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  1. kensei

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    Poor Scotland
  2. kensei

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    I thought England was better than this.
  3. kensei

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    Is this the single worst performance under Schmidt?
  4. kensei

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    They've got worse if anything
  5. kensei

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    This is the worst Ireland decision making I've seen in years.
  6. Yeah I got that, and I got why. But I didn't think it was a particularly strong point But it's just an opinion, man.
  7. I saw that coming once the film showed its hand on the bad guys, and thought the scene itself didn't play it in a way to inject any tension. It'd have been better
  8. kensei

    Star Trek Discovery

    This seems pretty plausible tbh
  9. kensei

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    BOTW fences off areas in a few different ways - stamina, clothing, weather (until certain conditions are met). I thought it could have done with a touch more of it for more set pieces. Lots more potential in horses but gliding is so easy, for example. They could probably soft gate some areas - having the items just makes getting places or killing particular enemies much easier but it doesnt fully stop you. There are a few solutions though: 1. LTTP had a few dungeons where the item was armour, and it didn't rely on particular tools. 2. Lttp also had optional items, like the cape. Or the ice rod! You could build a dungeon around those. 3. Lots of dungeons in later Zeldas are essentially one shot items. Some of those need a come back - the spinner in Twilight was great fun, but barely used. 4. You could build the dungeon around secondary abilities like Revali's Gale The beasts were good, just too few and too short. A couple of full dungeons would have been great. A couple of full on bosses hidden in the world would also have been great.
  10. kensei

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    Irritatingly if we win next week the kost likely outcome is handing Engalnd the Championship. Unless Scotland change the habit of a lifetime and avoid losing. Could go either way. Welsh defending was ferocious yesterday but they looked a little nervous at point. Had Scotland kicked the three points when there was 4 in it, rather than goong for the line and getting driven back 20 yards, result might have beem different. I expect Ireland to be a touch more savvy.
  11. I'd rate both those higher. Ant Man is genuinely fun, and Doctor Strange has some amazing visual effects and an ending that could have been ripped from Doctor Who. There's not a huge amount in it, but this just does everything competently and nothing amazingly.
  12. Just okay for me. Thematically consistent throughout, but very predictable. The Skrulls have a tremendous sense of threat, since literally anyone that wanders off screen for a minute can be a baddie, but I don't feel like they really nailed it. Moreover Basically I hated every back reference None of them felt like they added anything worthwhile, or even a bit of colour. It's just "Look! The thing you remember! Its all connected". This is a better constructed film, but I enjoyed Aquaman more.
  13. kensei

    Zelda BOTW 2 years on (and the Future)

    BoTW restricted your climbing during the hike to the water beast. Like you could do it, if you could handle slipping every 2 seconds, but most people weren't that nuts. No reason it couldn't be integrated in. Like, the easiest way is just to make a huge flat bit.
  14. kensei

    Zelda BOTW 2 years on (and the Future)

    I'd like them to be confident enough to pull back and make things a little less open at points. The gliding gave an incredible sense of freedom but it was so good and so useful (particularly after you upgrade a bit) that other modes of transport didn't get a look in. Inrarelybused horses. I dont want it necessarily to be sequential but say, you need to cross the desert and there's a few ways to do it, or you are forced to ride by horseback while being chased by dangerous enemies. That kind of thing. I'd also like more creatures and set pieces blended in. It was really cool when you stumbled on something new, weird and wonderful. Taking the Dragon boss from Twilight Princess and plonking him at the top of a mountain would be cool, or having a Colossus like creature wandering the plains. I think one or two big dungeons is all you need. Hyrule Castle was great, but if the heart of it had have been a proper full on dungeon the game would have been 11/10. Also Darknuts. BoTW nearly ruined itslef by not having Darknuts.

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