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  1. Sumire

    Megadrive Mini

    Looks good, shame about the micro USB B
  2. I too have completed it now. I might go back at a later date and collect all the other ghosts etc - Maybe next Halloween I did enjoy it, there is some great little touches in it, too many to mention. I did get a bit frustrated with some of the bosses though, but over all it was a charming game.
  3. Aye, I think it is one of the best looking Switch games to date.
  4. I literally went from loving this game to hating it now. EdIt - Ok, so I exaggerated, but extreme frustration set in I did it eventually, but my god how bad are those controls!
  5. Sumire

    Gamer or lamer?

    The original post is a gaming forum classic that always comes up without fail and always entertains.
  6. It is, but no humming to the music from Luigi that I have heard yet unfortunately. EDIT - Actually he does
  7. I am loving this so far, a nice break from something like Destiny 2 which I have been playing a lot. I am finding the controls fine so far, ...apart from what I will no doubt find even more frustrating when I get further in the game, which is the plunger aiming which I seem to find to be my only issue so far.
  8. Really looking forward to this for Halloween gaming!
  9. I presume I already did two of them as I have two bits of the Dreambane armour already, and the only other quests from that alter are for weapons.
  10. Guys, I am stuck on a quest on the Moon. Shadowkeep "The Nightmare Cometh" It says defeat the three Nightmare bosses to collect their essences, fear, isolation, pride. At the bottom it says "Dreambane amour pieces created 0/3". The thing is, I have two in my inventory, Dreambane Strides, and Dreambane Cloak. There doesn't appear to be any quests to make anymore armour, just to get weapons, any idea what I am meant to do?
  11. Yeah its good, there has been lots of free updates as well since launch
  12. Sumire

    Gamer or lamer?

    Maybe life is just one big video game.
  13. Sumire

    Megadrive Mini

    Is the Asian version of this the best one to get on a whole as it has the six button pads and the subjectively better games? - presuming it will be hacked at some point anyway.
  14. I thought it was pretty good in terms of the actual combat and how it felt when slicing into the enemies with the various weapons, fast and gory. I think I originally played it on the Wii U at the time. Definitely not as bad as I thought it was going to be after reading the reviews at the time. I think it ran and looked pretty poor though on all platforms. Oh, and it has one of the best pieces of game music of all time in it as well.
  15. Sumire

    The Division 2

    Looks really good, and free. I loved playing through the campaign co op with a mate. Looking forward to checking the Pentagon out.
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