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  1. Not counting transfers between Red Bull and Toro Rosso (because they're net-zero) when was the last time an underperforming driver was replaced mid-season?
  2. Well yes, I mean you could spend arbitrary amounts of money on this stuff really When I was a kid we would go to the seaside once a year, and there was a big amusement park that always had all the latest arcade machines - often probably the only one in the country (Northern Ireland isn't very big). I remember they had a Sega G-LOC machine where the player was completely strapped in with a multi-point harness and could go all the way upside down. I never got to try it because I was too young (this was probably 1991 or 1992 I guess, so I'd have been nine or ten?) Also it was super expensive for just one go. Anyway someone should renovate one and install a sim racing rig in it...
  3. I never did the manufacturer thing. At first it was because of option paralysis - how would I know which manufacturer to choose? - and then I got loads of cars from just playing the game a lot, so there was less need to bother. Personally if I were doing it now I'd go for Porsche because the GT3 and GT4 cars are both excellent to drive.
  4. Just as a point of interest, it's possible to buy a 3-degree motion rig (pitch, roll, yaw) for £2.5K nowadays: https://www.amazon.co.uk/DOF-Reality-Motion-Simulator-Movements/dp/B07LB4P2BM I watched a Youtube video about it and it actually seems to be quite decent: I desperately want one, but considering that I have owned plenty of ACTUAL CARS that were worth less than that, I don't think it's super likely
  5. Is that because they're too easy to drive? Legit question. All my best racing in last week's dailies was done in FF cars (the TT and the Mégane).
  6. Oh of course. I did know that (once).
  7. I'd love it if Williams are frantically building a perfect copy of the W11 behind the scenes, and next season George Russell comes out and starts winning races in it.
  8. If you're planning on playing it this evening, best start it updating now! I'm not at home so I can't check but from memory it's nowhere near maximum force. I'd leave everything on the defaults at first and see how you go, to be honest. GT Sport is much better optimised for use with a wheel than F1 (imo).
  9. Try cutting a squash ball in half (there isn't room for a whole one) and pushing it down into the gap behind the brake pedal.
  10. @Jashin We spoke briefly about control mapping. This is how I have my controls bound up for GTS on the T150. Of course YMMV. D-pad: MFD L2: look behind R2: DRS/KERS deploy/overtake/push-to-pass (whatever your specific car happens to have - the game just uses the same button for them all) Triangle: camera cycle (I don't really use this much - I drive in cockpit all the time, but sometimes in Monday night lobbies, upon loading the track the game will change camera all by itself so I need a quick button to fix it rather than having to find and turn on a pad) Square/Circle: indicators X: flash headlights (vitally important for Monday night grid starts) L3: hazards R3: ghost on/off There aren't really enough buttons so something has to give. I am happy to do without reverse, handbrake, horn or wipers. Glance left and glance right would be nice - I suppose if you never used your indicators you could put them there instead, although I just prefer having the blinkers working. Not least to minimise "MATE, I'M TRYING TO PIT!" moments like last night
  11. I don't know who he is but he is My People and I love him.
  12. In case that helps to imagine what the interior airflow is like. He gets the top cover off at about 14 minutes in. I do recommend watching the whole thing actually, he speaks well and seems to know his onions.
  13. Joe has one if I’m not mistaken. They certainly say your wheel will work on their US site: https://shop.cronusmax.com/drivehub.html I can’t see the same “works or your money back” guarantee on the UK site: https://collectiveminds-uk.myshopify.com/products/drive-hub But I’d imagine you should be safe enough.
  14. FYI the default wheel settings for F1 2019 are bobbins. You'll need to go in and change them to something more driveable. See if this helps: I wrote it for Dirt Rally 2 but they're both Codemasters games so hopefully it'll be close enough. I know I had to do something very similar to make F1 2019 playable, I just didn't document the steps
  15. Long story short, the manner in which the parts were designed was found to contravene the Sporting regulations. So they got docked some points and fined some money. The parts themselves don't contravene the Technical regulations, so now they've got them, they're allowed to keep using them.
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