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    RPGs and the best of the rest, has to be interesting though these days to get a look in.
    Board games - dungeon crawlers or anything good for solo play.
    Reading history, fiction in translation, science fiction or more or less anything if stuck on the proverbial Desert Island.
    Tennis for 2 weeks a year.
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  1. Yeah, the Q beam doesn't work too well with a brawny build because its too slow and I didn't use it at all - shotgun and throw serve you best (should probably have increased wrench damage too). The Golden Gun is my favourite weapon in the game, maxed out for range and damage, but again it works best with stealth + increased damage from stealth attacks.
  2. I'm not a sleever by default but they come in handy either when there is a small solo deck which is constantly reshuffled, or where there is a market which is slid from from one side to fill gaps (Pax Pamir, vampire which came already sleeved etc).
  3. It's all kicking off big time here now. Cloudspire last week, Middara this and now Oath coming next week. This post however is to link y'all into Hexplore it. https://gamefound.com/projects/hexploreit/vol4#/ The challenge facing the team is to spread the uptake of the game beyond the core fan base. $65 (+20) for the base game is absurdly good value for money. I know I'm a nutter and a huge fan and all that but if you are either a solo or 2 player gamer I would ask you to take a look. Not sure about playing with bigger groups since you move as one party (defaul
  4. It comes over as interesting, but also very niche - essentially a fast paced shooting action style + intricate time / place puzzle + rogue-like +/- a human adversary thrown into the mix. Hitman on steroids?
  5. 30 humans killed but the achievement didn't pop. There may have been a glitch with Sho who was recorded on the manifest as nominal life signs, but who was definitely dead (and ♻️ to boot). Possibly one of the possessed in the health centre was burned before I got to them. Oh well. A bit of an artificial process, and, unsurprisingly, the most abrupt game ending - though I was only doing "what comes naturally" and don't need no typhon neuromods for that, baby.
  6. Yeah, there us a lot of optional stuff which isn't signposted in advance. Basically explore as much as possible as early as possible in the game. The Google gun however is probably the single most useful tool throughout the game. Incapacitated enemies require fewer bullets to kill and it has other uses too.
  7. This dlc is next up for me after the current Prey run.
  8. Gearing up for another crack at Sands of Shurax. Look at the insane level of character customization possible with the full experience. We have here an monstrous insectoid* gambler who will be playing the game of Scarabs at every opportunity, and picking up mutations frequently, paired with a gentle rational human who is an ace scavenger and whose trade is to craft gear upgrades and power beacons. Not particularly strong as a combat pairing, but we could aim to collect 100 platinum or to accumulate 8 mutations on a single character (these being two of the in game achievements). * grant
  9. I pre-ordered the new Descent Game some time ago even though it's costly and uses an App, and now it's been delayed until at least August, thus becoming instantly and fully justified as "birthday present to self" - the role played by Stellar Horizons last year.
  10. No. Walking, talking compos mentis human survivors, and those possessed by Telpaths. Your former / current lover. Others it might be spoilerific to refer to. All grist to the killing machine.
  11. You also get access to their voice messages if you kill NPCs so there is never any sense of non-progression. [In Dishonored however, its game fail if you kill Martin when he is in the shackles (I tried last time).] I'm half heartedly aiming for the "kill everyone on or near the station" achievement but its no biggie - just great to be back in the world, which now looks even more stunning throughout - swear I am still noticing small things. For the various "collect all" / locate all personnel achievements its a high % required but not absolutely all, which makes
  12. March: the Reckoning: Forests of Radgost KS standee pledge £46 Obsession and two expansions £104 Shadows of Brimstone Swamps of Death £104 Laminator and extra pouches (bought for the above but will find plenty of other use) £45 Pro Patria Mori (WW1 RPG) KS £11 Total £310 Cumulative 2021 £705 Commitments for April Legendary Kingdoms KS Hexplore Vol IV KS - will be major but payment may drift into May Also interested in John Company Second edition KS
  13. On the home stretch with just a couple of folk left alive on the station. I really have been a cold blooded killer in this run. I haven't been using a guide so it's possible that the agricultural dude or Sho won't be reachable but that's fine. I may not have gotten the final touch on one of the leisure centre possessed either. No biggie.
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