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  1. No. Some places might catch you out first time around but there are always audio clues as to what needs to be done to progress. Updating the sling as a priority (as well as materials capacity) is recommended.
  2. No, off. You can customise as you like too. The only essential thing I find is the enemy awareness for certain of the stealth sections, although if you turn the hints first time there are one or two sections where you might struggle because there is a new technique to use.
  3. Not the first time but I am this time!
  4. Jim really likes it. Warning - if you are seriously interested in this, I would listen to, but not watch the video since it's a little visually spoilerific in places, including the pig episode for example.
  5. 16 hours on the app and that's with a fair amount of exploration (evidently no where near enough). I'm going to replay it to try to get a few more collectibles, to upgrade the sling a bit sooner and see if I missed any interesting details first time around (e.g the name of the dog is significant). I've just re-read it and it's not a great review quite apart from the GoW reference - I think the rat motif was taken to its logical conclusion and didn't "run out of steam". Crafting workbenches do stick out, particularly the first one which you find in an old crone's house, but then again they have to be quickly recognisable in other contexts. He also doesn't say that stealth sections are interwoven with action sections, generally speaking. Oh, and try circle strafing the final boss ! I
  6. And finished. Super game. Really impressive from a relatively small team. Best things: immersive atmosphere throughout a real sense of weight about things (hence I suppose the Gears of War comparison but that still seems a weird one) wade through a battlefield of corpses or deep water or carry Hugo and you really feel it impressive visuals wonderful music (best with headphones) impressive characterisation, including the minor NPCs who share dialogue with Alicia at various points in the story and really flesh out the experience taking a single theme and developing it to it's logical conclusion (that Dishonored sense of internal consistency) being a tight experience with no padding at all, or overuse of any particular mechanic, which gives it a fast moving forward feel at all times, aided by reliance on autosave sensible checkpointing throughout although linear there are a surprising number of nooks and crannies to explore as shown by my paltry haul of collectibles despite trying to check everywhere crafting is limited to items you are carrying and feels a much more natural activity than in many games great final boss battle once you figure it out. On the downside: story is hokum but serves as a framework to develop the gameplay around a few (non stealth) scenes towards the end are infuriatingly sudden death for the first time or two All the puzzles and boss battles are aided by listening to NPC instructions and won't detain you for long, so again that helps with forward momentum. Would recommend.
  7. Pleased to see this getting some reasonably good reviews (I don't get the Gears of War comparisons mentioned by Eurogamer though). It is a singular experience even though it doesn't do anything new - we've seen plenty of sibling or other partnership escort type games for example, plenty of examples of light stealth, crafting and manipulating basic machinery in puzzles - but here it comes together really satisfyingly and with atmosphere in spades. Some of the scenes are also unremittingly grim (where the aftermath in Kingdom Come Deliverance comes to mind) (no surprise it's a 18+), and then you get a sunnier section in contrast where you can spend some time with Hugo as he marvels at the wonders of the outside world after being cooped up for so long. A couple of times I've been held up by tackling a section incorrectly, but on the whole the game moves on a good pace and doesn't over repeat mechanics. There are some achievements which are easy to miss first time so I will likely run through a second time. Up to chapter 12 of 17 now and a change in season.
  8. Cosmic_Guru

    The Kickstarter Group Thread

    I'm in!
  9. So pleased there is a French language / English subtitle option in this. There is also a fully customisable HUD which is a nice touch. 3 chapters down - very linear and straightforward so far in gameplay terms, but the general atmosphere and the sibling relationship and central mystery surrounding Hugo is key to this. And the first encounter with the pack, even though you know it's coming....
  10. Thanks to Shop To, I have this and will dive in for an hour or two after dark. I'm not sure the gameplay will do anything we haven't seen done countless times before, but I'm always up for a historical setting, and, and big bonus this, I've just discovered via Resetera the music is composed by Olivier Deriviére .
  11. Cosmic_Guru

    League 1, 2, Non League Football 2018-19 Season

    He would have joined them for personal reasons - he lives on the South Coast and has family sickness to contend with.
  12. Cosmic_Guru

    League 1, 2, Non League Football 2018-19 Season

    Must have been really disappointing to go out in that fashion - albeit there were still two massive hurdles to overcome to achieve promotion. You have had wretched luck with losing managers mid season. We've got a new manager now - Paul Doswell (having previously announced he was taking a sabbatical) has now resigned and we have appointed Matt Grey from within the club. This is a massive change - Doswell, whilst not being a shareholder, had massive influence at the club, worked for free and probably made use links to his family building firm to the club's advantage. He had also been there a long time in football years. Dunno what the ramifications are with the position of Ian Baird either. I hope Grey can spot a few good transfers and get the team playing a little more to its strengths rather than being sucked into long ball (unless we recruit suitable personnel for that, a tall centre forward would be a good addition for sure given our two wee guys up front). In any case next season will be a real scrap with the strength of the National League North promoted teams, a resurgent second season Chesterfield, Yeovil, and, possibly, Notts County in the mix.
  13. Cosmic_Guru

    Dead Pixels

    This post comes across as preachy, but it's a bit too sweary for me. It has it's moments though, such as using bananas as controllers Also the sounds off stage as the American guy's family descend into chaos..
  14. Cosmic_Guru

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    I was browsing through this month's Tabletop Gaming and had a massive sense of déja vu. The game featured in the time machine feature - Sorry! - I played this as a child in the same original version! If you had just referred to the name of the game I'm sure it wouldn't have meant anything but just looking at the board and the little yellow rule booklet brought it all back. I think my maternal grandparents had this set (as well as Pit, which featured last month and which I also had memories of playing but much vaguer ones) and we probably played it (pre 1970) either at Christmas or maybe in summer when we kids stayed over for a few days. The almost art deco style is striking and reminiscent of the signs in tube stations which opened around the same time. Looking at the original rules online the game was actually rather good and far more sophisticated than the likes of Coppit and Frustration which we had at home; so much so that there is a scoring version for competitive play which involves selecting from a small hand of cards rather than drawing a single card. The numbered cards had different uses - a 4 card for example reversed direction - so coming immediately after a 1 or 2 either of which got a "man" out on the board that would position your "man" perfectly for a home run. 7s could be split between multiple men already out, 11s allowed you to exchange places with any other "man", a Sorry card must have been a joker (this was presumably obvious to contemporary audiences). Landing on the start of an arrow wiped everything in its path as you slid along it.
  15. No, will have to add that to the list of potentials!

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