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  1. So I popped into Bad Moon Cafe to check it out. It specialities in warhammer with custom tables, but has a good variety of regular board games for 4.00 an unlimited session. Free on Friday evenings which a meet-up group attends, so I know where I'll be. They also have a small selection of new games for sale that were well priced and I picked up Coup.
  2. So Hive arrived this weekend. The first game was a bit blah as we just branched out in opposing straight lines and then it was a race to place ants and grass hoppers. But then we started to get the tactics and try and lay down defence and traps, got into using the beetle, and also moving our queens. My crowning achievement was when the BF realised that I'd deliberately laid pieces down on my Queen to block what would become the final placement.
  3. I just use a food processor but every time I make hummus I am like why do I buy this. So quick and I can add much more lemon. Also toppings are nice to get into like chopped coriander, caramelized onions, olives, a swig of good olive oil or a dollop of tapenade. Flatbreads on the bbq with a little brush of oil or butter with crushed garlic is pretty dam good.
  4. Had a bit of a foodie yesterday. Kicked off with a 4am cycle to Billingsgate Market for some tuna. Then a nap followed by an American style grilled sandwich (inspired by craving cheese on toast and not having a grill). I then made the point of the visit, tuna sashimi, with vegetable maki as a side. My first ever attempt at either. I sharpened my best knife which went through the tuna like butter and played with the angle a little. The rolls were far simpler to make then I expected and could be perfected with practice and some more flavour as just the veg was a little bland to be a dish in its own right.
  5. How similar of different do you think the game play is? I ask as lovely as Arboretum looks I really love the bird illustrations, and reading the descriptions it's a bit hard to tell without playing them.
  6. I got impatient and downloaded the app version of this. It's perfect and we usually play a round each evening. But yes I would prefer a real version, and the artwork on it looks quite scrumptious. Ow thanks both added to the list. Ticket to Ride London is an especially good suggestion as he's new to London and we're expecting quite a few guests who will be too, a a bit of novelty value. It's even got my home town of Ele & Castle on it
  7. Oh I've gotten quite obsessed with this, perfect little commute game
  8. So I've consulted with the BF and he liked the look of Hive so he's ordered that. And I've just put one in for Camel Up, Tides of Time and Coup. As relatively good value 2 player games. But I've found another that I fancy Songbirds to add to now quite long list. I think it looks really pretty and the theme might interest my family.
  9. The general advise I've heard is that meals where the kid can assemble it them-self at the table are really good for encouraging veg and new flavours, so homemade mini pizzas, tacos, kebabs and wraps, even side salads. And to avoid meals with little bits mixed, as kids need to be able to identify, taste and even touch (ie. play with) each individual item for it to register as 'food', either as part of eating it or as part of 'helping' cook. Other then that most parents I know do a mix of 'laid out meals' such as chicken, sausages or fish fingers with mash and peas, broccoli or carrots (most popular veg with kids). And very simple pasta dishes such as a tomato sauce, or a mac n cheese (cauliflower can be a good addition to this).
  10. Those look great thanks for the suggestions @Professor Rob
  11. I have copies of Telestrations, Risk, Scrabble and various card games, and am looking to build my own library to play with the BF, when we have visitors, and to take to dinners with family. I'm thinking of starting with a nice mix of games that are good to play with two people or a larger but non-gamer group, and preferably portable and lower cost. And most of which I've played except for Hive, Jaipur and Love Letters. Hive Jaipur Card Game Quiddler Codenames (picture edition) Sushi Go Exploding Kittens Skull Love Letter Card Game And then build it up with some medium size games. Catan being the only one I've played so far and the rest being recommendations except for the last two which I've only seen online but find very intriguing. Reef Catan Twilight Ticket to Ride Quacks of Quedlinburg Secret Hitler Photosynthesis Any advise on my selection, or where to buy them, would be really appreciated
  12. @Gotters looks great! I think you'd really enjoy a Mexican chicken and tortilla soup, though you add lots of stuff at the moment you serve (sour cream, coriander, lime, red onion, cheese and crushed tortilla) but you could still batch cook the actual soup.
  13. If I'm frequently using similar ingredients I try to theme my flavours and supplementary ingrediants around cuisines. So for chicken and rice I might try Chicken in Mushroom Sauce, Italian One Pot Chicken & Rice, Chicken Fried Rice, Green Thai Chicken Curry, Chicken Madras (or Gotters Butter Chicken Curry), Middle Eastern Chicken & Rice or Jerk Chicken.
  14. If you're arguing over a helicopter crashing because of a cable or radiation, or a cable influenced by the effects of smoke and/or radiation, then I think it shows how bloody close the show was.
  15. Thats literally what this drama did But the best line is the whole review is that Ukraine has only just come into existence
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