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  1. Vive is a discontinued headset now... https://uploadvr.com/htc-vive-dead/
  2. ...and also "They Shall Not Grow Old" which can we all agree is magnificent? Pixar deff didn't do that though ;-)
  3. I'd be interested to see what a modern Toy Story "remaster" might look like. I love the story, and the characters are great - but I find the look of the film really hasn't aged so well and it draws me out of the film occasionally. The textures in particular can look really dodgy. I wouldn't want the film changed in any way - the actors audio would need to be identical for example! Just use some more modern models and rendering techniques...
  4. You don't have to imagine... they already exist. e.g. https://store.steampowered.com/app/746930/OrbusVR_Reborn/ Example Steam review from someone with 240 in game hours logged "Watched some videos and though "meh". Read some reviews on here and r/orbusVR and decided to give it a 2 hour chance. I have since quit my job and have devoted my life to memorizing spells as a rune mage. TL;DR: This game captures that same feeling I got 14 years ago when I first played WoW. Lost in a huge world filled with other lost people who were all willing to stop, talk, and work together to adventure."
  5. I'm not sure you've got that quite right to be honest. I have the Oculus windows app running (to load the drivers and so forth for my Rift). I then double click any Steam VR game from the Steam menu, or a shortcut on my desktop, and it just starts up. I guess there's a small memory overhead of having two clients running - but even on my ageing rig its a non issue. I can play all the Steam VR games easily, and I'm certainly not locked into the Oculus store. I've bought loads of VR stuff on Steam with zero issues. Some of those games use Steam VRs APIs, while others eg Beat Saber, have the option to use the Oculus native APIs. You generally get a pop up asking what to run, but you can usually add the switch in the steam shortcut properties too. If you're really finding SteamVR to be an issue, you can try OpenComposite, which removes the need to run SteamVR completely. Like I said, i havent bothered. https://gitlab.com/znixian/OpenOVR/blob/master/README.md HTH
  6. I'm tempted by Walking Dead: Saint and Sinners , but I havent finished Asgards Wrath or Stormlands yet. (a VR backlog is possible, who knew!!) It's getting some good reviews: https://uk.ign.com/articles/the-walking-dead-saints-and-sinners-review = 9/10 And the main complaint of no real world crouching was patched first week of release... Should I just grab it?!
  7. I second the inclusion of this - an amazing game on my old Atari ST! Geoff also did the excellent Stunt Car Racer. Many frustrating hours spent falling off those tracks
  8. My PC is hooked up to a Dell S2716DG - a 27" 1440p 144Hz Gsync monitor. The high frame rate is very nice (when I can find a game that isn't too demanding) , but its the G-sync that really makes the difference. The smoothness and lack of tearing are brilliant. And then for the One-X in the living room I have a 55" LG OLED, which I absolutely love.
  9. Titanfall 2 three times. PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions all bought.
  10. Tetris Effect - for PC in the Epic Sale. Including the £10 off voucher the store gives you means it'd be £13.99 which seems like a good price I want to play the VR version... but I cant help but think - this is just blimmin' Tetris. Again. Is it anything like Lumines in trippy visuals/music chill out-ness?
  11. Horizontal. To the side of my AE107 center speaker which is even bigger (420x240x165 vs the XsX@ 310x160x160)
  12. For anyone who doesn't own this *cracking* game, it is currently free (yes free!) on the Epic game Store on PC for today only... (as part of their Xmas countdown giveaways)
  13. RoadtoVR reviewed it as 6/10 and were pretty harsh about its lack of polish/story or comfort options. Wonky physics gets more than one or two mentions too... https://www.roadtovr.com/boneworks-review/ I think I'll pass for now...
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