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  1. /raise hand Diggers, man. Chillest soundtrack ever created.
  2. In all seriousness, this is actually brilliant and we should do more of this sort of thing. I'm more than happy to support Sumo doing this sort of thing.
  3. Man, Sensible and Kick Off. Surely there's a gap in the market for that sort of pixel art retro indie thing right now. In the style of Absolute Drift, which I adore. fry.gif
  4. Nope! The app stuff is just the Game Pass app on Android right now, lots of others in the works. For iOS that isn't possible, due to iTunes rules, so they created a web version: https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/play
  5. This is my fault, I was listening to a YouTube playlist of Amiga music while doing the dishes last night, and Zool popped up. Any other classic Amiga games you'd like me to listen to?
  6. I have the Pi 4 Flirc case, which sounds like the Argon One in that it's entirely aluminium, except for a bit of rubber. It touches the processor, and the whole case remains warm pretty much all the time. That's good though, I've been on it all morning in Chromium via VNC and the CPU/GPU temp is 49C. I managed to regularly throttle my Pi 3 under similar use with an official case and stick on heatsinks, but I've never throttled my Pi 4. To check the temp: https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-find-out-raspberry-pi-gpu-and-arm-cpu-temperature-command/ When the 5 rolls around, I'll be switching to an Argon case, as I fancy both the on/off switch but also the better arrangement of ports and an internal means of storing an m2 ssd. Right now, my Pi 4 runs off an SSD in a USB3 enclosure, which is a bit clumsy. Worth noting that Argon cases also have room for active cooling, if I remember correctly.
  7. I'm just plodding slowly through Day of the Tentacle for achievements, and luckily that helped both with the weekly set and the 2k points thing for August at the same time. It's such a beautiful game, and while I haven't checked directly it basically seems to use achievements as a sort of drip feed of 5 points to acknowledge your progress. Which makes sense, there's no real options or side stuff to do (unless there's a hidden achievement for beating Manic Mansion). Going to do the exact same thing with Full Throttle, once DotT is done.
  8. Yeah, when I went to buy the... damn it, why can I never remember the name?... the slow seat with a wing on it, at first it kinda did nothing when I clicked buy and download. I left it a day and it worked. Really not sure if it was anything my end or not.
  9. I know this was an error but I just want to plug Dead Cells again, any excuse. If anyone is yet to try it, it kinda feels like a platformer on the Amiga or something, if you can imagine devs ordinarily had the whole HAM palette available to them. I eventually had to stop as I just reached my skill limit, which again isn't far removed from how 8/16bit games went. But I could have paid for that and totally had my money's worth, as did my kids. Lap it up on GP before it disappears.
  10. I imagine many of us have discovered HR protect the company, not the worker, but those stories are appalling.
  11. Oh hey, I can switch to playing Solitaire Collection on my PC and stop paying to remove ads on my phone
  12. Absolutely. I'm regularly flying over a part of the country I want to move to, just getting the lay of the land and enjoying the fact it's so goddamn pretty there. I forget the name, the plane that's basically a chair with wings strapped to it, is utterly perfect for this.
  13. 10 years of announced support if I remember correctly, and it'll probably get 3rd party support beyond that if Flight Sim X is anything to go by. That's why I was totally happy having spent $30 on planes already (Typhoon and the flying chair). Going all in on the hotas kit at some point. It'll presumably look even better when we get a Xbox Series {New_Letter} console at some point, assuming that's what the series in Series means.
  14. A bunch of Genshin Impact stuff on offer over the next few months, starting this one.
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