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  1. Season 3 - oh go on then For my round 7 pick, can I chose Misano please
  2. I loved this evening's races. The GT4s seem to be my thing baby! First round I had a decent start but got spun out on the first corner... and just as I was re-joining got collected in someone else's accident. Ended up last - but stuck with it and still managed a decent enough result - 6th. Happy with that! And then the wet race - I had a great qually round and ended up 3rd! Then at the start I capitalised on a shunt at the hairpin which put me in second. I lost a place to @Meers, but then regained it again when he went
  3. ...it just downloaded for me on Origin And the patch notes went live on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1222730/allnews
  4. Don't think it can work on an Android TV box, but a PC or Raspberry Pi can do it: https://hyperion-project.org/ Looks like it needs a *lot* of tinkering. Its a proper DIY setup. edit: adding a "how to" video
  5. I tried out a few GT4s at Brand last night. I was fastest in the Alpine, but was basically "all over the shop" in pretty much everything. The cars have very different characteristics. I hated the BMW for example, the view felt all "long" in VR, and the gearing wasn't to my liking, the Merc was much like its GT3 cousin, and the Alpine felt super nimble in comparison. But the lack of traction control - woah. I was spinning a LOT. Especially during the out lap(s). With no tyre warmers in GT3 you always leave the pits with ice cold tires and combined with that lack of TC meant
  6. I loved 3D audio since the days of Aureal3D sound cards on PC back in the 90s (who were bought out, and eventually killed off, by Creative) They used PC soundcard hardware to mix many different sounds in 3D space (much like Atmos does these days) and produced some great effects. PC games have never reached the lofty heights they reached since IMHO. Example demo here - chuck on your headphones for this: and for the real retro-nerds:
  7. What a weird reflection. In the top picture the windows on the building seem to be reflecting the world which makes sense for a ray traced setting. But the 'window on fire' missing in the wet road reflection is odd, and for it to be replaced with a reflection of the fire truck? That's just plain wrong, from the position of Spidey/the camera, the fire truck shouldn't be in those reflections?! The second performance image seems to have the wet road reflection *more accurate*
  8. Zolder is amazing. Not a track I knew anything about before joining this ACC championship. But now I bloody LOVE it. Some great "hotlap" videos to show you breaking points etc: Come race with us next week - the GT4 race isn't part of the points scoring season - its an end of season fun session - so doesn't matter too much if you mess up.
  9. I like the reverse grids, even though I always seem to lose out by being rear ended. I also voted to keep the fixed car choice over a Season - as someone else said I like knowing who is who from the shape and livery.
  10. I got an RTX card yesterday - so I'm currently in the midst of trying everything with Ray Tracing I can get my hands on... Minecraft RTX has been very good (the Nvidia demo worlds are impressive) And this is good too:
  11. Wow - what a race. Loved it. Thanks @davejm for running this each week - so much fun. I finished 5th! My best result yet, and gifted me enough points to to beat @Mr Majestyk in the final standings by a single point Congrats to @Thor for the win tonight, and @SharkyOB for winning Season2. Highlights reel uploading to Youtube - will be along in a minute. It has @SharkyOB binning it (twice) in it...
  12. I agree with everything you wrote there. But it made me think a little - both new consoles are based on the RDNA 2 architecture in the 6000 series - so will the ray tracing in games be geared to the sort of performance AMD provide in the consoles and therefore on PC it will be fine, as the 6800 and 6800 XT are more performant than the consoles already? I also wonder if the Nvidia "way of doing RT" will turn out to be a bit of an outlier, if the consoles use AMD? Or is 'DirectX12 Ultimate' going to make *how* it's done irrelevant? (I liken this to Glide for 3Dfx back in the d
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