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  1. peeveen

    Google Project Stream

    I absolutely agree with you that, for the obvious technical reasons, a streamed game will always be a compromise, at least from a gameplay point-of-view ... but the extent of that compromise will vary from game to game, and even from player to player depending on their tolerance. Personally, I like fast-paced arcade games, so streaming is almost certainly Not For Me. But if I was interested in the types of games I mentioned above (slower paced, open-world games, more "consumed" than "played") then I could live with a bit of input lag, especially if it meant I didn't have to cough up £400+ for a console. All part and parcel of the same thing, no? If a game is unresponsive, it doesn't matter how quickly or precisely you react. I think we're saying the same thing with different words.
  2. peeveen

    Google Project Stream

    Presumably these sort of services will only be for the mainstream "fannying around" type of games, stuff like yer Assassin's Creed, GTA, Fallout, etc? Games that don't need lightning reflexes or precision control, so lag is less important. I can't imagine anyone will be playing stuff like Mushihimesama or Trials on this kind of setup.
  3. peeveen

    Dara O'Briain's Go 8-bit

    Dave not making any more of this.
  4. peeveen

    Yoku's Island Express

    I had no problem with this, you must be doing something wrong. You get near them, the action slows down, then you press the trigger to collect them.
  5. peeveen

    The Arcade Ten

    1. Street Fighter 2 2. Time Pilot 3. Splatterhouse 4. Donkey Kong jr 5. R-Type 6. Bomb Jack 7. Return of the Jedi 8. Outrun 9. Crystal Castles 10. Super Pacman
  6. peeveen


    Yup, watched the first three episodes so far, and this series is MUCH better than the last ... there was only one actual comedian in the last series: who gave that the green light? Feels like they brought this series out super quick to eradicate the bad taste.
  7. peeveen


    Rapunzel? That's a completely separate "complete this in N moves or less" puzzle mode. It was very good, but you have to play through the main story to unlock all the Babel levels. Not the satisfaction of overcoming each challenge? You could have just watched the story bits on YouTube. (Before this game, I associated Atlus with Cave shooters.) You're absolutely right that what you want from a game, and how much you are willing to put into it, determines what you get out of it. Personally, I bought it for some puzzle action, devoted dozens of hours to unlocking and completing all the puzzle modes, and found it utterly exhilarating throughout. I understand that if someone bought it on the basis of the quirky Japanese animation sections, then they'd be frustrated at actually having to play it ... but that won't stop me from piping up to defend it when it is declared to be shite.
  8. peeveen


    If those sections count as "gameplay", then they were a very watery sauce over the main meal.
  9. peeveen


    Wow. I had the exact opposite opinion. I would have preferred an option to skip all the cartoon guff and just have the puzzle game. Finishing the Babel levels is one of my proudest achievements. Surely if the gameplay is the worst part of a game, then, by definition, it's a shite game?
  10. My opinion: a sports-based videogame absolutely does not need to feature expensive licensed facsimiles or representations of real-life players/teams/venues/tournaments. I mean, most of the time you are controlling a small unrecognisable sprite on an anonymous green background. And the skill level of your "player" should be reflected by your own skill at the game. Everyone else: wah, I want to play as Federer, his stats are better than yours / wah, those are last year's strip colours for Rotherham United, this game sux / etc etc
  11. Pretty much nothing. I mean, I've completed all campaigns several times, but I'm going through from start to finish again, but using the "saga" playlist, to get the special related achievement. (Cross game playlists were broken until recently). Never really saw the point of the playlists, to be honest.
  12. peeveen

    Do/did your parents game?

    My dad played Galaxian & QBert on my Atari 2600. My mum played Pacman. They would have been about 27 years old at the time when I had the Atari. My dad also played Tetris on the Gameboy for a short time. Nothing since.
  13. I always imagine the only people still hanging around in old games are those who got really good at them and can't bear moving on to a game where they might not win all the time.
  14. peeveen

    Yoku's Island Express

    I just got it:
  15. peeveen

    Yoku's Island Express

    Okay, I'm 98% done, and starting to get worried that there has been some glitch that's screwed me over for the 100%. Can someone give me a clue about the location of this wickerling shown on the map? I've tooted my horn all over that area and found nothing. I see a slug on one of those explodable thingies down below, but can't see any way to get to it. Doesn't seem related to the location of the icon on the map anyway. Hay-ulp!

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