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  1. Cancelled isn't a real state a person can be. He should probably quit.
  2. This is weird. It being 'not too uncommon unfortunately' isn't the satisfactory end state of treating women with respect and dignity in the workplace. If he can't do it, then he has no business running a company that can employ women (99.999% of all companies). Why is that hard to understand?
  3. Northern Monk is also there isn't it? There's a cool-ish arcade bar too.
  4. The biggest sound quality upgrade is a decent, well set up stylus.
  5. I think my wife probably has a crush on Lauren tbf.
  6. I think he said she said is great. Took a few listens. We also have to find a babysitter for the gig. I'm excited for screen violence. I hope some of the psychedelic stuff in how not to drown seeps into the other tracks.
  7. Oh and I don't see why an alternative would sound better. Most of the function of extracting the audio is in the stylus and the constant rotational velocity of the turntable. Loads of turntables at this price cost that much because they are stupid shapes!! This has a mega heavy platter so once it's up to speed there's no warbling
  8. I like the look, it's beautiful but not gimmicky and it weighs a fucking tonne!! It's amazing. Before that I had a Nad C588. Which was also great.
  9. No, not the pair. I just realised I was using my turntable A LOT and thought why not have a lovely one.
  10. I know. I was just picking low hanging fruit.
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