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  1. Mrs Horribleman

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    How are you supposed to counter Gen A's danger move in his second dot? I try jumping but half the time I still get hit.
  2. Mrs Horribleman

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    So I'm pretty close to beating GenA but I fancy an explore to get some more stuff. I've been too the estate, and done the castle and outskirts. What other areas can I explore before I kill GenA?
  3. Mrs Horribleman


    I really like the Lidl 5 strength one for my morning coffee.
  4. Mrs Horribleman

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah. I've the Zelda one and it's permanently on my switch.
  5. Cool. I have a Wii U. Will I be better off using that?
  6. Mrs Horribleman

    Nintendo Switch

    I think they are entitled to send it back to Nintendo though so they aren't technically in the wrong although you would expect customer service.
  7. So adding a WiFi smart plug will solve the remote switch on and off? If I buy that pi and case, what else would I need to make my controllers work on it? Thanks a lot!!
  8. I find it puzzling they didn't go with the one X.
  9. I've decided I want a little emulator box. My requirements I hope are simple. It will run mame and final burn. It will work with a PS4 or 8bitdo pad. Preferably will be able to switch it on remotely. Will a pi be able to do this and what should I be looking for to buy? Any advice appreciated. Unless anyone sells them on here?
  10. Mrs Horribleman

    Gene Wolfe, SF Grand Master, RIP

    For those who have read all of his stuff, what's the most accessible?
  11. Mrs Horribleman

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I liked nioh but I think this is better. Other people undoubtedly prefer nioh. Both definitely worth playing.
  12. My wife reckons Jamie is going to have to kill Dany.
  13. Mrs Horribleman

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    He also didn't reply to several things. I think the goodwill in that thread is more because he is the actual creator of a bunch of games that people hold, rightly so, in very high regard.
  14. Mrs Horribleman

    Gene Wolfe, SF Grand Master, RIP

    This is my favourite opening of any book I think.
  15. Mrs Horribleman

    Nintendo Switch

    I'd go and do a beast. That was how it clicked for me.

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