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  1. The imaginary Pokerstars hoardings are super obtrusive this week. Even more so than normal.
  2. Thanks @suzzopher. New one is already here. Just weighing up options for what to do with the old one.
  3. Have any of you had a water-damaged Switch repaired by Nintendo UK recently? How much is it, and how long is the turnaround?
  4. Cool, thanks chaps. I had found an option to pay EUR 7,50 for three months or EUR 15 for a year. I’ll try registering for the forums and logging in that way.
  5. Quick question for you modder types. I’ve got AC and all the official DLC on Steam. I’ve installed Content Manager and the shader thing and all is well. In Content Manager I went to install some add-on cars and tracks, and all the best ones seem to be from Racedepartment, requiring a subscription to download. I don’t mind subscribing but my question is, do you have to maintain an active Racedepartment subscription to use content from there? Or once you’ve installed it, will it keep working even after the sub has run out?
  6. Not one of you so far has put forward the theory that he had a hangover, didn’t really feel like being there that day and took himself out of the race early in a fairly low-damage way so he could have an early bath. You’ve changed, rllmuk.
  7. During the Notebook, Ted Kravitz said something about Mazepin’s race engineer trying to take responsibility for the blue flag offence. Supposedly he said it was his fault for not warning Mazepin that Perez was coming up behind. I’d love to hear a recording of that from the horse’s mouth. It’s massive bullshit and you can only assume that if he did say it, it was under some duress from Daddy Mazepin… or his ‘associates’.
  8. “Put a fucking wall there and then they won’t do it.” -Daniel Ricciardo (a few seasons ago, I forget exactly when/where it was)
  9. Did Perez give up a place to an off-track overtake? Horner says so but I didn’t notice it at the time.
  10. Horner not so much. He basically said words to the effect of “it’s happening so we’ve got to go along with it”.
  11. @dino_jr Fair point. Especially as this is the first season as a proper FIA championship, it didn’t do the sport any favours at all. As I think it was @Dudley said upthread, the current cars are not actually slow - they can get to 180mph. They can’t keep it up for long enough but it’ll come. The gen1 cars were legitimately too slow (max 140mph IIRC) so I mean, one thing at a time. I have a complicated relationship with FE. I’m all about electric cars and I love single-seater racing so in effect I want to like it more than I, in fact, do. There’s jus
  12. To some extent, so is F1 (or any other non-refuelling series). They don't start the race with enough fuel to do the whole race at quali pace either, so there's always active energy management going on there too - it's just less obvious. Certainly I can't remember a DNF due to insufficient fuel in the present era, maybe the whole last decade. ...and that's really hidden from the FE viewing audience by two things: 1) even though the teams all make their own powertrain, the gains involved are so marginal that you're really looking at single-digit percentages at
  13. Not the best view but you can just about see it as it happens.
  14. The wheels are about the same in terms of quality, but the basic Logitech pedals are miles better than the basic Thrustmaster pedals. Rule of thumb when buying Thrustmaster is two pedals bad, three pedals good. (There are a few different three-pedal models and they’re all increasingly good, but the two-pedal set is lightweight plastic and pretty bad.) Fortunately the pedals can be upgraded separately so it’s not a cast-iron reason not to buy Thrustmaster if the price/location are good.
  15. https://ts.thrustmaster.com/download/accessories/Manuals/T300RS/T300_Base_Template.pdf M6, with a maximum length of 12mm inside the wheel base. The mounting plate on the Playseat is probably 2mm I guess? Plus say 1mm for your washer, so you probably want 15mm bolts.
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