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  1. Since when was Sonic *furry*?! I've always naturally assumed that since real hedgehogs have spines, those blue spikes on Sonic are just stylized spines...
  2. Valver

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    When I was allowed out of school at lunch times in 6th form - me and a few mates would run down the road to the local chippy, and almost next door was a small arcade with 10-15 cabinets in it. I happily pissed my lunch money away on SlapFight, Arkanoid and other late 80's arcade classics for those two years... A quick google maps search for Manor Road in Wallington, Surrey (school was WHSB) shows the rough location is now a Vape shop and a Retro shop. I guess it was 30 years ago :-)
  3. Valver

    Epic Games Store Coming - RIP Steam

    Oh great, another bloody store front app to install /s I've already got: Steam Origin Ubisoft store Gog galaxy Oculus Store Viveport Windows Storefront Blizzards store Rockstars thing I guess its just expanding the functionality in the Epic store thing I already have for Fortnite and Unreal "Epic games Launcher"?
  4. Valver

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    If you can be fussed to install *yet another* bloody storefront application and sign up for a free 14 day subscription, there's currently a superb deal for Vive and Rift users on "Viveport". You get 5 games of your choice to install and play for the duration of the sub, and the ability to buy any/all of the following to own permanently for £1 each £1!! SUPERHOT VR The Wizards Arizona Sunshine Sairento VR Accounting+ https://www.roadtovr.com/viveport-deal-practically-giving-away-superhot-vr-accounting-subcribers/
  5. Valver

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    My thought process: 9.00pm "I have no desire to play online poker and lose my shirt or my worse house. Meh." 9.05pm "We'll the app is free, I'll give it a quick try. See what the VR environments and the fuss is about..." 11.15pm - after 2 hours of arsing about with hats and water pistols and cigars... "Holy shit, this is brilliant fun" So yeah, I played a *bit* of poker, but it was the social side of it that really blew me away. And its all free. SOLD!
  6. Valver

    Spooky Gaming

    I've been playing Brookhaven Experiment (it's on special Halloween offer at £2.99 on Steam today) My nerves are frazzled. I need a little lie down.
  7. Valver


    It's not on rails though. You're moving the whole ship about in 3D space to dodge incoming fire and shoot the turrets and enemy ships. Think of it like holding a model of the ship in your hand and moving your hand to fly the ship, twist/rotate it to aim the bullets. What genre essential components do you think have been removed? It's in the shmup tag category in Steam ;-)
  8. Valver


    Any interest in a VR shmup? Xion. Ability to totally build your own ship from parts and then fly it through the voxel destructible landscape. in VR.
  9. Valver

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    Sorry to hear your woes. Not sure if its any consolation - but Dash/Home 2.0 are working really well for me. I haven't noticed any performance issues. Mines a fairly old PC too (i7 2600K, 8Gbs RAM and a 980Ti) Hopefully its some config oddity and you can get it fixed.
  10. Valver

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    @Paulando The next two big Oculus games that I am looking forward to are: Stormlands Defector (James bond Spy stuff) i also have my eye on Zero Caliber which *could* be pretty decent Also - Lone Echo 2! (how did I forget that, Lone Echo was superb!)
  11. Valver

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    Last night I got round to trying the BBC's latest VR History experience - 1943 Berlin Blitz: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/2178820058825941/ I thought it was excellent. I even felt moved to write a review which I'll paste in here too to save retyping my thoughts: "A powerful way to learn about history Great job BBC! I found it an immersive and fascinating look into the flight of a Lancaster bomber. It made me think of all the pilots who went out and fought for their countries - many of whom did not return. As a 40 something adult I cant really comprehend what they went through - but this begins to show it in ways regular film cannot. I will show this to my kids. I wish I couldve shared this with my Grandfather. The audio from the time is amazing. Graphically pretty simplistic in places - but I dont think that matters at all. If only all history could be taught with experiences like this!"
  12. Valver

    PlayStation VR

    As a PC VR owner I'm getting envious of all the quality releases appearing on PSVR. You lucky lot! :-) Enjoy this title, it sounds brilliant. I have my fingers crossed it might come over to PC at some point (hey, Moss did, so it *can* happen)
  13. Valver

    Google Project Stream

    Me neither. I play most of my games in VR now (PC - Rift). And thats a *hugely* sensitive device as far as latency goes. Oculus spent years chipping away at the data chain in the headset to remove milliseconds of latency. This isnt a technology I feel any desire to adopt. Theres an interesting paper here: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1801.07587.pdf That talks about 5G and cloud computing applicability to AR/VR/MR. It throws a new term into the mix - 'Fog Computing'. Essentially a very geographically close cloud - designed specifically to keep latency as low as possible. Think one cabinet doing the computing in each street.
  14. Valver

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    Please have VR support, please have VR support... Im worried it *won't* seeing as they omitted it from both Dirt 4 and F1 2018 which (I assume) both use the same engine.
  15. Watched it with the Mrs and it was enjoyable enough... but I was getting rather wound up by the explosive vest scene at the end there. Why would they tape his thumb down over the dead mans switch? Surely that'd mean if the police had shot him, his thumb wouldn't have detached from the button and it wouldn't have detonated - essentially it totally ruins the point of having a dead mans switch? It needed to be there as part of the plot - while they fitted the vest to him, so he couldn't accidentally trigger it while unconscious, but then it totally ruins all the other scenes. Or am I missing something? And surely all the drama could've been avoided if he'd just asked the bomb disposal bloke to wrap a shit load of gaffer tape round his hand!

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