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  1. It's unfortunate for sure - also, the baseball takes a while, but it's the same pitching pattern every time, so keep a notepad handy. Mahjong quick guide - Try to get one pair of anything (preferably NESW tiles or other weird ones that don't have an obvious sequence), and 'runs' of the rest in your hand - the line of tiles nearest you where the game auto sorts the tiles into a sequence. 1, 2, 3 or 2, 3, 4, or whatever's fine too just so long as you have 3 sequential numbers. I think you need 3 runs (might be 4, I forget how many tiles are in play at once), and one pair. Once you only need one tile to finish those runs, hit square to have the game auto find it for you through Riichi, basically just cycling and discarding until you get the one you need. Then it's Tsumo time for a win! Oh, and cancel every Pon or Chi that comes up. It's a hellish game, designed by and catering to bastards. Doing this though, it doesn't take too long to start getting some wins. It's more work than it should be to friend some of these buggers, but the payoff is great when you go into the final sub mission.
  2. Oh dear. I see they’ve taken the worst possible approach to challenges. instead of ‘do 400 damage in a match’ or ‘come in top 5’ it’s ‘perform ninety two takedowns in a single match in bunker, while the rest of your team screams at you for peeling off from them right at the start and getting annihilated like a total bell end’.
  3. Lisa Kusanami twin stick batterings are always fun! I have a Saturn version I bought in Akihabara for 30 yen in mint condition. That was a steal. Motor Raid was surprisingly fun still, even though I'd never played it before and wasn't just coasting on nostalgia. Venus Wars meets Road Rash, no complaints there. I actually looked up a youtube vid to see if there was a way to cheese the AI in Fighting Vipers (don't remember it being so tough on Saturn) and found it amusing that in the last few rounds the timer went from 15-ish mins to an hour before the winning round. And yeah, they can totally put Vipers 2 into a new Judgment or Yakuza - I don't think it's an amazing series, critically speaking, but it's still one I've a lot of fondness for. Even the Saturn intro is both technically quite average and still utterly amazing to me.
  4. Took a little longer than anticipated to go live, but it's up now: https://gamecritics.com/darren-forman/judgment-review/ And yeah, the collection of arcade games in this is superb. You have the best fighter in VF5 FS and a stack of classics and all round fun games like that Motor Raid and Fighting Vipers - though I gotta say, Jane in stage 8 is a complete asshole. Puyo's also pretty bloody hard in the arcades, I gotta say. Did all the side gubbins a few days ago, so short of trophy cleanup I've done most of what there is to see. So good.
  5. Also, Darli Dagger is goddamn amazing.
  6. Kayin Amoh


    Binary, but your heart's in the right place.
  7. PS4? Can hop on whenever. KayinAmoh is my PSN name.
  8. The writing's excellent, either way. There's some great in jokes as well - I'm unsure how many people will even get this one, but it had me laughing out loud: I haven't posted most of the best ones on twitter because I don't want to spoil some scenes, but holy hell, some of them are hilarious. The worst part of the dub? Yagami quite often introduces himself in the third person. Audibly. He actually says 'This is Yagami' to introduce himself, like he's introducing someone else. 'Yagami desu' definitely has better translations than that.
  9. Since my review's not live yet I gave it an 8.5 / 10 and said it was another predictably great entry from the Ryu Ga Gotoku team which only really faltered during the tailing missions (as in every other game in history, they're dull as hell - perfectly capturing the pulse pounding excitement of really slowly walking behind an NPC for ages and ages) and that the new pixel hunting photography / find some evidence sections can drag on too long. Plus side, they don't show up too often in the main storyline. Downside, they do show up in the side cases. Steve, you'll get used to the dub - it's actually pretty excellent, and if you're like me you'll be a lot more critical of it in the beginning, checking the lip sync and all that, before it all just kinda shakes out. The pop ups don't leave unless there's a way to turn them off. They didn't bother me, but right up till the end of the game I was having it give me tips that I'd been given right at the start. It's kinda insane that they can fire out these entries at such a rapid pace and keep them consistently great. I mean, sure, they're reusing assets such as the city and some attacks / music, but it's still impressive. And the fortune teller is hilarious. I love her - wouldn't trust her near a pair of darts, though. Edit: Maybe time for a title change, what with the new Western name and everything?
  10. Will do. It's in the queue for publication, might be tonight US time as I write for a US site.
  11. Same as binary domain and saints row 2. Goty, baby. i’ve also finished this for review - embargo should have broken, but just to be safe i’ll Just say that the English voiceovers are fantastic and one of the villains is a pretty sinister dude.
  12. Review embargo is the 24th, btw.
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