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  1. Cosmic_Guru


    Now sold out, unsurprisingly at that price. 7 in stock though at Firestorm for £130, http://firestormcards.co.uk/Gloomhaven?utm_source=BoardGamePrices.co.uk&utm_medium=pricecomparison&utm_campaign=bgp
  2. Cosmic_Guru

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    No, it will be the vanilla version on launch.
  3. Cosmic_Guru

    NieR: Automata - Coming to Xbox 25/06

    I'm really looking forward to giving this another go now. I got past the intro on PS4 but the first few fetch quests left me cold so I sold it on. I'll come back here for tips and tricks nearer the time.
  4. Cosmic_Guru

    Sony Blocking Accounts Between Devices

    MS and Nintendo are pally these days (see the Phil Spencer interview posted in the XBOX thread). MS is a major 3rd party to Nintendo with Minecraft. One would like to imagine there could be scope for further cross-platform opportunities .....
  5. Cosmic_Guru

    Xbox One X

    Not sure if this is the best thread to post it but if you can catch the Giant Bomb interview with Phil on Twitch it's worth a listen - fairly lengthy at maybe 70 minutes or so. He covers a lot of ground but I like the way he speaks - OK, before the cynics wade in he's never going to talk any of his ops down, and he has the benefit of the person trying to clean the stables of shit, but I thought he made some interesting points: 1. The two big games released directly to Gamepass (SoT and SoD2) have both exceeded sales projections at retail. There is a sort of seed or catalyst effect at work here I imagine - one person in a group of friends picks in up in GP, shares a few clips or whatever, and convinces others to buy it (or vice versa). He made it clear they are still very much in the business of selling software, and not solely streaming. 2. Approach to Japan. He knows he isn't going to convince the Japanese to buy more boxes, but he can see potential in helping receptive Japanese developers to fulfil the global potential in their games - a a different take on the issue. On the issue of the more Japanese-centric / niche games he was suggesting the possibility of a future Gamepass type arrangement - either a section of the main library or maybe a different subscription, as the sort of deal which could be done there. Is going to keep plugging away there and seemed to be much happier with the position than 12 months ago. 3. Past mistakes and delays. It seemed to be the case that Scalebound was a game which simply and regretfully could not be pulled into shape. Crackdown 3 on the other hand seems to need the time to improve some basic gameplay elements, but the goal is clear. 4. More 1st party acquisitions - not ruled out. The obvious point is made that the more you have of them, the easier it is to cycle round and throw the spotlight on projects at an appropriate stage of development rather than burden the usual suspects every year.
  6. Cosmic_Guru

    Greedfall - RPG from Spiders (2019)

    Another very short trailer on this one, with Spiders moving right away from the Mars War Logs / Technomancer universe into something more fantasy inspired.
  7. Cosmic_Guru

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    3 countries automatically qualify then? That's going to mess things up bit in terms of regional quotas.
  8. Cosmic_Guru

    Cyberpunk 2077 (CD Projekt Red next masterpiece)

    I don't think we need worry, I'm not.. CDPR will simply take the time they require, being under no financial pressure at all - so that is your defence mechanism really in this case. Also, when they do push the button, they will continue tinkering away for a long period afterwards if W1-W3 are anything to go by. DA2 was a balls up of a promotion campaign, going right down to the naming of the thing. It isn't a terrible game.
  9. Fresh from the exceedingly grim atmosphere portrayed in Vampyr, here's another interesting, though very dark, prospect.
  10. Cosmic_Guru

    Call of Cthulhu - PC & Console 2018

    @JPR we need a change of date on this thread!
  11. Cosmic_Guru

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    I was thinking exactly the same after seeing the environments in this - whatever the unannounced game turns out to be, if it's set in Albion, whyever not?
  12. Cosmic_Guru

    Cyberpunk 2077 (CD Projekt Red next masterpiece)

    Didn't do Deus Ex any harm being FP did it? The only issues might come with some of the more fancy movement options mentioned in the PC Gamer feature - wall running, double jumping etc. Maybe there will be a toggle function at the end of the day (and that day is a long way off after all).
  13. Cosmic_Guru

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    I had 3 options with everyone's fate I could choose. Quite a different ending for you!
  14. Cosmic_Guru

    Cyberpunk 2077 (CD Projekt Red next masterpiece)

    Sounds incredible https://www.pcgamer.com/cyberpunk-2077-everything-we-learned-from-the-jam-packed-e3-demo/

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