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  1. After a run of making levels that ha e 0%-15% clear rates (though on fairly small samples) , I tried to make a level that it was really hard to die in, a single gap as a bonus challenge for a 50 coin, Koopa Troopas only, multiple power ups about. 26% clear rate. I think I've been watching too many videos of Kaizo levels.
  2. kensei

    Unable to kill

    There's a bit at the end of Knights of the Old Republic (can't remember 1 or 2, both maybe? ) where But general plebs, not so much. Haven't really played any realistic shooters for about ten years, though.
  3. Or, cheating. If true, they should be stripped of their titles.
  4. This is the fundamental problem with every Terminator since T2.
  5. Carbonite almost makes sense. Boba Fett capturing Han Solo would be a famous bounty. The bit where I think it falls over is - carbomite freezing facilities aren't just going to be about everywhere, unless there are now shop dealers offering them as standard.
  6. I present to thee: Brexit, the Level JK7-FSR-DLF
  7. Well the article says they are looking towards something more House Targaryen focused, which sounds like they've just gone risk adverse. That has more source material to work with, can have Starks and Lannisters and the rest and generally seems more straight prequelly. And thus a lot less interesting.
  8. Dribbling: S7J-T06-KNG Also please some beat 73V-FVM-96G. Admittedly I made to test how evil a stacked baddie I coukd make, but it can be done in 5s.
  9. I'd like to see a penalty shootout, mostly because I'll probably never see one again.
  10. 60K-PDQ-RDF This is more frustrating than imagined in my head, but 0% clear rate, really? I've a few others not in the sheet, Maker I'd 649-KF4-NGG. I'll not say they're good, like.
  11. Aaaaaaaannnnnd... no goals today. The problem with being unable to score is it's corrosive to both players and team. Confidence gets shot and it makes the whole thing worse.
  12. Having Rey and Kylo fight in the ruins of the iconic throne room from RoTJ is a fitting metaphor for what has happened to Star Wars.
  13. Top 3: Final Fantasy III (VI): I got it on important when I was something like 13 after Super Play gave it extensive coverage, and it was absolutely something else. FF at that point wasn't just massive, it was filled with weird secrets and systems that all seem to have been slowly stripped out. You've got all that mashed up with great graphics and sound for the time. Lylat Wars: Mario 64 had the momentary jaw drop watching a trailer in Game pre-release, and it's a by far superior game, but it was Lylat Wars I got with my N64. It felt like being a mash of big Sci Fi movies. I thought graphics literally couldn't get better. I wish they'd make another proper one. Dark Souls: Occasionally amazing on initial play through. It's the level of secrets and hidden stuff that really elevate it on the "amazing" stakes. Like you can be on your fourth 50, 100+ hour run, and stumble across a little bit you missed before. That's amazing.
  14. Ireland's style and what Schmidt has been pushing for years is all about high accuracy. He talks about how players should practice what they are good at as much if not more than what they are bad it, because it makes it a weapon. Ireland on form choke off the other team and just grind them down. The problem is that if we're off, it all falls apart. It doesn't take us to be much off either - sometimes all it takes is Sexton or Murray to be having a bad day. And it's not that we always choke, we've won enough over the past 5 years, but I think we do when there is pressure on to produce a performance or nervousness about a few bad ones and we freak out. This... does not go well against New Zealand, whose DNA is to crush any weakness.
  15. As good as New Zealand were, Ireland were absolutely awful. We've never nailed down our form this year and today was a bad day. There was a lot of shit talked when we were on great form last year, and there'll be a lot of shit talked now. When there's a bit of perspective, Schmidt did a great job and moved us up a level. Multiple Six Nations and a Grand Slam. Record winning runs. Beating all of the Southern Hemisphere sides, including New Zealand twice. It's mad to thing we'd never done it before then. World Cup semi final eluded him but in 2015 injuries did for us and this year form just didn't align. Happens. If a competition is on a four yearly cycle, no matter how you prepare or try to focus to it, you can just get unlucky. Andy Farrell has always seemed to do a good job defensively in the sides he's been involved with and I'm interested to see where we go. But I think we are gonna miss Uncle Joe massively.
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