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  1. Arsenal

    I've been doing my accounts and listening to a now totally out of date Arsecast and only just seen this news. I'm pleased it's come this way even though I couldn't see it happen given all he has said in the past on the subject of not walking out. Amazing to think there are fans in their late twenties with young kids of their own who have no memories of other managers. Hopefully the team will pull their socks up a bit and see our legend off with some style. Then into new and unchartered waters.....
  2. Morrowind The Elder Scrolls 3

    This evening: I managed to deal with one of the ancestor tombs by raising my own ancestral ghost to keep the tomb occupant occupied whilst I wellied on the skellie archer who was lurking behind the inner door. I took a ship to Ebonheart where I found a former slave hiding out in the argonian embassy, only accessible by swimming (I can not only breathe underwater but walk on the stuff too). I explored a shipwreck and found 3 diamonds, which is handy since someone from the thief's guild wants one. But 2 rats in a store room are still beyond me
  3. Gloomhaven

    Something of a Red Letter Day in Gloomhaven recently - the last two of the original party members said their farewells as we trounced J---------- and thereby also reached Prosperity Level 4, thus achieving two career goals simultaneously. Opening up some of the more specialised classes is a bit , thinking how they could be combined, and what items would be best for them, and maybe introducing 2 at once is a bit challenging. We had an unforeseen opportunity to road test the new group (spoilers for new classes) as a result of updating the town record, so off we went. It was a bit hairy to be honest (even back at level 1) since this scenario has no doors to open and features a lot of Ooze. Ooze are annoying since one of their attacks is a summons (thinking about it I think this should have been a fission with each sharing the original's HP, but there you go, you can't get everything perfect), and things can quickly get out of control....... You need the markers to indicate which are summons since those don't drop a coin on death, and can run out of single point damage tokens, but a happy draw can eliminate several at once as in this case. Anyway, we will go back to Treasure (Lost) Island next for a bit of coin collection, and more practice with this new group. There is likely to be a decent stretch now with no major milestones passed although I cheated a bit and swapped out the SK's objective since it was counter-intuitive to her role in the party. My scoundral has the easiest exit route but she's very useful to retain as we try to bed the others in.
  4. That's supposed to lock stealth in place given that continuous holding down of LS (or RS) doesn't really work anywhere for extended periods. But I couldn't make it work (going into 3rd party view to see what was happening). Cycling spells on y / RT works a dream though.
  5. Following last night's defeat at Maidenhead, it seems the Sutton slide is in full spate still and we don't have any excuse that I am aware of - injuries say or the loss of a manager like @Fatsam's Wrexham. I think it's possible we could avoid the playoffs altogether at this rate, looking quickly at the remaining fixtures, or at the best have to play the whole campaign which would likely see us fall again at the first hurdle. All very strange and I'm sure the key is psychological. if you asked me how we would do at the start of the season, I would have settled for mid table with an improvement in away form (this is our second season at this level - last season we finished 12th with 58 points), so in absolute terms it's been a good season, just very hard to explain the falling-away (1 win in 7 against poor Chester).
  6. You are right - they do feel fresh and crisp and the textures don't matter at all. It's also very helpful to have a big screen for something like Morrowind - all the little icons were tiny on a small SD telly for example. I didn't die on the way to Balmora, but I accidentally sold the package, which is something else a modern game wouldn't let you do (I got it back but it had me flummoxed for a while). Also, every burrow / cave whatever seems to have an unidentified and very hostile something a few steps in, but I managed to grab some ebony from one of them which sells for a good price. I assume you need real arrows for bound bow in this unlike the modern version of the spell? I'd also totally forgotten that advancing skills which are not your majors or minors do nothing in terms of levelling, so I need to find me some armour pronto. The only thing that might be borked is double click left stick for stealth? Couldn't seem to get that to work last night.
  7. Morrowind The Elder Scrolls 3

    Is this the OT? Worth a bump now that the game (GOTY edition although the GOTY disc wouldn't work for me) is available on XBO. Always so strange going back to something you haven't touched for years - 2 minute character creation and you are entirely left to your own devices without the typical lengthy tutorial of today. Having a big panel available for the inventory and other screens helps tremendously. Load times a fraction of what they were previously. Rolled a dark elf sorcerer since I've never used magic in this - doubtless I will be clobbered by something on the road to Balmora.....
  8. The other thing is how quickly you can create a character when you don't have to worry about hair styles, eye colour and all the rest of it!
  9. Yep, PDO looks great. Morrowind is very crisp, both visually and on the controller triggers, with minimal loading times.
  10. Yep, disc. Also Jade Empire, but not Morrowind here. Morrowind GOTY disc doesn't get recognised but vanilla disc does.
  11. Xbox One Console Thread

    This week's sale: https://majornelson.com/2018/04/16/this-weeks-deals-with-gold-and-spotlight-sale-121/
  12. Prey (2017)

    The stun gun is your friend in that situation - stealthily target them one at a time before they know what's happening. It's tricky though, especially where environmental hazards can end up with them dying indirectly.
  13. Sutton1: Hartlepool 1 Pleasant afternoon in warm sun intermittently interrupted by excitement on the pitch. Having scored early doors Sutton spurned several good chances, only to concede as is their won't. That looked to be that until Lafayette had a golden chance as the very last kick of the game. Others don't seem to have capitalised so we stay 3rd for now. Interesting factoid - Hartlepool supporters were displaying banners describing themselves as "monkey hangers" which apparently refers to the legendary hanging of a monkey as a French spy during the Napoleonic wars. Charming! Also, strange to see a Mansfield stag replace the old nautical ship's wheel as club badge.
  14. Shenmue 1 and 2 coming to PS4,XB,PC

    Why not? It's not first party. I really don't see why they would have ported 1&2 over if they aren't at least thinking about this - what would be the point? There were lots of rumours that it was coming to XB back when the news of 3 was relatively fresh. (essentially beaten by @Stanley and @Mr. Gerbik)

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