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  1. Ford Vs Ferrari. Racing car movie. Fantastic racing footage. Decent movie too. Very enjoyable. 4/5. Not sure what it's doing in the Oscars (USA, USA!) but fun none the less.
  2. I think it's started to click for me. Episode 6 is quite far in to have the episode where things start to make sense.
  3. Why don't you just make an omelette?
  4. I'm making chickwheat today. Bought some cool umami things yesterday (white miso, bouillon powder and miso paste) to try. If it goes well I'm thinking invent my own kfc burger.
  5. Nah you can buy them easily. Just have to wake for them to come from the US.
  6. You said you've got one on the way.
  7. Similarly, the KFC vegan burger is very bland and could have easily been so much better.
  8. Horribleman


    I like the green shot girl.
  9. Horribleman


    Does anyone have a flip grip they are looking to sell?
  10. Horribleman


    Thanks! That's really helpful. Do you know if the extra character is any good?
  11. Man I need to get my Maiden collection going.
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