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  1. PM sent to Mr Tony. I still have 2 more codes. I bought many months of Xbox Live.
  2. Would anyone like 1,000 Apex coins? I've got a code but don't want them as I don't play. (To clarify I've got them from an Xbox Live Gold offer on Amazon. I'm not dodgy.)
  3. So I guess I'm the only one bummed out by the Pokemon-style update? (I've always viewed P4:G as a generational update as well as taking it to handheld.) I don't have the time to play through the entirety of P5 again to enjoy the newer content. Would I enjoy it? Well, yeah, but I'd also enjoy playing all of the other Persona main games and spin-offs I haven't yet. Ho hum.
  4. I'm assuming the complete lack of replies to this thread post-TWAB indicates that most forumites are like myself? By which I mean, the reaction to 'Arc Week' as an event is a resounding: meh.
  5. tnman

    The Walking Dead: The Final Season

    Well I finally finished this 7-year journey and I feel utterly emotionally drained. ENORMO-SPOILERS. One of the weirder things that I don't know if I like or not was the dialogue at the end that indicated that character stories will carry on. I think I would've preferred no further story strings, no matter how small, be dangled in front of the player. That we could finally just know that it's ended, because there 100% won't be any more episodes. God damn, what a ride. What a privilege to have had this game finished and to be able to play it.
  6. They're also changing armour rolls in the patch. So sets won't be locked to being mobility, resilience or restorative focussed anymore, you could roll a vanguard arms with mobility and a vanguard arms with resilience.
  7. tnman

    Amiibo by Nintendo

    Love the sheen on King K Rool's breastplate.
  8. tnman

    Kirby's Epic Yarn

    I can't see that the 3DS version adds enough new content to consider a re-purchase.
  9. No save data carries across, so you'll need to do them again.
  10. Pupper edition! Looks interesting, but I'm still behind with my Persona experience. Need to play 3 and, indeed, Q1*. I don't feel like I would get the most out of this otherwise. *And the dancing games, and P4 Arena, and Arena Ultimax...
  11. tnman


    Oh no, really? I went to bed about an hour in and was gonna watch the rest today. Poor guy.
  12. So for an endgame activity I understand why they wouldn't necessarily tier the forges, but for crying out loud couldn't they have at least structured it in such a way that the first time you attempt one it's in the format of a mission so you at least get a feel for the thing? I'm in such a hump over this.

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