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  1. I've played Doom on PC, Snes, PS1, and i didnt even realise there was anything wrong with the switch version. Pure snowflakes
  2. cohen205

    Nintendo Switch

    Oh, and this fixes drift
  3. cohen205

    Nintendo Switch

    The controllers needed extra depth... not width. This is why i say the Skull and Co switch grip is the best!
  4. Oh of course - it was only a little joke. Its an incredible achievement.
  5. I think it may take a toll on the battery too. BOTW lasts abouts 5 minutes undocked. I reckon this will be even more intensive.
  6. He's playing us like a damn fiddle
  7. Are the vehicle missions the ones you get off simeon? He texts you asking for certain cars, and you just take them to him, right? Things have changed so much since I was playing this.
  8. Cheers, I'll have a go this evening. Quite excited to get back into it to be honest. The car handling is sooooo good for an open world game.
  9. Probably really obvious, but how do i steal stock? Is it a mission, or do i have to try and steal another players' stock?
  10. Usual grind then? Can’t complain tonight. 15 grand off a mission, about 30 grand from my nightclub and won 20 grand on black jack all in the space of an hour
  11. Nah, over the years I’ve built up millions just doing races. I left before all this bunker/facility business and feel a bit lost. maybe I should just go back to racing again. I only mentioned heists as they used to bring in quite a lot of money, and aren’t too difficult once you know how to do them .
  12. It’s like a millionaires club. You feel special that you got to experience such an incredible game.
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