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  1. I love the closing credit music for the Gallery programmes - it's like a GCSE composition project, but I can't stop humming it!
  2. Now this: GW to repay furlough funding after bumper surge in sales.
  3. Enjoyed ep4 of the Disney Gallery doc today - finally something genuinely interesting and new in In general, does anyone else get the feeling they've got very little proper "making of" footage, and are just padding these programmes out by sitting round a big round table massaging Jon Favreau's ego?
  4. Yes, saw this today. Might be worth looking at just because it adds in some of the expansion stuff as we only have vanilla Smallworld (with its ludicrously limited stock of only 280 race/power combinations!). Mainly just an excuse for a good pun name, though. And of course we'll have to shout Hearthstone battlecries while we play it. Mrgglgggglglgl!
  5. I'll take any Smallworld 2 Steam keys off your hands please if they're still going - Smallworld is one of my favourite real world games! Steam name paddybirbeck
  6. Sagrada now available on Steam & Android (possibly iPhone too, don't care). Not the cheapest, but a very nice implementation, including a single-player campaign.
  7. I'll let you know if she ever finishes it
  8. Daughter has gone lockdown crazy and is transferring her cross-stitch patterns into Animal Crossing to make designer floors...
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-52535428
  10. Yes I do, I was thinking of Predator but got the wrong character name
  11. Seen 1st 3 eps so far, even the wife is kind of prepared to sit through it, so it can't be that bad. Just a great Fistful of Dollars/Halo mashup, and with Apone in it too! I just wish there was less talk of
  12. Padster

    Nintendo Switch

    Console stock update - Argos taking orders for in-store collection next Thursday
  13. Padster


    I stand corrected - I though he was still Standard as my Whizbang is Wonderful deck didn't have a "tap to convert" caption when I looked at my deck list in Standard. Try to start a Standard game with him and THEN they tell you he's been moved to Wild.
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