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  1. Presuming its called "rllmuk practice server" and you took down the old one - yup worked fine. I connected after being prompted for the usual password, and my ping sat at 31ms, which seemed about what Id expect. Will take a car for a spin later... wasn't set up in the sim-rig when I tested this...
  2. I wondered about us having a more social evening's drive round the AC "Island" in our off week, too. Maybe we could have it as an open mic night, where we can chat freely while blatting round in our cars of choice just exploring? One of us would have to host it - as the simracing.gp servers dont yet have that map available, but that shouldnt be too hard to set up.
  3. I didn't get the chance to practice this week - so I'm very pleased with my 3rd place. Looks like there was some good duelling in the lower half of the field...
  4. Based on the very poor state of the technical playtest on PC, I cant say I'm surprised. I know lots of people leapt to EA's defence with "but it's an old build" - but it was clear to me that it wasn't *that* old and was a long way from being where it needed to be. I cant help but think that a 5 week delay isn't going to make much of a difference. I fear 2042 is still going to release in a poor rushed state (just like every other Battlefield TBF) I get that EA are desperate to have the game release in "the Holidays" or it will screw their year profit projections and tank the share price, but I just want a decent BF game and if it needs another 6 months, take it.
  5. A nice new "free roam" island map has been released. Union Island - it's a real island of St Vincent & the Grenadines. Located in the Caribbean sea I'm getting really strong Test Drive vibes Comes with three setups... - Freeroam : 30+ km, 45 pits, no AI line, no cameras, no race start, one time gate in Ashton if you want to create your own lap - Scenic : 17.5 km, 24 pits, AI line, Cameras, hotlap/race/weekend, physical bales - West : 12.2 km, 24 pits, AI line, Cameras, hotlap/race/weekend, physical bales And it even has a little "teaser trailer" with a backstory featuring some footage from MS Flight Sim for good measure: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/union-island.45276/
  6. The dreaded COVID has descended on the Valver household. My 13yr old daughter tested positive on Monday (presumably picking it up from school) and now my wife and I dont feel quite right either. Just had my PCR test, so will get some results tomorrow... This may or may not impact my ability to practice/simrace. So if you dont hear/see me for a bit - well, you know why.
  7. I played it in 4K on on an Xbox One X (not series) and it ran smoothly and stutter free... the series X should eat this for breakfast without a second thought, surely!
  8. Just finished it. Glorious. Best game of 2021. Grinning from ear to ear.
  9. I'm just over half way with this and absolutely loving it. It presents no real gaming challenge a few jumps here and there and a bit of "Simon" pattern matching. But its utterly glorious. The visuals are brain meltingly gorgeous. The audio is superb - the guitar riffs that play are so so good. I love the style, the humour and everything about it. Brilliant! It's Bill and Ted meets Yellow Submarine.
  10. I just downloaded this based on the intriguing comments here. I've just played for almost 2 hours straight, in awe at the visual and audio landscape. Spectacular. I reminds me of Bill and Ted *air guitar*
  11. If you fancy yourself as quick in a Bentley (cough @Erik) then there's a new ACC hotlap competition to enter for some real world prizes... https://bentley.sro-esports.com/ 1st place: Fanatec Bentley Wheel; 2nd place: Voucher on Fanatec store; 3rd place: Bentley Collection gift.
  12. After @Meers asking how to pronounce Bathurst yesterday, I found someone online who repeatedly (on purpose for fun) refers to the track as Bat-Thrust. And now I can't stop thinking of it as that. So I thought I'd share that edit: And now Im imagining the old classic batmobile hooning round Mount Panorama. Dinner dinner dinner dinner Bat-thrust! I wonder if I can download that car as a mod for AC? 2nd edit: Of course you can! https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/the-batmobile-classic-60s.201410/
  13. Well I enjoyed tonight a lot. Especially race 2 where I was hanging onto @SANtoOos's bumper for lap after lap. I actually had a *race* for once Congrats to "slow" @Erik for a double win! Not sure how everyone else fared but my connection to the server clearly wasn't up to much for the first half of race 1. In the highlights below you'll see what I was following - cars warping and crabbing all over the place. It was quite distracting. Haven't yet found out if the kids were downloading stuff, or if it was the server at fault... but it did eventually clear up. Race 1: Race 2:
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