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  1. Which classic JRPG for my commute pls - Dragon Quest V (DS) or Final Fantasy V (GBA)? Leaning toward the former at the minute but that's just because of what it cost me.
  2. Not unless you have literally nothing else to play. It's not awful but it's hard to care for the 10 hours or so it needs.
  3. The balance in this is a little off. From being really hard to begin with I went on an epic run of not dying - not really by getting better but just getting a few more hearts and some gear upgrades. My one big criticism, fun it is, is that I don't feel I've had to learn the enemy patterns, which was the entire point of Crypt. This is never more obvious than in the boss fights where I've literally just aimed at them and tanked a few hits before winning surprisingly easily.
  4. I thought this was just alright at first and took a while to warm to it but I've hit eleven hours now so I think I have. It's actually a Zelda game! Only even seen one boss too, it's bigger than the map had led me to believe. Gerudo Valley for best music. But then that's to be expected in any game that uses Gerudo Valley music.
  5. The loot is a bit dull usually unfortunately and the bosses have been a bit weak (except for this one bastard I'm stuck at right now ) but I think this is excellent, up there with the better handheld Konami efforts if not quite SotN standard. Maybe I'm just easily pleased that someone's finally got the basics right after being disappointed by so many of the hyped 'vanias on the eShop - Iconoclasts, The Mummy, Gato Roboto, Dandara, Axiom Verge. Basically all of them bar Hollow Knight. I've not seen any performance issues in eight hours incidentally, roughly 50/50 between handheld and docked. It runs great.
  6. They're action-RPGs so give them a trial run before you spend anything. I love Square's turn-based stuff and always assumed I'd like Secret of Mana based on everything I'd heard but I didn't enjoy it at all playing it for the first time on the SNES Classic. Easily the weakest of the four RPGs on that wee system.
  7. Six hours in and I think I can say Timespinner is as good a 'vania as I've played, pure magic. Maybe at a fiver less it'd be generating more buzz but definitely bear it in mind.
  8. What is the penalty for not moving on the beat in this? In Crypt it resets or reduces your multiplier if I remember right but I can't work out what it is here.
  9. Voez was at launch so there are no rules against it, there might be others.
  10. I am, cheers! The last thing I did last night before I stopped was get to the bit where you can switch between them at will so I'll give him a go.
  11. This took a couple of hours but it's clicked and it's very, very good. I hadn't looked into what it was and just expected my favourite rhythm-based roguelike reskinned as one of my favourite series but it takes a different approach, early on at least, and requires much more methodical play than Crypt which threw me for a while. And someone reassure me it's not just me who can't wrap their head around the pattern/timing they need to reflect the most basic of projectiles back. It's like when I taught myself to juggle.
  12. ONE OF US etc. I just preordered the Mana thing too. Mainly for ethical reasons as I play tons of fan-translated Square RPGs so I feel duty-bound to actually pay for the ones they bother to release. Am I right in thinking Amazon.com still don't charge for pre-orders until they dispatch? That's what it reads like to me but I know that most European Amazon sites changed very recently to charging on order date.
  13. Played the opening couple of hours of this now, my first Ys experience. The combat is a bit dull so far - seems a bit mashy and I'm dreadful at dodging. Does it get much more involved beyond just unlocking more skills or is it just not for me?
  14. I just watched nintendolife's video for Timespinner and it's totally sold me on paying full price for it but holy shit how blatant a Castlevania ripoff is it exactly!? The UI and fonts look identical. Fortunately the handheld ones are amongst my favourite games of all time so I'm predisposed towards it. Also Slay the Spire is fucking incredible. I'm a card battlin' noob but it's basically what Steamworld Quest was to me minus the boring bits I was skipping anyway and it lasts forever and changes all the time. Superb.
  15. Sounds like I'm in. I didn't actually realise it wasn't new and was wondering why I'd seen so little fuss around it.
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