Please god don't let me lose to him in my next run!
  14. imp

    Lethal League

    Oh man, it's great this is getting a sequel. Loved the original for local play!

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