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  1. Tony Mott was chatting to me about GTA while I was playing Esprade on Geldra's cab and I thought he was talking about GT. It was a very confusing moment.
  2. The fights are fucking terrible! I think they're supposed to be right?
  3. I liked it and the band he's in isn't a metal band so why is it called the sound of metal
  4. There are some shit bosses though. Guape can fuck off and so can Robert (although I did that first time).
  5. Oh well. I can't be bothered to keep doing the same three bits before i get to the place I die. There are definitely some sections where it seems like you can get lucky or unlucky and die when you couldn't really do much about it too.
  6. I've stopped playing it as they really need to save your progress after every section.
  7. I hadn't thought to check if the big chains had gotten vegan friendly! I hate their dip but might allow it one time to try this stuff.
  8. Totally agree. Get some garlic granules in there too.
  9. Last night I managed to order an 'American Hot' instead of 'Vegetarian Hot' pizza. First takeaway fuck up I've made! We took the pepperoni off and ate it, which on balance we feel was the right thing to do to avoid wasting food. It was pretty nice actually. I guess the garlicky paprika oil from the pepperoni is something we should made for drizzling!
  10. Have you killed MB yet? It took me a long time to get this game, much longer than the other From games. It's bastard hard but it's incredibly rewarding, especially some of the boss fights.
  11. I think it couldn't hurt.
  12. It's definitely one of the best games ever made. I have absolutely no doubt. It's just wonderful. Perfect controls. Brilliant feeling of exploration. Superb and varied bosses. And a brilliant soundtrack.
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