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  1. Oh for sure. I made some today with soaked dried chickpeas but making them in the oven isn't great!
  2. Just bought a deep fryer to make falafels. I like them like Pilpel or Falafel house at At Pauls. Anyone got any incredible falafel or flatbread recipes please?
  3. I'm progressing: Still very early on (6hrs or so) so I don't want spoilers, just shout if I'm doing something drastically wrong
  4. Yeah, Silksong is a total new game. It will no doubt be the best game released next year.
  5. This game is worth being patient. There are some tricky bosses, but they all have really well done tells and movesets. So you always seem to learn from each defeat. I think I spent on average about 4 tries on each boss, and I am in no way hardcore. Obviously some people found it easier and some found it more difficult. There were a couple that I found really hard but I still felt like I was learning. I honestly think it's worth taking your time, just getting lost (and asking in here if you get too lost). The game is just incredible if it gets its hooks into you.
  6. Think it's early next year.
  7. I've a phono amp and I don't care about USB. Auto return would be nice. Is my Stanton worth selling? It's a T.62.
  8. No you don't need anything. You need to hit the bubble that comes out of the suit of armour.
  9. I have Krallice, Diotima and Years Past Matter from the original pressings I think.
  10. 08I've got a stanton turntable that I bought from Gumtree. It's decent enough. I want something a little more classy looking. Willing to spend about £200 or so. What should I be looking for? New/Old? Sits in my dining room:
  11. Alexa, set a reminder that this looks amazing.
  12. This game went from hot to not fairly quickly for me. A few things contribute, but these are my main thoughts: 1) You get OP too quickly 2) Being OP means the lessons and stuff are basically pointless 3) I was just wishing the monestary stuff away 4) Inter character relationships sometimes done well but jarringly badly written pieces mean you end a mission best friends with someone and then next cutscene they are openly hostile to you again Didn't make it past part 1.
  13. Russia, South Africa and European stores should all work with a UK debit or credit card. It's Japan and the US which are the difficult ones.
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