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  1. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Certainly nothing new. There were so many times I'd be out for a walk listening to the cast and they'd be like 'hey, this new niche game came out this week, let's give it two minutes and have someone complaining about it being discussed at all the whole time' immediately followed by fifteen thousand continuous weeks of soul crushing PUBG related boredom. Holy hell.
  2. Tekken 7's very good, but the stages as a whole are kinda bland. I was watching footage of Tekken 4 the other day, and I don't care if it affects gameplay in weird ways, the floor undulation definitely makes the stages look more interesting on a visual level. Doa 2 Ultimate's stages in particular were some of the best in the business, and VF3 - which people also complained about - had some great ones too. Then you look at stuff like the more recent Street Fighter stages and it's hard to guess where all that imagination from a decade or two ago went. (Also, just noticed you said SFV had good stages - that's a hard disagreement from me, especially stuff like the New Zealand stage with its mutant sheep)
  3. It's amazing how bland Geralt looks compared to the SC cast. (Except maybe Gr0h, who seems to be lifted directly out of a cliche manual). Kinda hoped they'd dropped the guest character thing, honestly. Stage looks nice, though.
  4. Darkest Dungeon

    99p on iOS right now. Touch controls are a little clunky, and you'd burst a blood vessel squinting at it on a phone screen, but it's okay on an ipad pro.
  5. All things Yakuza!

    Embargo's up. My review's not live, but I did find this to be a pretty interesting bug - only happened the once. After a fight it didn't go back into the exploration mode correctly. Also:
  6. Splinter Cell 2018

    Blacklist was absolutely masterful. I seriously hope this is not just a rumour, and that it lives up to its predecessor. Which was Blacklist incidentally.
  7. Monster Hunter: World

    Hardly a surprise, there's bugger all to do up there aside from a few fun dicking around things, and after you load in and depart on a quest, you return to the main town and then have to take the lift back up. It's just a pain to visit, for no good reason. As for the squads being empty and the like, loads of people are still playing. The thing is, many of Capcom's approach to the multiplayer are innovative solutions to problems that no longer existed even ten years ago. The SOS system is perfect, but they really didn't quite nail playing with friends. It's easy to have the party split up after quests if returning to different bases, the story mode constantly has annoyances where you can't stay in a group if someone needs to watch a cutscene, you barely see each other in town and all sorts of weirdness that any developer with decent experience in a multiplayer game would look at and annihilate in ten seconds flat. Anyway, I just hit rank 100 and I'm on what I expect is the final quest I need to do to get all 'complete' ranks. And then there was some fun I had trying to speed through low rank naked. I'd dropped twice so I was staying out of sight, but never count out the weird naked bald dude completely - he can still contribute.
  8. Always a scapegoat, somewhere. You just need to find it.
  9. Monster Hunter: World

    Not if you don't take Flash pods.
  10. Bloodborne

    Pick the Hunter's Axe. Transform it into the 2 hander and liberally abuse the R2 charge attack to experience best feelings ever.
  11. Bloodborne

    If it hasn't been mentioned in the thread already, the Old Hunters DLC will be £5.79 today on EU PSN for Plus members. Should go down fine with Sony's monthly game offerings this month, one of which of course is the game it pairs with. I'd say you need it, but you either have it already or know that you need it.
  12. All things Yakuza!

  13. Monster Hunter: World

    Yeah, no other way to get them. Unlike many other enemies, you can't get it as a reward or normal carve.
  14. Let It Die (PS4)

    I do hear more floors are coming beyond 50, but yeah - mainly been quality of life stuff, and an overhaul to the Tokyo Death Metro alongside endgame Four Forcemen bosses and new gear.
  15. Monster Hunter: World

    There are three potential fights after Nergigante, and they all have some nasty tricks up their sleeves. Not going to detail them in case anyone's super sensitive to spoilers, but they do all have one hit KO potential.

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