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  1. beenabadbunny

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    Is 2019 Alfa Romeo still essentially Ferrari Jr, as 2018 Sauber was said to be?
  2. beenabadbunny

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    Bit of pure Partridge on the commentary there as VB headed to the podium. ”To finish first, first you have to finish, and for the Finn, it was the perfect ‘Finnish’ today.”
  3. beenabadbunny

    Is it just me, or is the dual shock still **** ?

    You’re so nearly right. The wired version is better still, because it doesn’t have the battery box on the back.
  4. beenabadbunny

    Game streaming - the future, or a red herring?

    Back when I was competition-standard at Guitar Hero, I got totally destroyed at Guitar Hero Arcade by a much inferior player. The cabinet hadn't been calibrated properly so everything was (to me) massively out of time. I just couldn't get my head around it at all. My friend didn't notice/couldn't tell/didn't care and just played on as if nothing was wrong (which I guess to her it wasn't).
  5. Happily, I went home that very evening and started winning I've had about four or five wins since then, I think. I'm not some sort of superhuman Tetris monster like @Jonster but I seem to be able to hold my own. My preferred tactic is to play 1-wide with an I-beam on hold, and set up back-to-back Tetrises. I usually leave targeting on KO, and just as I'm about to drop in the first Tetris, I tap C-up with the intention of targeting the player who is closest to death at that exact moment. At least I think that's what I'm doing
  6. That's essentially the risk/reward balance of this game in a nutshell. The thing about competitive Tetris is that once you start attacking your opponent, you absolutely mustn't take your foot off their throat until they're out. Because if you do, all that garbage becomes ammunition for them to throw right back.
  7. beenabadbunny

    What series/genre should be 'battle royaled' next ?

    Guitar Hero.
  8. beenabadbunny

    Weezer. Does anyone like them?

    Counterpoint: I love every moment of the Teal Album. And I loved their version of Rosanna as well, right from the opening where it's obvious that the drummer has really REALLY worked to nail that Porcaro shuffle.
  9. I'm about 100 games in and still chasing that first first place. I came third in my début match and have managed quite a few seconds but I just haven't quite been able to take it all the way home. I have no T-spins on record at all (and I'm pretty sure that's true on more-or-less every other version of Tetris I possess). I simply don't understand them, can't visualise them and never play them. I don't really understand why they score so highly, although of course I would say that because of the above. Not sure yet if I prefer playing handheld or docked. I get on well with the Joycon controls (discrete buttons work very very well for this game) and it's nice to be able to target specific players on the touchscreen, but it's hard to divide my attention well enough. C-stick targeting works well enough. Playing docked, I tend to use a Wavebird, both because it's a lovely controller and because it's far handier than taking the Joycons off and attaching them to the Joycon Grip. Wish there was a way to stream to Twitch without a capture card or Xbox One, neither of which I own. That's a Switch problem rather than anything to do with this specific game, obviously. At some stage my girlfriend is going to want her Switch back. I'm seriously considering buying my own when that happens. This game is worth any amount of money. Just about the only thing I don't like is that there's no option to turn off the ghost piece. I've hated it in every version of Tetris since it was introduced, and this is the first one I can think of where I can't turn it off. I hope they patch it in.
  10. beenabadbunny

    The Kid Who Would Be King from Joe Cornish

    Odd names to pick for your kids.
  11. beenabadbunny

    Treble's Retro Gaming PC challenge!

    I may* be missing something here but why would you want to add artificial scanlines if you're outputting to a CRT anyway? * I mean I almost certainly am. I've never been a fan of scanline filters at the best of times.
  12. beenabadbunny

    Wireless controllers on retro consoles

    8bitdo is doing a 6-button Mega Drive pad called the M30. They have some kind of partnership on the go with Analogue so the M30 will be the 'official' controller for the new Analogue Mega Drive, and it'll also work on other devices in much the same way as the existing 8bitdo controllers do.
  13. beenabadbunny

    Coinops Forgotten Worlds Arcade Front End For PC

    There are two different things going on there. The Q*Bert screenshot is from what I suppose you would call 'attract mode'. Basically for every single game on the game select screen, there's a big 16:9 graphic with a little postcard-sized window that plays a video clip of the game. The other screenshots are once the games are actually loaded up to play. Those are preconfigured as 4:3 pillarboxed screens, with a scanline effect etc, and some sort of static graphic on either side. It may or may not be original arcade artwork, I'm sure it varies from title to title. I haven't seen any that obscure the screen in play. I've had a bit of a play with it and it's clearly been a massive labour of love for someone. I haven't spent long enough with any of the games to know how it handles things like save states, custom controls etc.
  14. beenabadbunny

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    As for why people don't like the Pats, it's also worth noting that QB Brady, head coach Belichick and owner Kraft are all BFFs with Donald Trump.
  15. beenabadbunny

    Which classics have you still not seen?

    A friend of mine summarised this phenomenon as "Van Halen snookered themselves by releasing their first album first."

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