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  1. Still waiting for Last Bronx to show up in one of these titles (not available on current consoles even as classic releases), but these ain't bad at all.
  2. Kayin Amoh

    Dead or Alive 6 - Early 2019

    Honestly, I dunno. I've no doubt that the core members of the VF team are all scattered to the winds, but I'd be happy for them to get a bunch of plucky young programmers together and get to work on the series regardless. It's staggering that VF5's something like 12 years old at this point. It still looks great and plays sublimely.
  3. Kayin Amoh

    Dead or Alive 6 - Early 2019

    I'd fucking kill for VF6 at this point. God Dammit.
  4. Kayin Amoh

    Dead or Alive 6 - Early 2019

    The marketing in Japan - and in fact on Twitter via TK's accounts - repeatedly shoves the younger characters down your throat and largely ignores characters that are either male, caucasian or over the age of 20. It escalated during Last Round to a point I wasn't comfortable - that thumbnail you mentioned as being pretty dubious? They've been trying to work those two into becoming the face of the series (see: Doa X3, a game specifically designed for perving on the characters, has them front and centre) , one of whom is a bona-fide idiot/ditzy as hell, and the other could easily pass as a twelve year old from her in game model. If you're casually playing vs you could miss the overall direction leaning this way, but follow the series on any sort of promotional media and it's quite plain to see unless this is a gigantic U-turn - which I'm certainly not convinced it is given the female choices in the roster so far.
  5. Kayin Amoh

    Dead or Alive 6 - Early 2019

    Rsdio: 2 was great, but so far for 6 there's still no sign of Christie (Doa 3), Tina (all the mainstream games to date), Lisa (Doa 4), Mila (Doa 5), Rachel and Momiji (Doa 5 Ultimate), and what do all these characters have in common? That's right, they actually look (and occasionally act) like adults. Cutesy moe bullshit's just not my scene, and the series has been getting stuffed more and more with it as the characters I like and enjoy using for their fighting styles are slowly shunted aside. At least Jann Lee's still in it, otherwise I'd have no previous mains left.
  6. Kayin Amoh

    Dead or Alive 6 - Early 2019

    I'm still waiting for any of the characters I like to appear in it. Not liking this 'stuff it full of irritating children' approach they've been taking recently.
  7. Waiting for the moment when they reveal - HA! - it's actually BINARY FUCKING DOMAIN 2 AND THEY HAD US ALL FOOLED LIKE IMBECILES! Not exactly hyped about sections where you tail people. Had enough of that before Assassin's Creed 1 was ever conceived. This is actually the start of that new Yakuza series, isn't it? No way they'd just copy and paste Kamurocho into another series, they get enough stick doing it between numbered games. Would they? They would, wouldn't they?
  8. Kayin Amoh

    Yakuza Kiwami 2: Blond Ambition

    Ouch. I bailed once she started talking about playing Blackjack with a minimum win of 800 chips.
  9. Kayin Amoh

    SNK Heroines

    Got a review copy. I'm not exactly gonna be kind to it, but the Leona ending above had me in stitches. The idea of chibi Leona going Orochi with a toy mallet is one I can get behind.
  10. Kayin Amoh

    Yakuza Kiwami 2: Blond Ambition

    You won't get these until right near the end. You can take her out on walks after talking to her in Serena, and then she'll say stuff like 'Uncle Kaz, you'd look great in a bulletproof vest' or 'Uncle Kaz, I want to see you win 800 chips at poker in an underground casino' - y'know, the usual kind of stuff you'd expect her to say - then you trot off and do what she says.
  11. Kayin Amoh

    Yakuza Kiwami 2: Blond Ambition

    Always have a weapon in your stash for some enemies. There's a type of foe that you come across occasionally that seem to sit still, sidestep the moment you attack and counter you for way too much damage and put you on your back. It's annoying, and I couldn't find a reliable way to take them on bare handed, but weapons like katanas will slice them up good.
  12. Kayin Amoh

    Your favourite weapons

    Winner! Also, the shotgun with fewer shots pulps enemies in the most delicious of ways. The pimp cane @orion mentioned's a beauty too, blasting people with a cane's always good times. Hmm. I replayed Binary Domain a few months ago, and it's probably time for another one. What a game. Also, I've always been fond of Sam Fisher's SC-20k. So versatile.
  13. Kayin Amoh

    Your favourite weapons

    Step aside, peasants, and allow me to enlighten you to as the majesty of lethal dubstep.
  14. Kayin Amoh

    Yakuza Kiwami 2: Blond Ambition

    The milk one? God knows. The wind one, I just held it at full force the entire time - but it doesn't matter much in the end. I finished this a few days back. Some amazing Yakuza 0 references, none of which I'll spoil. One of Goro's throwaway lines about Ryuji had me in absolute stitches.
  15. Kayin Amoh

    Shenmue III - PS4/PC | 2019

    They knew this ages ago - I can't remember how many exactly, but Shenmue 2 was classed as multiple chapters in the storyline.

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