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  1. I always say that if you can't lose in a game, then it's not really a game, it's a toy. I guess kids must like toys, or something.
  2. I'm sure I've beaten this drum many times in several other threads, but ... I *hate* modern sports games. I expect there are still some fun sports games being made by indie devs in some corner of Steam, but I'm talking about the big name franchises, where more importance is placed on your chosen club's corporate sponsor logo looking right than whether the gameplay is fun. Everytime I see yet another annual iteration of these things being advertised, I get a little angrier about it.
  3. Most of the quests rely on a game tracking some kind of statistic (walked X miles, killed Y enemies, etc) via that specific facility in the Xbox framework. I'm gonna guess that only a small percentage of the GamePass catalogue actually does this. It's additional, largely-pointless work for any cross-platform title to implement it.
  4. Launching straight into my Quick Resume session didn't seem to work. I did a showcase event and smashed several boards and it didn't budge. I had to actually quit and restart the game for it to start tracking. Done now. Cheers.
  5. Good news: the State Of Decay punchcard is now activating (even tho it still links to the same video). Bad news: The new monthly quest for getting 5000 influence in Forza Horizon 4 doesn't work. If you select it in the Rewards app, it says "Recruit two survivors". Er ...
  6. The only other Glasgow arcade I've been in was Booths, in Renfield Street. Still there, but again, all puggies last time I looked. I have memories of playing Killer Instinct there when it first came out. Later, only the downstairs area had videogames (SF3 and Raiden Fighters stick in my mind).
  7. I stick with the default, every time. The main reason being that virtual dress-a-doll ain't my thing. The secondary reason: I rarely play anything online, but when I do, I like to lull the opponent into a false sense of security by appearing to have only just loaded up the game for the first time. They'll be the most outrageous bad-ass thing imaginable, and I'll be this generic guy in a t-shirt and jeans.
  8. More the other way round, to be honest. I impulse-bought an X, and it's a terrific console and all that, but, even as an 4K telly owner, I kinda wish I had just bought an S and put the extra cash towards something else. I generally don't play the type of games that require that much oomph. And I bought one of those AllAccess ones that have two years of GamePass built in ... and I already have a hefty backlog of purchased titles. I guess I'll just have to learn to live with these enhanced graphics and super-fast load times.
  9. Yeah, looks like some mad pricing numberwang. I'd buy the cheaper one, because, as you say, you get the more expensive one as part of it. The Series X/S version has all the DLC "built-in" to the main game. The Xbox One version has the DLC separate. Looks like if you buy the cheaper option here you'll get everything.
  10. If more people are able to complete the game, they are less likely to view DLC packs as a waste of money.
  11. I never liked that shop. One xmas, my wife asked me what I would like as a gift, and I suggested a TimeCrisis2+GunCon bundle I had seen in there. When she went in there, the staff "advised" her that the bundle was not really what she should buy, but she should instead buy the controller and game separately, for about 20 quid more. I went in days later and confronted them about it, and they just handed me back the price difference in cash without a word of explanation or apology. The name of the store in the West End (in De Courcy's Arcade) escapes me, but I'm pretty sure it it was just "[Something] Games". Was the proprietor called Charlie, maybe? I remember driving in there, early one Saturday morning, to eagerly pick up the first import copy of MK64 for silly money. What a disappointment that was. @Orion I was down in Blackpool last week. Nostalgia still runs strong, but obviously the arcades haven't been any good since the 90s. It's very telling that I managed to get 15 minutes of enjoyment out of 2 quid (TimeCrisis5 + OutRun2 in Coral Island), while all around, punters are throwing coin after coin into machines just for a quick fondle of a cheap stuffed toy with a mechanical claw.
  12. I still go for 100% in each game I play ... though there was a point years back where, like @Talvalin, I found myself sitting up to stupid-o-clock with Americans, arranging sessions where we could get all the tedious multiplayer achievements in certain games. Those days are thankfully behind me. Before achievements, I would usually rush through games on Normal/Medium difficulty, rarely bothering about any "secrets", or learning any advanced play techniques or whatever. It's the old story where you get more out of something the more you put into it. I've played some absolutely fantastic games over the last fifteen years that I would only have skimmed the surface of if I hadn't been driven to get that 100%. A little bit of history ... On the xbox platform, there used to be a limit on how much gamerscore a game could be worth. Initially on 360, it was 1000 for a full price game, and 200 for an XBLA game. DLC packs could increase that by 250 or 50. On XB1, it became 1000 for all games. Lately, the rules for DLC limits have been pretty much abandoned, and there now exists a market for games that are insanely easy, and exist only to build your gamerscore. It's not uncommon to find games that have the base 1000 points, with three or four +1000 DLC packs, usually containing 100 or 200 point achievements for completing very easy tasks. There are companies out there making a decent coin selling this crap, but if there are eejits willing to buy it, I guess that's fair game. So basically, gamerscore has always been pretty pointless, but now it is even more so.
  13. Omno Simple but charming little platform/puzzle game. Has some odd performance issues at times, and I experienced a weird bug where I was thrown back to a point in the game that was two "stages" earlier than my last save, though it still recognised that I had 100% of collectables in the later areas. Apart from that, a pleasant and pretty little diversion. 6/10
  14. Chalk me up as another one who found that section unbelievably stupid. I suspect if you have upgraded your sling enough, it might become easier, but I had upgraded most other things, because, up until that point, the sling had seemed like a perfectly capable weapon.
  15. I played through this recently and thought it was fairly average, but had to laugh at Generally, I don't give two hoots about the story in videogames, but that really took the biscuit. Someone actually got paid real money to come up with that.
  16. Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled I was tempted to knock a point off immediately for the spelling of "fueled". This game has a lot going for it. It looks terrific, with lots of colourful cartoony graphics. It controls brilliantly, with the drift-boosting, boost-reserves and overall "feel" becoming a matter of pure instinct to a point where you could probably pilot one of these karts down a strand of spaghetti. The track designs are, largely, excellent, with lots of stuff going on in the background, and crafty shortcuts to find and exploit. There's one big "but", and that's the Adventure mode, which is pretty much your main "campaign" mode. On the surface, it's fine: play through each of the tracks, a few GPs, some bonus modes, etc, but compelled as I am to get the full gamut of achievements on every game I play, I was forced to play it on Hard difficulty, which is the most difficult of the three options available. Now, I could probably beat Easy mode using my feet, and after getting into the game, I was winning most Medium races by 10+ seconds, but holy crap, winning a Hard mode race requires you to drive extremely well, a task made near-impossible by the constant barrage of missiles and time warps and other such crap from the CPU players, to the extent where it just became a matter of repeatedly retrying over and over, waiting for that lucky attempt where they leave you alone long enough to distance yourself from the pack. To make matters worse, one of the hardest tracks is Crash Cove, the first one you play, the CTR equivalent of Mario Circuit 1! I was close to bouncing my controller off the floor so many times, and I actually even damaged the A button (accelerate) from unconsciously pressing it so hard. Ideally, there should have been a difficulty between Medium and Hard, where you can enjoy the knockabout fun of kart racing while still feeling like it's vaguely fair. Once that nightmare is over though, there are the time trials, which task you with beating the expert ghost times of the main antagonist (who goes by the terrible name of "Nitros Oxide") across the 31 tracks from the original PlayStation games (though there are about a dozen others included in this game). This mode, with all the weaponry stripped away, revealed what a great racing game this is. So an absolute gem of a kart racer, waylaid by a terribly unbalanced campaign mode. 8/10
  17. You can even circumvent the £10.99 cost by getting a 14-day GPU trial code from eBay or somewhere for 2 or 3 quid. Worked for me, even after I had used the £1 thing for my first Gold->GP batch.
  18. Resident Evil 2 I played this back on the PS1, but I only went through Chris's story once and then traded it in. Now, with the threat of an incomplete game blemishing my xbox profile, I went through it all. Unsurprisingly, twenty-one years later, it was all completely new to me: I didn't remember a damn thing. First of all, it looks and sounds great, even on the old XB1. The lighting is amazing, and hearing the big chap stomping around in adjoining rooms and floors was a neat touch. I was happy to get the 60fps update on the X though. It has a slightly more evenly-balanced level of oppressiveness and claustrophobia than the front-loaded Resi7, which I finished last year, but it's still a heavily dark affair, where every bullet is a prisoner. Fortunately, beating the main campaign throws enough unlockable freebies at you to give you some breathing space on later playthroughs. Most of the bonus missions were a re-tread of parts of the main game, though the "No Way Out" scenario was an interesting (though fairly sadistic) coda: an excellent challenge, but hard to say if it was "fun". All-in-all though, there's not a lot of fat on these bones. It's a very efficiently sculpted bit of horror. 8/10
  19. Yeah, that's Meteos, which Lumines is about a hundred times better than.
  20. Just remembered another one. Sinclair User (I think) gave away a tape with the first level (or maybe two levels) of Skate Crazy, and I played that so many times over until I could get near perfect scores from the judges. I bought the game when it finally came out and I think I played about four levels and got fed up with it. Kids, eh!
  21. R-Type Final 2 I "re-completed" this after all the DLC stages (remakes of stages from earlier games in the series) put in an appearance, none of which add that much to the game. The R-Type Final 1 stage 2 remake has pretty ropey performance issues, actually, despite looking rather poor. Still, nice to hear a new version of that classic Stage 1 music, and take down that big Stage 3 ship again. A Plague Tale: Innocence Pretty decent stealth-em-up, I thought. I played it with French dialogue, and having since heard it in English, I think I made the right choice. The story was interesting enough to prevent me hitting the "skip cutscene" button, a very rare thing, though it went a bit strange at the end, but not in a bad way. It played pretty well until one unforgiveable section in the last level required me to dispatch eight baddies in quick succession with my rubbishy sling weapon (I had focused on upgrading everything else), and it took me upwards of forty attempts, with a lot of swearing in between. The graphics were nice, especially after the XSX upgrade ... but such a shame it lost quick-resume. 7/10
  22. Isn't this the last day of the Rewards "month"? They usually don't have any daily rewards on the last day.
  23. Amiga Format demo of Zeewolf sold me the game. And the sequel. I must've played that demo level a hundred times.
  24. Yeah, it's a really stupid game design. Most players come to Catherine looking for an anime visual novel or a block puzzle game. Hardly anyone comes looking for both, and almost everybody leaves disappointed. I skipped all the story bollocks and just played it as a puzzle game. I thought it was pretty good in that regard, especially Babel mode.
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