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  1. Even the dialogue of the person addressing him is amazing. 'Nick Ogata, ya cravat-wearin' fuckwad!'
  2. Curiously, I also had my PSN account hacked recently. I didn't have two step at the time, though I activated immediately afterward. I got my account back immediately upon calling Playstation support, it was the email change notification that tipped me off. Interestingly, they must have been in my account for a while before they sold it to some poor schmuck as there were some leftover messages in there. I'd been mainly playing on Steam for a few months beforehand since it was the end of gen, so they probably sent some spam bullshit out as well. One of the messages was this:
  3. I think I mentioned this earlier, but still hacked off that killing the four legendaries didn't bestow me with their four crests to open that Goddamn door and plunder the goodies within.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I'd fucking LOVE an Evil Within 3. I wasn't super high on the first (possibly because performance was ass on the PS4), but 2 was my favourite Survival Horror outing in years. I also loved that it wasn't afraid to make downright weird references from time to time with no explanation.
  5. I saw that pop up on my feed before. I thought the thumbnail looked amateurish and fake so didn't bother checking it out. If it was legit, other publications would have mirrored it by now. So yeah, fake.
  6. I am kinda pissed off at how buggy certain aspects have been. Sometimes I'd attempt a puzzle twice in the same way and it'd fail the first time, then work the second - for instance, an air current might not allow me to glide across a gap first attempt, then the same thing shortly after will see me soaring across. A chimney failed to load in during the Hephaestus' forge quest, so I spent about 30 minutes looking around, traveling away, traveling back, looking for nearby puzzles that might be related to making it appear... finally looked it up online and it turns out that some people
  7. Huh? Are you talking about Saeko, or am I missing something here?
  8. Also, you can pretend to be a Ghostbuster in the (exceptional) Ancient Gods DLC.
  9. Miriam is an absolute delight and we're lucky to have her.
  10. I think I added you. Weirdly, I've been kicked and auto-rejoined the club about three or four times now. Just like Kyuss up there. Been playing a reasonable amount this season, it's a very good one. Horizon's a great hero with a lot of potential for helping the team move around or restrict the enemy, and calls people 'bawbags' from time to time. I approve.
  11. Speaking of banging soundtracks: (Actual spoiler for chapter 12)
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