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  1. No, as a Leeds fan I've heard nothing about Don Revie. Leeds were a team without a history in 1961 - Leeds being a rugby town and Revie's changes were a statement of intent. That's a world away from what is being suggested. It might eventually get through. But I think you'd rupture the fan base and identity of the club in the same way MK Don's whereas pumping in money soaked in oil and blood wouldn't.
  2. The Premier League is a breakaway organisation from the Football League, not the FA. I believe the FA had to bless it at the time, which they did because they wanted to weaken the football league and strengthen the English National Team. How'd that one work out?
  3. Oh I know. I'm just saying it'd fix it. UEFA could also fix it by refashionkng European football to not concentrate on an ever smaller elite, but that's not going to happen either.
  4. Please place trigger warnings before any mention of Moon Egg.
  5. People keep saying "Whittaker is fine" but from what I've watched, Whittaker is not actually a particularly great Doctor. She's somewhere between a Tennant and Smith homage but with a complete lack of the underlying edge both of those had. I've only seen parts of the last few series, so perhaps there's great turns or speeches I've missed. And maybe it's the writing kneecapping her. But she's like, fine, without putting her stamp on the character at all. Also add Human Nature / Family of Blood to the list of episodes to watch. It's up there with Heaven Sent as possibly the best bit of Nu Who.
  6. We wouldn't. We'd accept a bloodstained human rights abusing state takeover, like basically everyone else, but we'd not take that level of humiliation. There's a difference between just being funded, and having an entire identity change. In any case, I'm glad our saviour has been Bielsa forcing us to do things right.
  7. I disagree. The main issue with the FA Cup isn't so much the top teams - they've squads to win it anyway, and any properly bug club is serious about winning things. The issue is from the top 6 down, the Premier League clubs are preferring finishing 14th in the Premiership to actual glory. It's money, as usual. A CL spot presents a potential huge amount of money in itself, but it also means the competition itself can generate more cash. Reinstate replays and make it a properly difficult competition to win and market it accordingly. It's nothing to do with "deserving it". Having only three CL spots in the league makes it harder for the top teams to ring fence things. That's it, and that's all of it.
  8. All it would take is a CL spot and it'd instantly be an important competition.
  9. Leeds fans absolutely would not have accepted being RB Leeds and having the kits changed. The fans killed the last shit crest redesign. Would have went mental. But if it was just a cash injection and, say, permanent sponsorship, have you seen the fucking owners we've had?
  10. The entire SPL gets 32 million annually. Still Celtic get so much money from Europe and their large fan base it'd be rich for them to complain. Money has broken football. The bold move is to reinstate replays until there's a winner, including the final. More games = more money, harder to win, more respect. Every time they diminish it, they well just diminish it.
  11. Receipts were shared until the 80s, though possibly not 50/50. I think ending it was probably the first change in leading us to the money dominated hell hole we're currently in. I sort of wonder at what point clubs below the top 4 decide they don't want to turn up to make up the numbers forever? Then again Juventus 9 titles in a row and Bayern 7, so maybe forever it is.
  12. So I finished Cursed, yup, it remained really really terrible For a show with a female lead, loads of female warriors and diversity to the point it's distracting, Ol' Middle Aged White Merlin and his thread is painfully better than everything else. Every time I think about it something else annoys me. Oh God, I'm going to watch all of season 2, aren't I? Rating : Discovery / 10
  13. kensei


    The film is nowbere near worth the scorn that's been put on it. It's an imperfect adaption that sometimes misses the point but by no means the worst adaptation ever. Moore would have been equally against the recent HBO series but everyone seemed to love it. The switch made for the squid was sensible and totally understandable for film. It'd have made more sense if the rest of the film didn't try to be as slavish to the source.
  14. Well it starts terrible. The middle is well terrible. I'm just coming up to the last few episodes and it's terrible. Toe curling acting at some points and loads of obvious beats the whole way through. I'm still watching it.
  15. Cursed is kind of terrible? It looks worse than Merlin and that's how old, surely Netflix gave it a decent budget? It's tonally all over the place too and some of the acting is fairly terrible. Merlin is very watchable though and I'm still watching it. But mostly it's highlighted how good the Witcher is.
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