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  1. I really enjoyed the demo. Final boss was really difficult - particularly phase 2 when he goes ice mode, but I enjoyed the combat so much I kept on trying. I died many times but finally killed 'Chaos?' - learning a lot about the combat on the way. Some tips for anyone still struggling - Use Soul Shield to keep your magic bar topped. Don't be afraid to spend magic meter - I liked using Lightbringer, and also warcry which gave me a heal over time. Don't overuse soul shield - some of 'Chaos?' combos will completely deplete your break meter if you use soul shield
  2. Spent about 80 hours playing Returnal - and I still enjoy just zipping about and blasting stuff, I think one of the main reasons for this is the next-gen rumble and sound shooting feels very meaty. It's not been without issues though- it's crashed on me several times - fortunately not much progress was lost each time, but if it had happened on a good run just before my first kill of a boss I'd have been quite annoyed. One of the achievements also didn't pop for me - which is frustratingly preventing me from getting the platinum - and there aren't many games I enjoy enough to play e
  3. Same - was hoping on using the survey achievements to pinpoint missing glyphs and logs - but can't really rely on them for accuracy now.
  4. You need all three on one run.
  5. Series X (and S) currently available on Amazon.
  6. I have a question that's been bugging me since I saw the film last Sunday. I've probably explained poorly - but can't work out that scene - rest of the film made sense tho!
  7. Sold! Sounds like just my thing.
  8. You could link them with different support gems, or have a low lvl gem which costs less mana to use the skill etc...
  9. Hold Alt for quick item comparison!
  10. As I understand it weapon/item effects are semi-permanent - in that you apply it to the item you want, and can remove the effect and apply to a different item whenever you like. So yes you can have it on all characters - just not on all your characters at the same time.
  11. Bingox

    The Game Game!

    Jimmy Shredders seems to be taking a long time deliberating.
  12. You have to spend 10 silver buying a training book from your class trainer before you can assign traits.
  13. Crafting discoveries can now be discovered from items in bank/collections tab! This is good news. https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/info/news/Update-Notes-September-17th-2012
  14. Yup - I'm pretty much always up for a dungeon run. Ask in Guild Chat and we should hopefully get enough for a full guild run.
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