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  1. Yasawas

    Divinity: Original Sin

    Is this the general Divinity thread or is there a more up to date EE one anywhere? I’ve just started playing this on X1 since it was mega cheap a wee while back and while people kept raving about it I’ve never played a game like this and wasn’t sure about it. Two hours in and it’s both definitely very much my thing and also way more complex than I’d given it credit for. In a good way, usually, it’s exciting to see how many options and routes there are for character development etc, but I keep doing things by accident (dismissing party members and buying spells I didn’t know I couldn’t use etc) and having no idea what it means or how to undo it. I think what I need is a general, non-spoilery beginners’ guide or a collection of really basic tips. Is there one people have made or recommend?
  2. Yasawas

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    Nice one, thanks! I'd never seen segaretro before I don't think. That could be a rabbit hole. I'd tried gamefaqs already but they really are shite for this game. I'll stick with it then, there's a lot to be said for a simpler SRPG than what's around these days. Although a couple of hours in I still can't get used to the attacked unit not responding in the same turn.
  3. Yasawas

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    I want to get into Shining Force. The original seems fine (about an hour in) but is a little clunky and simplistic as you'd expect - chiefly I don't like how it doesn't seem to explain anything about what items do or the difference between classes. I presume that's all in the manual but the Switch MD Collection doesn't seem to provide such a thing. Worth sticking with or are the sequels a bit more user-friendly?
  4. Yasawas

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I bought QUBE2 on impulse a couple of weeks ago because I'm a sucker for limited run physical releases and having just finished it now - it's really very good! Enjoyed it a lot more than the first which I played through a couple of years back and thought was just OK compared to The Turing Test which I played at a similar time. Gets a bit rough, especially in handheld mode, later on but as long as you're not one of those cunts it's well worth keeping an eye on if you enjoy an environmental puzzler.
  5. Yasawas

    Nintendo Switch

    Argh. (I started doing this before I left this morning). At least saves are kept separate and nothing to worry about. If anyone has anything else I can try I'm all ears though!
  6. Yasawas

    Nintendo Switch

    Having a hell of a time upgrading my SD card - anyone done this on a Mac recently? Some speculation firmware 6.0 has changed things. Followed the Nintendo guidance to format it using the SD Standards Group tool and copy my existing stuff over - card not readable Formatted in Disk Utility (exFAT) and copied existing stuff over - card not readable I'd rather not download 120GB again if I can help it and each attempt takes about an hour. Never had this grief with the 3DS.
  7. I might just be shite but it feels like trial and error a lot of the time too. There are maps where unless I literally edge forward one square at a time I seem to just get jumped with AI I had no idea was there, and finally beating it doesn't feel like I overcame a challenge but rather I just learned how to exploit where I knew things were going to spawn from. And the "effective/weak against" graphics are dreadful. It's a shame because it's so close to being great - it's polished, the idea of custom maps and crossplay is very welcome, the dog is funny - but it makes enough little blunders to feel frustrating as often as it does rewarding.
  8. Yasawas

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Am I just getting used to the different physics following 15+ hours of Puzzle Bobble recently or is the sequel really hard?
  9. Nice. Is it like Into the Breach do you know, just saving after every turn even if you close the app suddenly?
  10. Can you not save mid-mission? I'm too nervous to try, especially since I already lost some progress using Save & Exit properly from the map screen.
  11. Yasawas

    Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom

    I calmed down a bit and finished it tonight because I saw how close I was to completion. It's a shame it brings in two needless fetch quests at the end because it feels a bit long to me as it is and neither is fun enough to feel worthwhile. Collectables should be an optional thing to make progress easier, not a requirement. The final boss is pretty fun too! Which I don't feel about many games. Good, but as a full price title not good enough to recommend. Solid 6 or 7 material.
  12. Yasawas

    Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom

    I was enjoying this - not to the raving extent that others are - but it's pretty good. It's no Hollow Knight but then it's no Mummy Demastered either. Then this happened:
  13. Yasawas

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    The Switch version has a rewind feature which negates that, thankfully. I still really enjoy it after all these years.
  14. Yasawas

    Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom

    Imported this from Amazon for my Christmas and oh man it's just immediately lovely isn't it?
  15. Yasawas

    Gaming Podcasts

    Apologies! Shame it is no more, but given I got into it late and haven't really listened to podcasts in a very long time the dozens of episodes that are there should get me through Picross S2 without too much trouble.

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