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  1. I'm playing on a 980Ti and it runs superbly on Medium. Your 980 is about the same, or probably a bit faster, than the minimum required 1060. The only issue you may encounter is not enough VRAM on it... Is it 3Gb? I'd buy it, try it, and if it doesn't work, you have Steams excellent refund policy you can make use of...
  2. Blasting 3 zombies in the head(crab) in a panicked spin, just after I had loaded up the shotgun. I know its a set piece - but DAMN that felt good! :-)
  3. I've just come up for air after having played Alyx for over an hour. First impressions: Superb! Such an atmosphere. It's so good to be back in the Half Life universe. City 17 just looks so *right*. The detail they have crammed in everywhere is amazing - and yet it's running super smoothly. I'm very impressed (Rift CV1 and a 980Ti here, for info). Source 2 is clearly a very good engine! Almost everything is interact-able with full physics. Anyone else lob something at the cat, causing it to meow and run off? I felt bad when I saw later a "reward for lost cat" poster :-D I haven't even encountered a headcrab yet and I've already jumped several times. Once when one of those combine striders walked passed and destroyed the drone - my god it was so BIG and RIGHT THERE! Even just simple scenes, like looking out of the basement windows as the combine move in and lock down the city, gain so much from you *being there* My only issue so far is a slight crackling from the audio when things get loud... I see on the Steam forums that a few others have it, so hopefully it'll get a patch/fix in the near future. In the mean time it's a minor thing and I forgot about it once in game...
  4. Yes! And why arent you? ;-) It's up now. 48Gbs
  5. ...Valvetime strikes again - where's this flipping pre-load then, eh?
  6. Valve tweeted: So that's a release time of 5pm on Monday for any other UK'ers And preload starts tomorrow!
  7. Host a Bigscreen room maybe?
  8. ...so if you go by the logic that as you go "up" generations you roughly jump down one tier performance wise, then a 980 = a 1070 = a 2060 - and you should be fine. I have a 980Ti and I'm confident that'll work well
  9. This is simultaneously ridiculous and I want one! The Envavo Heatbuff - a little heater to keep your fingers warm during those long CS:GO sessions in Moms chilly basement!
  10. How about Hori's PS2 Onimusha 3 specific Katana controller?
  11. even the BBC News website is hyped :-) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/technology-51709250/half-life-alyx-hands-on-with-valve-s-virtual-reality-game-changer
  12. So many lovely touches in those videos. The combat looks quite hectic at times. Pulling the van door open by the handle to use as cover was brilliant. Super hyped for this!
  13. You're in the right place ;-) Where in the world are you? Im in Hertfordshire if that helps...
  14. A new half life game is out *this month* Cant quite believe I just typed that!!
  15. Vive is a discontinued headset now... https://uploadvr.com/htc-vive-dead/
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