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  1. My survey page says it's due for release on 25th June on Switch. Is that right?
  2. He's a friend of a friend. I don't know him enough to put you in touch but I do know he's an absolutely lovely guy and if you can get in touch I'd be surprised if he can't offer you a piece of advice.
  3. Do you know Simon Parkin? He's done good with books and comes from a similar background.
  4. I reckon you need to redo the calibration depending if you're playing on the switch screen or your TV.
  5. They'll be sending them separately. When will the digital codes get sent for UK switch?
  6. I've had a few runs with Ironclad and then decided to have a go with Defect. I love how defect plays but am I jumping the gun playing it so soon?
  7. It sort of makes sense. They have a bit of time to allow them to bed in and tune them. I still haven't played the DLC for any of the dark souls games! Bloodborne is the only one I have.
  8. Bloodborne has a singular (dual?) Purity of atmosphere and it frankly nails it. It also has the best lore. And some of the best enemies. Dark Souls has that 'oh fuck I'm not sure I'm supposed to be here' vibe and it nails that. It has a lot of nods to ICO. Both are the best. I'd say play Dark Souls Remastered and Bloodborne and then go where you like. You must play Bloodborne. I wish they'd patch it for Pro to remove the aliasing and chromatic aberration.
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