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  1. Maybe best waiting a month or two then start playing it.
  2. There will no doubt be No Man's Sky 2 by then.
  3. Oh sweet, thanks. Definitely picking this up now then.
  4. Can you play this game online Co op?
  5. You could have a payed DLC for running the races during the day.
  6. Is there a release date for the new characters?
  7. Great game. I sold my cartridge not long ago for lots of money so looking forward to this. ;)
  8. Are you just leveling up and getting new powers in this or is there loot like new costumes etc to hunt for?
  9. Finally "finished" this. I got the map to 100% and have done a fair few of the very cool "secret" bits. I don't usually have the attention span to complete many games these days, but this was an exception as it was so good, so much like my beloved SotN. I really hope they do another! I almost feel guilty I never backed it early on, but I will continue to leave positive reviews to make up for it. Steam said I played it for 40 hours! 40 hours and not one issue at all. Perfect. I am actually feeling the urge to replay SotN again now for the hundredth time.
  10. I get that on Steam, but not on Switch.
  11. Well I complained about the soundtrack files being low quality and they have now uploaded FLAC. I love these developers.
  12. I must admit I am finding this ok difficulty wise. I did struggle with Snake haha, but the rest has been pretty easy so far. I think maybe because I am always getting lost so I am over leveled. I am at the 50% map coverage completion, and did the last boss but obviously there is tons still to do thank god. ( I do not want this to end) I am a little stuck, but I will work it out eventually where to go.
  13. Loving this, it is everything I hoped it would be.
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