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  1. As above, just played through Judgment 1 at 60fps for the first time on Series X. Still damn good times, and a nice setup for the second. Only managed the main story mind, not all the extensive side stuff. Took 17 hours total this time around and I think the trial ends at 6pm so I won't be able to continue that until I either buy it cheap in a sale or it comes to Game Pass.
  2. The auto aim is crazy. Just let go of the left trigger and pull it again and you're almost certainly aiming for a headshot.
  3. It's not. Honestly, I expect some patches incoming fairly soon.
  4. That's a separate tendency unless I'm remembering incorrectly. Killing invaders boosts your soul tendency towards white, not world tendency. Winged spear can be picked up in 1-2, good starter spear. It's on the first fire drake run just before the first battlement you duck into. Might need a few tries to find it as the drake only really gives you time for one pickup unless you're feeling brave. Spear was actually the very first weapon I completed it on PS3 with. Nowadays I usually go for Keel Smasher / Dragon Bone Smasher for melee or a magic build with Firestorm. DBS in particular can be picked up in about an hour and a half from the start and doesn't need any upgrades to wreck face, but it's heavy and needs a decent amount of strength.
  5. It has to be an arte, and you don't need to be on the ground. R1 / RB won't work for it. Set up a few different artes and experiment with them.
  6. Nah, it's just... they must know. A sizable chunk of their consumers suffer this every time they turn the game on and they're either blind to their suffering or reveling in it!
  7. A good chunk of their audience don't live in Japan. Also, even 30 seconds is still nuts if accurate.
  8. Thing that surprises me most is that the 3 minute connection to servers is still a thing. How can they see that and go 'eh, it's fine'?
  9. 8's my score for it as well, incidentally. The final 20% of the game or so go some unwelcome ways with the storyline and everyone turns into a walking exposition machine. It's like they tried to out Death Stranding Death Stranding with the level of nonsense they start spewing out endlessly. That said, love the combat, there's a good chunk of game in there, looks lovely and I just had a really good time with it overall.
  10. Eh, I'd be happy enough just turning on my phone and looking at something like this while a number goes up in the background. Not like Mobile games are ever great anyway. https://phoboslab.org/wipeout/
  11. Not to make your choice for you, but Bang's knife's a good un and one I have my eye on. She's always solid. Caustic's Sledge is another neat one, but Caustic's not always a great pick.
  12. It is pretty good! Sorry, I know you're not getting on with it, but I liked it a lot.
  13. Oh, absolutely. Shift's so ingrained in my traversal I'd even forgotten that it was a separate power. Invisibility was the other one I took along, mainly just for getting through tripwires more easily.
  14. I was wondering about the mid-day loadout, thought they'd have been available again before the daily reset but wasn't 100% sure. I barely used them anyway. I had an SMG that heals me and a sniper rifle that shot rockets, so I was a superhero even without the Slabs.
  15. But then you miss out on the pyrotechnics! I'd recommend doing the post game quest too. Weirdly, some of the bonus dungeon's environments are way better looking than the last dungeon itself. The mountain one in particular.
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