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  1. Padster

    UK Games Expo

    We'll be there Sat & Sun this year - daughter is trying out the Splendor tournament on Sat so I'll spend the day shopping, then we'll play stuff non-stop on Sunday. I might try and sell some stuff in the Bring & Buy, but if anyone wants anything below at exciting pick-up-at-the-Expo prices let me know! Nina & Pinta £15 Cottage Garden £15 Haru Ichiban £10 One Night Ultimate Werewolf £10 Tides of Time £7 Gubs £5 Welcome to the Dungeon £5 Palm Island £10
  2. Padster

    What are you playing?

    Daughter and I tried out Viticulture today over lunch at Sheffield's shiny new boardgame cafe. Lovely experience, friendly staff, good food and a decent bar The game was superb too - we were worried we wouldn't finish in time, but it turned out she had a secret plan to whup my ass, so that was all fine. Definitely going on the shopping list, I can see why so many people have loved it for so many years. Loved the "seasons" mechanic as a conceit for the turn structure, and the "just enough randomness to keep you on your toes" of the visitor cards. Worked great with 2 players, would be awesome with more.
  3. Padster

    What are you playing?

    Weekends are tough...
  4. Padster


    Prioritise crafting Whizbang, as that effectively gets you 27 well-constructed Standard decks for free, and refreshes with each expansion. I've just realised today how much fun he is to use when new stuff comes out. Personally I don't spend any real money any more, but if you want to invest a bit then the pre-expansion deal is probably your best bet. Out of interest, do you mainly play on PC?
  5. Padster

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    Just heard the item on R4 Broadcasting House this morning supposedly about Wingspan. British Museum "historical games" enthusiast dismisses it as too complex & fiddly compared to Ludo. Then another presenter described as "quite into boardgames" is wheeled in to give his perspective and immediately tells us how much he loves Monopoly. I hope Quins is penning a furious "I demand a right to reply" email as I type!
  6. Not a bad film, but not great by MCU standards. My biggest problem (and having not read them I understand that this could just be an inevitable consequence of the comics) was that she got her powers by
  7. Padster


    Right, I am focused now. Rank 5 reached with nearly 4 weeks to go, time to hit Legendary before everything cycles out. Rank 4 my best so far, got to be able to beat that this time... Edit: winrate 58% and rising...
  8. Padster

    Board games gone digital (yes, even android)

    Bumping this thread to leave this here. If you've played the game you'll love it and the app is great (if not cheap). If you haven't then you should, it's a solid gold classic.
  9. It's much less (about 99% less) impenetrable as an audiobook.
  10. Padster

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    My goodness. I think he needs to check the definition of "geek". I'm shocked that Quins would stoop to this
  11. Padster


    It still manages to catch me by surprise almost every time
  12. Padster

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    Anyone here got any experience of playing in Pandemic: Survival competitions? Daughter and I might try this at the Expo this year (she wants a change from 7 Wonders Duel!) but we're quite new to Pandemic tbh having acquired it at last year's Expo - will we just get completely creamed? Do we need to have experience of anything other than the base game?
  13. Padster

    What are you playing?

    Got in some quality game time with my daughter this weekend. Spread a full-length game of Western Legends across a couple of sessions and had a blast, winning (just) as the outlaw Kit Carson against the marshal Wyatt Earp - I have gone all-out on Kickstarter expansions for this already Also pulled out our old fave Castles of Burgundy last night, and got roundly thrashed! Well worth pimping it with some nice tile bags to streamline setup.
  14. Padster

    Games Exchange

    OK, time for a bit of a New Year clearout - suggested prices include postage, would be cheaper if not posting separately. Always open to trade/part ex suggestions - in particular I'm on the look out for Cyclades, Everdell, Gizmos, Memoir '44, Orleans & Viticulture at the moment. All are in as new condition, a few plays, well looked after. I'm posting this in trading as well. Nina & Pinta £25 Cottage Garden £20 Haru Ichiban £15 One Night Ultimate Werewolf £12 Tides of Time £9 Gubs £10 Welcome to the Dungeon £10 Palm Island £15
  15. Padster


    Finally finished my Jade Druid grind of shame to get my 9th golden hero yesterday. Now to relax and mess around playing golden Whizbang until I can work out what to focus on - I've got a stack of gold and dust but don't want to rush into anything yet.

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