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  1. PlayStation VR

    Resident Evil 7 is a incredible in VR. The Zoe DLC is amazing as well. One of the best games I have played.
  2. Nintendo DS Appreciation Thread

    I must be out to loop here with used games. I went into town and bought a game from CEX, got home to find the cover with their logo on the back and re-printed by CEX. If I would have known I wouldn't have bothered.
  3. Nintendo DS Appreciation Thread

    My original 3DS XL has those wobbly hinges, screen seems ok, but it amazing how washed out it looks compared to the DSI XL
  4. Nintendo DS Appreciation Thread

    Well, I just bought a DSi XL and already own them all apart from the 2DS and think that has the best looking screen. I would also consider the original DSLite, smaller screens but original resolution.
  5. Nintendo DS Appreciation Thread

    i wish I never read this thread haha. I am now on a DS game buying spree as well. Picked up Infinite Space, Orcs and Elves and all the Castlevanias. I just bought a DSI XL. The screen looks miles better for DS games than the 3DS XL. The screen looks a lot more vibrant as well.
  6. PlayStation VR

    I think it was around two hours. I really cannot imagine playing through it again either...too boring. Rush of Blood is a fun game.
  7. PlayStation VR

    Just finished The Inpatient. I would give it something like a 4 out of 10. I honestly thought it was setting up for something big near the end, but it was a massive let down. There is one section near the end in a lift, and the amount of times it loaded just got on my nerves. I also hate it when it wont let you move and forces you to watch a scene playing out in front of you. That and the snail pace of the movement. You just seem to walk everywhere really really slowly, occasionally stopping to look at objects that trigger flashbacks.
  8. PlayStation VR

    My mate got the Inpatient about a week early from Shopto for some reason. He completed his first play through, which was roughly two evenings of casual play. I borrowed it the other day and played an hour or so. It seems really slow paced so far, the movement is one reason why I will not be doing multiple playthroughs as it is so slow when you are walking around. There are some reasonably scary bits and the atmosphere is pretty good, it has a fair few of those cheap loud noise jump scares though, so not for the feign of heart. The movement is pretty poor as well with the move controllers, although I have not tried using the dual shock, so that may make it more bearable. I have been playing a fair bit of Elder Scrolls Skyrim, which I think has good controls with the moves, so transferring onto this was definitely a step backwards in my opinion. Interaction seems minimal so far, just picking stuff up and looking at them and opening doors, walking. The productions values seem good, voice acting, graphics, sound etc. I'd say so far, it would be worth picking up for something like £20.
  9. House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn (Arcade)

    Looks awesome. They need to bring it out in VR for sure. I have to say though the light gun games on the PS3 with the camera were really good. House of the Dead Overkill and those Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles ones as well as Dead space. The tracking was perfect on my setup.
  10. Hmm, maybe you are right, maybe I changed the setting via a homebrew setting or something. Cheers
  11. I don't suppose anyone knows if it is possible to get a NTSC US Wii working on a UK TV. I have a Trinitron with SCART and a LCD with component. I don't think the Wii USA does RGB if I remember though. I did have it rigged up at one time, but that was a long time ago, and cannot remember how it was connected. I am pretty sure the machine has custom firmware as well.
  12. I think they are offering the headset as a separate purchase upgrade for original users. No doubt it will cost £50 less than buying the whole new setup though. Definitely interested in the "wireless" device though, glad I never bought that TP Cast one.
  13. Well, even with my high end PC I cannot run with max settings/super sampling etc, so hopefully this is improved tech of the actual lenses. The hardware on PCs doesn't seem to be good enough at the moment for the better graphics even with the top end cards.
  14. Horizon 3 seems like the perfect fit to be set in Japan, so hopefully that is true.
  15. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I just found that area in the hot springs with the women and took a dip in VR. Next level stuff right there.

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